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Victorian Terrace House Interior Design Ideas

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  • Nov 17, 2023

Victorian Terrace House Interior Design Ideas – This is crazy. . . by Kate Watson-Smyth February 18, 2022 ADVERTISEMENT / MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS 1.75k views

I’m back in the UK this week and yes, it’s a narrow period terraced house (there’s a lot of it), but it’s also full of beautiful tonal colors and as regular readers will know I don’t impose (that’s a lot) decoration rules and I’m strong in then I believe that everyone should know the tools to find their own style, I’m a big fan of sad color combinations, because in my opinion they allow you to work with rich, saturated colors, but in a calming and soothing way.

Victorian Terrace House Interior Design Ideas

Victorian Terrace House Interior Design Ideas

Come and see what I mean…. It’s a five-bedroom, four-bathroom terrace in Brixton, south London, which is on the market with Inigo for £1,500,000. But as usual we’re not here to discuss London house prices, it’s just a matter of decoration.

Stunning Victorian Terrace Hallway Ideas That Will Steal Your Heart

This magnificent entrance hall is an example of this. In all my books and online courses, I always talk about the importance of the bedroom. This is the first place you will see – you when you come home, or your guests. It creates a feeling, and yet it’s often an unpainted and cluttered space that doesn’t say “Welcome,” but “Oh, not you anymore.”

This one, like most urban terraces, is narrow, so the owners make sure that coats and shoes are stored elsewhere – perhaps under the toilet/cloakroom stairs. They kept (or replaced) the original Minton tiles and I know from my own interior design consulting that this can be difficult because many of you don’t like the color. However, there are options and if you choose a tonal option, the number increases; from a very light terracotta – you can go to a warm cream based on red ocher – to a deep red, navy blue or, as done here, a deeper blue.

And what works well is that this color is used on the sides of the stairs and railings, as well as on the lower half of the wall and on the trees and doors. It is a statement, but it is not half a sentence without a verb, as is often the case with the use of bold colors. Choose it, own it and do it with conviction instead of trying and being afraid.

It should be a color that you want your eyes to catch, and then you’ll be happy to see it leading you up the stairs and around the house. For me this shade is not blue, but it could be one of terracotta. In another way of the same idea, you can use, for example, a darker rust or navy blue on the ground floor and stairs, and then lighten it on each floor. This is the definition of tonal decor – it’s the same color but gets lighter as you move through the house. If you approach it this way (and take notes), you can buy a large can of black color and mix some of it – in a separate pot – with a little white. Just remember to write it down – ground floor 100%, first floor add two cups of white per 1L, second floor four cups and so on.

Victorian Terraced Home Design Ideas

And if tiles just aren’t for you, you can always replace them, but maybe put a modern twist on the original by choosing patterned tiles (perfect for wiping a cloth and hiding the mud that footprints and paw prints) and choose your color. scheme from there.

To the kitchen, which – which is unusual in many houses of this type – does not have a side passage cut to create a more spacious room. The effect, of course, is that the dark room in the middle becomes darker and the garden becomes smaller. In addition, if the kitchen is large enough to fit a sofa, the front room and middle room are rarely used. So, while you may be cursing your cramped kitchen, it’s always worth considering whether you’re actually getting more usable space with an expensive extension (and research shows that you won’t fully recoup your selling expenses), or if you make more. usable space in a part of the house in exchange for unused space you already have.

Devil’s advocate: If I were in this position, I could expand the return side and create the most beautiful pantry, pantry, utility room, and not place for a bigger island and sofa. You can have a glass window where you can see the shelves of beautiful things, the cabinets below (on the side of the kitchen) and the washing machine, etc. in the cabinets in the additional area. This will provide more storage space (and anyway who’s complaining about it) and also make sure you’re making use of the rooms you already have. Consider painting the main kitchen a light green (for example) and the pantry a darker version of the same.

Victorian Terrace House Interior Design Ideas

Exposed bricks are not for everyone. If that’s a little rustic for you, consider using tongue and groove panels (seen here under the window) along the entire length of the wall to meet them again at the ceiling. And the built-in banquette is a great space saver in a small kitchen. You can put storage under the seat and trim it with leather (which gets better with age), vegan or faux leather (so it’s easy to clean), or try a weatherproof fabric for one. soft but still strong option. If you’re not feeling the upholstery, you can buy ready-made headboards and attach them to the wall – as long as the dimensions fit your space.

Small Grey Living Room

Go to the living room and if it is a room that you only use at night, this is the place to experiment with dark colors. However, a pale ceiling (don’t choose bright white, because the contrast will be too big) and a light rug, combined with a large mirror that reflects the light from the window, will balance the black paint. Even the photos above the sofa are pale.

Below is the back part of the living room, because the two spaces are usually combined into one. You will notice that if there is a side extension, this room will have little or no natural light as it will rely on the light from the front bay window. Again, you can choose darkness or find a purpose for this room that doesn’t rely on bright light. It might not be ideal for a home office, but it works in a dining room.

In these types of period houses, this is definitely the most difficult room in the house. And yes, I could write a whole post on this topic – I think I could because there are so many options that require a little thought and planning.

It is arranged as a second, cozy living room and I love the bold color choice that contrasts so strongly with the front color. This helps distinguish the two spaces and gives them a different character, although there is no division between them.

Alder Road Project

However, the important point I want to make about the tonal decoration is that the large pieces of furniture – in both cases the sofas – are the same tone as the walls. This can make large pieces recede against the wall and give the impression that the space is larger and empty than it really is (a great tip for small rooms), and it can also create a cozy, enveloping atmosphere in the room. It’s instantly more relaxed than many high-contrast colors, and there’s no limit to the number of patterns and textures you can use, so it still feels luxurious. And I’m not judging if you want a high contrast – just remember to match the mood they put you in with the room they’re in.

Stop procrastinating on that beautiful, bright bathroom – and, as said before, but we’ll come back – you can and should experiment with bold decorations in rooms where you won’t be long, especially in small rooms . Take the opportunity to use bold wallpaper or a bright color that you like but you are afraid of wearing out if you have to look at it for hours a day, but if you look at it for five minutes once or twice a day, cause. like a hit of dopamine that makes you take a deep breath, reset your shoulders and move on.

Note that the other bathrooms, of which there are four if you remember, all have their own micro red thread. The yellow from below is removed

Victorian Terrace House Interior Design Ideas

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