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What's The Most Advanced Technology On Earth

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  • Nov 19, 2023

What's The Most Advanced Technology On Earth – Mobile World Congress, BARCELONA; February 24, 2014 – Mobility is the most important digital technology priority for large enterprises, finds a new global study by Accenture (NYSE: ACN). Reflecting the enabling role of other technologies in today’s digital enterprise, 43 percent of respondents identified mobility as one or two areas, with 77 percent in the top five. Big data analytics rounded out the top five with 72 percent, followed by connected results* at 65 percent.

Accenture surveyed 1,500 C-level executives at companies in 14 countries for the 2014 Accenture Mobility Insights Report to understand how companies today see and use digital technologies, especially mobility, as one of the key opportunities digital business. .

What's The Most Advanced Technology On Earth

What's The Most Advanced Technology On Earth

More than a third (35 percent) of businesses expect a convergence of social**, mobile, analytics, cloud and connected products as digital technologies, according to the survey. Three-quarters believe that adopting digital technologies is a strategic rather than a discretionary investment, as 29 percent expect them to generate additional revenue; 28 percent expect to build entirely new businesses or digital services as a result of convergence, and 27 percent expect to enter entirely new markets, showing that digital mobility and technologies are ‘ hold great promise around the world and are seen as drivers for better communication. with customers and by creating new revenue streams.

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However, new revenue streams are not just a financial issue. One in ten respondents reported more than 100 percent return on investment (ROI) in the past two years, while another 26 percent reported between 50 and 100 percent. in approaching new technologies that enable operational efficiency and long-term growth.

“Certain ingredients are needed to successfully implement any technology, but this research shows that digital technologies are not just about actions, but about ideas,” said Jin Li, global managing director of Accenture Mobility. Functionality was the forerunner of many of the digital technologies used today, and businesses can learn from the success of functional leaders what they need to do to adopt analytics, social or successfully associated results.”

Of organizations with an ROI greater than 100 percent, two-thirds say they have adopted and used mobile technologies effectively, compared to 45 percent of others:

Formal, enterprise-wide action strategy and measurement: With 11 percent more participants than other participants with a formal, enterprise-wide action strategy, leaders lead the way curve This year, an average of 43 percent of businesses have developed a formal mobile strategy, up from 23 percent last year in a similar study by Accenture. Processes and metrics also provided insight, as 29 percent of leaders have a formal process for identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing ways in which action can benefit the business, compared to only 18 percent of others. For leaders and others, measurement is shown to be of low importance, as only 22 percent of the former and 13 percent of the latter have formal metrics to measure the effectiveness of executive initiatives.

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An aggressive, passionate approach: More than half (54 percent) of leaders report that they are aggressively pursuing and investing in mobile technologies, with mobility at the heart of their business strategy. Compared to only 40 percent of other respondents, these leaders were more likely to report that they had used and used mobile technologies effectively (69 percent vs. 42 percent). Leaders rated all major digital technologies as top five priorities, with an average of eight percentage points ahead of lower-performing companies in executive projects.

Reinforcing leadership buy-in: Leaders are more likely to report that the CEO and the management team or the board of directors are ultimately committed to the mobile strategy and that their company’s senior management is to heavily involved in the group’s action initiatives. Among all respondents, 35 percent are CEOs working on their mobile strategy, followed by 30 percent or similar CMOs.

“The impact of digital technologies has clearly changed the way organizations work, with CEOs and management teams taking more responsibility for technology decisions as they are more interested in business development,” continued Jin Li. “Businesses face many challenges: the need for enterprise-wide technology strategies is critical, but companies also need to use today’s technology with an eye to tomorrow. Businesses must be flexible enough to change quickly, have a strong enough technology support system to make this possible, and take full advantage of the digital technologies already available. Mobility is at the forefront of today’s converging digital technologies, so businesses can learn real lessons from implementing mobility. If they want to take full advantage and see the market growth they expect from digital convergence, it’s not peer-to-peer learning; it is essential. “

What's The Most Advanced Technology On Earth

The survey found that only 30 percent of respondents have the right talent and skills to properly plan and execute mobile campaigns, which is part of the reason why only 27 percent keep up to new mobile devices, systems and services. as necessary for business development. For more information, visit or join the conversation on Twitter using #MobilityInsights.

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* Connected products – defined as: interconnected intelligent devices with contextual interfaces that provide customized services and built-in software that enables the collection, sending and receiving of customized services and related data.

** Social – defined as: Adoption of social networks and tools that allow businesses and consumers to communicate and share information.

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing firm with approximately 281,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. Combining unparalleled expertise, broad capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, Accenture helps clients transform into high-performing businesses and governments. The company reported net income of $28.6 billion for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2013. Home page

Accenture Mobility, part of Accenture Digital, designs, implements and manages mobility solutions for businesses and public bodies, including the development and implementation of enterprise mobility strategies; including managed applications and services; creation and delivery of mCommerce solutions; and offers reliable, business-ready Affiliate products. Accenture Mobility services are based on deep business insight and technical expertise that help clients in all industries drive growth, efficiency and successful transformation as they embrace digital business tools. Learn more by following @Mobilitywise and visiting Our Moley Kitchen is now on the market and now being successfully presented at Gitex Technology Week, we are taking a deeper look at the features, capabilities and customer value of the world’s first robotic kitchen.

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Moley Kitchen is a fully automated kitchen unit that includes cabinets, robotic arms, a motion capture system, a connected GUI screen to access the recipe library, and kitchen tools and appliances updated for both. robotic and human applications.

The robotic device consists of two complex robotic arms and various sensors integrated into a highly detailed and lightweight frame structure. It has the ability to reproduce the movements of human hands, while the robot chef is able to recreate the skills of human chefs, such as learning new recipes.

Moley Robotics is a proven innovator bringing new kitchen architecture to market. We invented this concept and it is protected by our extensive patent portfolio, which we are constantly updating.

What's The Most Advanced Technology On Earth

After a series of development and testing, we turned the concept prototype into a fully functional product ready for consumer use.

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A talented team of more than 100 engineers from various world-class robotics companies have used the latest technologies. They were supported by a team of interior and kitchen designers, who completed the kitchen design with a variety of excellent materials that have a great look and feel.

The five-finger robot hand is one of the main features of the kitchen. It is a revolutionary product among comparable products in the market. With the help of sensors on the tips of the arms, the robot can sense the pressure on the hand from different directions, which ensures that the objects and materials in the hand are held correctly.

It went through 11 development cycles instead of the planned three to achieve the required specification, reliability and safety levels. The hand has been tested over 100,000 operating cycles, making this level of reliability unique for anthropomorphic robotic hands.

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