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Tech House Wikipedia – Designed independently, without relying on one or more public grants. The term “power outage” traditionally refers to not being connected to the power grid, but it can also include other utilities such as water, gas and sewerage, and can range from homes to small properties. Living offline allows useful buildings and people to be independent in remote areas where ordinary equipment cannot reach and find those who want to reduce the impact of viruses and the cost of living. Offline buildings must normally be able to supply their own electricity and drinking water, as well as manage food, waste and wastewater.

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Tech House Wikipedia

Tech House Wikipedia

Electricity and heat can be extracted from burning hydrocarbons (eg, propane diesel generators) or installed in places with renewable energy sources such as solar (especially with photovoltaics), wind, or micro-hydrons.

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Additional energy forms include biomass, usually in the form of wood, waste and fuel, alcohol, and geothermal energy, which uses ground temperature differences to the surrounding air, often inside buildings.

It is possible to eliminate power shortages by example. Solar and wind technology similar to Old Order Amish (while used and approved, not all agree)

Buildings connected to the grid receive power from power plants, most of which use natural resources such as coal and natural gas to convert electricity. Breaking the World Energy Sources 2017

Show that the world, which relies heavily on grid energy, consumes the majority of non-renewable materials, while popular renewable energy such as solar, PV and wind energy is a small fraction. Turn off the electricity, as in Africa, where 55% of people do not have access to electricity.

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Buildings and homes should take advantage of the renewable energy sources around them as they are the most abundant and allow for self-sufficiency.

Solar photovoltaics (PV) is one of the most popular energy solutions for outdoor buildings. PV arrays (solar panels) allow solar energy to be converted into electricity. PV depends on solar radiation and ambient temperature. Other components required in a PV system include inverter load controller and automatic shut-off control.

These systems give the offline area the ability to generate power without a network connection. Every quarter, Bloomberg New ergy Finance evaluates manufacturers on their projects in the previous quarter and publishes a list of Level 1 module manufacturers (panels).

Tech House Wikipedia

Wind power can be used by wind turbines. The components of a wind turbine include air blowers, gearbox, controller, generator, brakes and tower.

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The amount of mechanical energy extracted from the wind turbine is a function of the wind speed, wind temperature, rotational area of ​​the blower and the wind power coefficient of the wind turbine.

Where there is plenty of water, hydropower is a successful energy solution. Large-scale hydropower includes dams and reservoirs, as well as small-scale micro-hydropower using wind turbines on rivers with constant water levels.

The amount of mechanical energy generated is a function of current flow, turbine size, water volume, and energy rating, such as wind turbines. Two-wave and tidal energy can energize coastal areas.

Wh rewables produce power that is not needed immediately, electricity is usually intended to charge the battery. This solves the temporary problem caused by the constant reproduction of the constant and allows for variations of the building load. Common batteries include acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

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To avoid inconsistencies and failures of the system, many offline communities are developing hybrid power systems. These combine traditional renewable energy such as solar PV with wind, micro-batteries or EV diesel engines. This can be cheaper and more efficient than expanding or maintaining a grid in a remote community.

Historical remote applications such as lighthouses, meteorological stations, and other applications that generate less energy but continue to be powered by isotope radiant heat generators (RTGs) with isotope radiation extracted from nuclear fuel or produced from Special place. Both the Soviet Union and the United States used many of these devices on Earth, and every deep spacecraft that reached beyond Mars (and even some in the internal solar system) had RTG to power the plate. Sunlight no longer provides enough electricity. Per unit weight.

Many types of offline solar cooling systems can be used for indoor cooling and / or refrigeration – including some appliances that do not require electrical appliances and allow for the storage of chemical energy. It can be useful in mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Tech House Wikipedia

In addition, offline communication technologies can be used for security, safety and agriculture monitoring, as well as emergency communication and coordination – such as task allocation.

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Drones are used for offline health care, especially in the most remote areas of the world. When communication is successful, they send samples for testing of vaccines, food, water and antibiotics.

Low-waste management techniques in Western Europe, often for specific or standardized waste, are reportedly used primarily in one of two main methods: aerobic (with plants) and aerobic treatment (with biogas production). ).

Water is an important consideration in offline vironmt that must be properly collected and disposed of for vironmt use. There are many ways to provide water for home use that vary depending on the convenience of the location and preferences.

Streams, lakes, rivers and ponds nearby are convenient places for fresh water. The oceans can also be considered for efficient metabolism.

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This traditional method involves digging down to a place where the water is stagnant and abundant underground, usually in a water table or basin, and feeding it for use or collecting it from a well where the groundwater reaches the surface.

Well water should be tested regularly and changes in the taste, smell or appearance of the water occur to ensure its quality.

The system depends on the weather to provide water. Catchmt systems are designed based on user water demand and local rainfall characteristics.

Tech House Wikipedia

Rainwater is usually collected from the roof of the building into a water tank where water is stored until needed.

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Another less satisfying method involves bringing more fresh water to the storage area. The system relies on access to clean water elsewhere and delivery to offline locations.

No matter where the water comes from, it must be safe to drink and use in the home. For different water quality problems, different water treatment methods are available.

The body barrier allows water to pass through and prevents dirt from entering the water, and if well filtered can filter out biological toxins.

The UV system uses light bulbs that emit ultraviolet light into filtered water to kill all kinds of germs, bacteria and protozoa.

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This less common method involves soaking the currt in water with an extra light saline solution to kill the bacteria.

And it can not be drunk, is prepared by steaming. Coastal populations can qualify for seawater through the use of desalination plants that remove salts.

The presence of certain minerals in the water creates hard water that can clog pipes over time, interfere with soap and laundry detergent, and can leave stains on glass and dishes. The softening process introduces sodium and potassium ions, which activate the hardened minerals.

Tech House Wikipedia

In offline buildings, efficient use of water is required to avoid overflow. While this is depdt, eventually measures include low-flow repairs for faucets, showers and toilets that reduce the flow rate of the faucet or the amount of water drained to reduce the total water used. Water can be removed from the toilet using a composting toilet.

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Automatic leak detector and engine shut-off can reduce the amount of water wasted. Greywater recycling can save even more water by reusing water from washing machines, showers, dishwashers and washing machines. This is done by storing and treating recyclable gravel as an unusable water source.

If the offline house is not connected to the sewer system, the sewage system must also be included. On-site wastewater management is usually done through storage and drainage. This involves storing gray and black water in a septic tank or air tank for treatment, attached to a drain that allows water to seep into the soil. While there are many ways to treat wastewater, this is the simplest and most reliable way to dispose of wastewater without contaminating it.

Because offline buildings and communities rely primarily on renewable energy, offline living is good for the environment with minimal negative impacts. Hybrid ergy systems also provide communities with a sustainable way to live without depdce and the cost of connecting public infrastructure, which can be unreliable in developing countries. In general, the independent concern of the effects of the virus is the use of diesel engines that produce greenhouse gases, batteries that use multiple devices to generate and can be dangerous.

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