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Vr Interior Design Oculus Quest

  • nick14z1581
  • Nov 17, 2023

Vr Interior Design Oculus Quest – TrueScale is a new interior design tool that simultaneously creates 2D floor plans, 3D models and whole-room environments in VR. Developed in collaboration between Vive Studios and the developers at Immersion.

The idea behind TrueScale is to enable anyone to design their own virtual space – be it an individual room, an office or an entire room.

Vr Interior Design Oculus Quest

Vr Interior Design Oculus Quest

The app uses Wayfair’s 3D model API, which means you can use an extensive catalog of real furniture and decorative items to realistically populate your virtual spaces. When the user creates a floor plan, the application automatically generates a replicated 3D environment as a dollhouse model. Users can then settle into their newly created room to get the right one

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The interface allows users to build rooms, customize floor patterns and paint colors, configure windows and doors, and even furnish their designs from an extensive library of over 40,000 3D models provided by Wayfair – the largest online furniture retailer in the US. HTC Vive room technology gives you the freedom to keep making changes in real time as you walk around and explore the design space.

“We’ve created an app that empowers designers, their clients, and even the average homeowner to conceptualize the perfect space to live and work,” said Chris Chin, Chief Content Officer, Vive Studios. “Using VR at this stage of the design process allows the user to get a complete picture of the final design as opposed to relying on imagination and drawings. It gives you a sense of depth that cannot be achieved with traditional paper or graphic representation.”

“With global VR content revenue expected to reach $14 billion by 2020, it’s clear that more and more brands are now looking at VR as a way to bring their offerings to life by changing the way they can engage their customers with new immersive experiences,” said Immersion CEO Piotr Baczyński.

This is an ideal tool for optimizing the layout of large spaces such as open-plan offices, but as more people start using VR applications with more confidence, it’s easy to see how consumers can use it to help make home improvement decisions, and even directly buying the items they tried on in these virtual spaces.

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According to Immersion, the tool has proven to be the most popular with construction clients so far, as they are able to better communicate their plans at all stages of the design process with colleagues and clients around the world, drastically reducing the need for changes and redesigns. They are now working on bringing improved communication and virtual meeting capabilities to the platform.

The next step now is to take this concept outside and adapt the tool for landscape and garden design. Immersion is currently working with a German company to enable similar capabilities that allow users to imagine what their garden will look like – particularly useful as you could imagine seasonal variations and how different elements would work together to watch different plants grow, flower and mature.

Immersion also wants to build scanning capabilities – which are built into most modern smartphones – into the app, so users will be able to accurately recreate their real-world environments in VR before proceeding to populate and manipulate them en masse, which opens up . even more interesting creative possibilities.

Vr Interior Design Oculus Quest

Although the technology is still in its relatively early stages, as more and more 3D model libraries and catalogs are built into VR tools, it will certainly open up a whole world of possibilities for people planning to renovate or even just refresh their living and working spaces – both virtually and really.

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Alice Bonasio runs the Tech Trends blog and contributes to Ars Technica, Quartz, Newsweek, The Next Web, and others. He is also writing VRgins, a book about sex and relationships in the virtual age. She lives in Great Britain. Facebook this week unveiled a new virtual home environment for the Oculus Quest called ‘Space Station’. As you might have guessed from the title, the new environment turns your Oculus Quest home into a futuristic space station looking down on a massive planet.

Quest is only launched with the original Quest ‘Dome’ environment, which is the default starting location and comes pre-installed on the device. Two more scenes were added at the end of last year and have gradually started appearing to users since November. These two new environments were the Classic Home area, which featured the original Rift home, and the Winter Lodge environment with a rustic, cozy cabin looking down on a snowy village.

The new space station setting should appear as a download option in the Virtual Environment menu in the Oculus Quest settings. You may also be prompted to check it out via a banner ad in Quest’s welcome menu. If you can’t find the environment anywhere, there’s a good chance Oculus is rolling it out like previous releases, so you’ll have to wait until it’s available to you.

Although there are only four official environments, it is possible to install custom communities instead of the official options. Some of them are pretty cool, like the Simpsons one that turns your Quest Home into a Simpsons living room. You can read our guide on how to install these environments here.

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Are you a fan of the new space station environment? What settings would you like to add in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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XR Wizard Greg Madison, an interaction designer for spatial computing, turned science fiction into reality by turning his own home into a mixed reality playground using the Oculus Quest.

Vr Interior Design Oculus Quest

In a short video posted on Twitter yesterday, Madison shows off a custom VR environment that perfectly overlays his real-world apartment. This means that the virtual table in his dining room can actually recline; the couch in his virtual living room is a real couch for everyone.

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However, this is no ordinary digital furniture. VR is supposed to be better than reality, and Madison’s project certainly fully embraces that ideology. Like an early 2000s sci-fi movie, several chairs, tables and other amenities in Madison’s mixed-reality apartment feature different interactive screens that can be controlled via Quest’s built-in hand tracking.

In the video, Madison can be seen navigating the desktop version of Google Maps in combination with her dining room table, taking notes on an electronic keyboard, interacting with the Bigscreen app on her living room TV, and surfing the web from the comfort of her recliner.

Given Quest’s generous guardian limit, it’s encouraging to see developers continue to build VR experiences that take advantage of this exciting technology. We recently covered the alpha release of an ambitious location shooter for Quest that pushes the boundaries of standalone VR. Hopefully, Madison will motivate Oculus, as well as other VR developers, to continue exploring Quest’s potential as a location-based mixed reality platform.

To see more of Madison’s unique spatial reality projects, be sure to visit his official Twitter. Turn boring 2D floor plans into fully immersive 3D instructions with the first Quest app designed specifically for architects.

When it comes to planning and design, the right 2D floor plan can provide you with a wealth of critical information. However, translating these measurements into 3D format can often be a difficult and time-consuming process.

As a result, many architects, engineers and construction (AEC) professionals are turning to SENTIO VR, software used in more than 100 countries that can take 2D plans and transform them into fully immersive environments, allowing clients to see floor plans as 3D designs. before construction.

Announced that it has officially launched its designer app for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets through the Oculus App Lab, a new Facebook program that allows developers to share unpolished apps that have yet to receive official store approval.

Vr Interior Design Oculus Quest

Is, however, far from unpolished. This is a fully operational 3D design tool that helps bridge the communication gap between companies and their customers. The software also makes it easy for designers to bring their 2D visions to life as 3D renderings. The app even works with software like SketchUp and AutoDesk Revit, so you can easily import your designs directly into Carrying Case Design For Meta Quest 3

Slack message that read: “The actual number is probably more like 2-3 million Quest 2 in Q4. We’ve seen 1 million *new* Quest users in the last 3 months. We’re guessing our adherence rate is 40% or lower. We’re certainly not still reached everyone.”

This information is important because it tells us that there are many Oculus Quest 2 headsets out there. Not only is this a good indicator of what’s going on in the industry, but it also shows us that people are embracing VR in

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