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Techburner Hologram

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  • Nov 19, 2023

Techburner Hologram – Airtel’s Future is Airtel 5G campaign won the Best Influencer Marketing Campaign award at Digies 2023. This is how the campaign was implemented.

Last year, Airtel recreated Kapil Dev’s historic moments in the 1983 Cricket World Cup in its ‘Future is Airtel 5G’ campaign. The campaign won a gold medal at the Digies 2023 event in the Best Influencer Marketing Campaign category. This is how the campaign was implemented by the influencer marketing agency Look Who’s Talking.

Techburner Hologram

Techburner Hologram

One of the campaign’s notable achievements was the holographic re-enactment of Kapil Devi’s historic and near-mythical performances in the 1983 World Cup.

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Conceived and executed by influencer marketing agency Look Who’s Talking, the campaign aimed to use Airtel’s 5G capability to bring to life Devi’s iconic ‘lost’ performance that was not broadcast or recorded in 1983.

The campaign saw more than 50 concurrent users live at the launch, which was held at Airtel’s Network Experience Centre, Manesar.

Users watched replays of the match on their smartphones, with access to multiple camera angles, a 360-degree view of the stadium, shot analysis and statistics. After the premiere, Dev addressed the audience, albeit in his holographic avatar.

To reinforce this technical magic, the campaign involved influencers like Technical Guruji and TechBurner who went online through the event. Popular online celebrities like Gaurav Taneja and Prajakta Koli also shared Instagram Reels about the possibilities of 5G technology during the campaign.

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In conversation with !, see Who’s Talking CEO Govind Mahadevan explains how the campaign was planned and then implemented.

“As we were told, Airtel wanted to introduce India’s first wireless hologram and recreate the historical Dev Corps in 1983. The brand wanted us to create and create quite a bit of awareness with the right advocates to showcase this new technology across the country.”

On the strategy used to execute the campaign, Mahadevan says, “To keep it simple, we understood technology innovation and brand communication, based on which we helped the brand choose the frontrunners in the segments – technology, sports and entertainment.”

Techburner Hologram

The agency then hired several well-known celebrities to spread the message. “We collaborated with renowned footballer Sunil Chhetri, renowned boxer Mary Kom and legendary cricketers like Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh, Dinesh Karthik, Manish Pandey, Mohammad Shami and others.”

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Mahadevan says the agency identified influencers for the campaign based on their mass appeal and ability to reach different pockets of society.

“In order to accurately convey the brand’s message and vision to the public, we explored the length and breadth of the country with our partner influencers. Our chosen influencers had to have mass appeal, the ability to reach different areas of life and society, and respond to the brand’s vision.

“The campaign managed to reach over 200 million consumers and over 90 million engagements within days. It showed that consumers across the country were looking forward to these technological innovations.

In addition to holographic film, the campaign used various new-age technologies, including VR immersion, FIT 360 (a device worn around the neck) and drone scans. According to Mahadevan, the purpose of these technical tricks was to showcase Airtel 5G usage scenarios.

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“AR/VR immersive booths allowed influencers to enjoy games and events with Airtel 5G. FIT 360 offers a live 360-degree view in 4K resolution. The event also used cloud gaming areas to illustrate a seamless gaming experience and live drone scans showing Airtel 5G Plus power to the stock management of the company’s warehouse.

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