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Modern Luxury Home Floor Plans

  • elvira3721
  • Nov 18, 2023

Modern Luxury Home Floor Plans – Building a modern traditional home is a unique and significant investment of your time and resources. To make sure that your living space perfectly reflects your needs, desires and lifestyle, you need a custom home designed with you in mind. In particular, you need an architect and home builder who knows for sure, that your home plan will bring all your dreams to life, and then some.

The Phil Keen Design Group of Winter Park, Florida is highly regarded. Phil Keen, president of PKDG, an internationally renowned architect, has an excellent reputation for creating modern traditional homes that not only win every design award, but how do clients love how his private floor plan reflects the unique lifestyle?

Modern Luxury Home Floor Plans

Modern Luxury Home Floor Plans

“The first step is to always listen to our customers,” says Phil Keane. “We listen, ask questions and look at some of our existing homes to help our clients understand the trends, look and life of their current plan. Then we hear something else.”

New Luxury House Plans For 2023

A well-designed, modern home should address the needs of the home as well as meet the homeowner’s budget. Experienced in transforming spaces into award-winning modern architectural projects, PKDG’s program focuses on utilizing every square meter of a home site to its fullest, from home design to completion.

“Our designs always start on the web,” continues Keane. “We walk the floor with the client, look at existing ideas, and create a design that will blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. It is very important how people want to live today. “

In addition, the company is known for having “many barriers,” Keane says, “where we stop and evaluate where we are with our customers and make changes, sometimes finding new things or surprising ideas that attack the home. The owners did not expect it. create a beautiful home that is wonderful for their home. “

Working with a firm like PKDG, with its international award-winning interior design, is ideal when building a traditional, modern home. “We work with the client to do special engineering if necessary in the design. There are all kinds of details to work on. It’s like a dance, or a dance,” Keane said. “We’d better have an idea of ​​how the furniture will go. It’s all about what the client wants. Do they have a piano or an art collection? Are they fun? The whole house is one.”

Luxury Home Plans

Inspiration for home design can be found anywhere from the great outdoors to the pages of a popular library. The digital gallery also offers examples of beautiful and modern ideas for differentiating your home. As one of the world’s leading firms for modern architecture, green buildings, interior design and custom services, our section of www. Imagine your dream home is a great place to start. All programs are copyrighted. Photographed homes may include changes made by the homeowner and builder.

If you would like to purchase this program separately, please select “Read Reviews” or “Mirror Versions” under the options above.

Not all items qualify. Discounts only apply to plans, not QuikQuote, plan options and other affiliates and some designers don’t allow us to offer discounts on their plans.

Modern Luxury Home Floor Plans

The list of contents corresponds only to the basic plan. The following options will not appear in the content list:

Floor Plans To 5,000 Sq. Ft

If you’ve found a better price, call 1-800-854-7852 or email [email protected] with the order number, price and where you got it for a quote. We’ll match that price and give you an extra 10%.

* Our price guarantee is limited to home plan purchases within 10 business days of the original purchase date.

Most concrete block houses (CMU) have 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 on the back wall in the second floor.

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Tuscan House Plan: Luxury Mediterranean Dream Home Floor Plan

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