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Technology In The Future Essay

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  • Nov 20, 2023

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Over the years, work and industry have evolved a lot and created many opportunities that could never have been considered when the concept of ‘work’ was first introduced. Here are three major events that have shaped our society and future in the past two hundred years. The first was the Industrial Revolution of 1865. This is an example of a time period mechanism that allowed mechanical industry and machines to replace agriculture as the basis of society’s economic structure. This was followed by the second and third revolutions in the 19th and 20th centuries, characterized by new technological developments, the creation of new industries, and a period of high automation in production. Society has seen a rapid and efficient ‘switch’ from labor-intensive sectors such as agriculture to automated manufacturing. All three revolutions have seen an increase in living standards, an increase in wages and an increase in the number of jobs – however, will this be the case in the future? ?

Technology In The Future Essay

Technology In The Future Essay

Based on the digital revolution that has taken place over the last decade, the fourth industrial revolution is clearly underway in today’s world. Today’s work centers around the concept of emerging technologies that are disrupting industries worldwide

Short Essay On Science And Technology In Future

Our society has evolved so much that today the concept of a job for life is not so realistic. Many years ago this was very common. A world that valued stability and security However, the 1990s was a decade that saw growth in the information technology sector, reducing the concept’s visibility. There are many benefits to changing careers that may not have been seen before, such as career growth, better opportunities and different experiences. These days, the concept is almost non-existent, as ‘Generation Z’ dominates the market.Frey and Osborne’s 2013 study was cited in more than 4,000 academic articles. They sampled the characteristics of 702 occupations and classified them according to their ‘susceptibility to computerization’. The algorithm-based model concluded that 47% of US jobs (including sales and office administration) are in the ‘high risk’ category. For example, one of the studies that classified the study as ‘automatic’ was that of waiters and waitresses. This was proven right in 2016 with the opening of the Waterless restaurant chain ‘Etasa’.

Fry and Osborne’s study also shows that the potential scope for automation is greater, as it was before the Second Industrial Revolution when electricity and the internal combustion engine replaced many jobs that existed in the 1900s. However, countries have taken different approaches to automation. According to the International Federation of Robotics, the robot density (ie the number of industrial robots per 10,000 production workers) in the UK was 85 in 2017, on average in Europe 106 and 710 in South Korea. In addition, many studies have shown that skills needed in an automated world include interpersonal skills, cognitive skills, and emotional intelligence skills.

While the future of work will, of course, be influenced by the progressive increase in automation, it will also be influenced by other trends such as globalization, population aging, migration patterns, urbanization and the green economy. However, the future of work, in my opinion, should represent an attractive proposition for everyone, regardless of class. Eliminate what many workers are currently engaged in. However, it has not reached the extent that was promised, although some proponents of the technology dream of implanting silicon chips in the human body, in fact the opposite has happened, the human body is embedded in an algorithm controlled company. . For example, warehouse workers at Amazon, ride-sharing drivers for Uber and Lyft, and food delivery cyclists at Volt and Fedora are all controlled by software and exist in a ‘gig economy’ that is Labor denies basic benefits. In my opinion, many questionable uses of disruptive technology will suffer from a tendency towards human exploitation and inequality, which cannot be checked by regulators and governments.

The future of students in a changing job market [Internet]. . 09 December 2022 [cited 20 November 2023] Available at: https:///free-essay-examples/future-students-in-an-ever-changing-job-market/

Virtual Reality As Future Of Computer Technology Free Essay Example

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Technology In The Future Essay

We use cookies to personalize your website experience by continuing we will assume you are on board with our cookie policy. Science and technology continue to provide tools through which people can improve their health and well-being, eradicate poverty, and define themselves as nations and peoples. Many societies are built on and rely on a strong foundation of science and technology. Thus, science and technology will play a major role in shaping our lives and nations, changing how people live. Interact and communicate with others, how people work, travel and how students learn. Technological innovation in the next 50 years will rival that of the last 400 years.

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According to Reuters, businesses and schools will become paperless as paper is built into furniture and walls by computer interfaces. Advances in telecommunications, energy distribution, and storage of consumer products and businesses will support technology called “roomware” to support these advancements. Office desks, walls, and cafeteria tables will double as terminals that allow a person to write down ideas and send them to a personal desk or computer elsewhere. School and office walls and windows will be able to display maps and directions to help locate specific offices, staff, classrooms, etc. (Reuters, 2009). As offices/schools go paperless, the environment will benefit from reduced reliance on trees for paper production.

After a long period of stability as the main choice of storage DVD and CD, the media will be replaced by credit card type media by 2015. As the Internet becomes more flexible, cheaper large storage space, higher data transfer rates will become available to the public. Physical storage media is no longer needed to store data File storage and access will be done remotely due to the convenience brought by the Internet Film will only be available for download from the Internet and users will have to download the film and data Enter the code for (B, 2009)

Innovations in science and technology will also change travel. Skycars will be equipped with an onboard computer and will be fully automated, meaning no license is required to fly the skycar. Skycars will be equipped with redundant engines for safety purposes in case the main engine fails. (, 2010). Once in mass production, the new Skycar will cost the same as a luxury car. The Skycar will cost less to run and will launch and land on a pad the size of a dining room. Save on traffic, ticket costs and travel time by using a car.

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Other speculations about the future include the availability of affordable, advanced personal equipment for self-diagnosis of diseases that currently require expensive medical diagnosis. This will reduce health care and health insurance costs, thus reducing the cost of living. It will also lead to better health. (Moon, 2005).

The future will be greatly expanded by continuous innovations in science and technology. The office will become paperless and paper will be replaced by computer interfaces on office furniture and walls. DVD and CD media will be replaced by credit card type media as people move towards online data storage and access. Technological innovation will greatly impact travel by introducing sky cars, thereby reducing travel time and traffic congestion. New health devices will help people diagnose disease, thereby reducing health care costs and leading to better health.

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Technology In The Future Essay

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