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Modern Home Plans And Design

  • evangelineryan2
  • Nov 20, 2023

Modern Home Plans And Design – Courtyard houses have recently seen a surge in popularity across North America. What makes yard plans so popular? In this blog we explore the many benefits of courtyard plans and discuss how a courtyard can improve your life and increase the efficiency and comfort of your new home.

“The field.” Just saying the word brings to life a vivid image of warmth, a calm state of mind, closeness to the surrounding interior spaces and connection to nature and the outdoors. Although what comes to mind when you think of a courtyard can vary, most people associate a courtyard with positive feelings about a place that is bright, modest and intimate.

Modern Home Plans And Design

Modern Home Plans And Design

Courtyard houses have been designed and built for millennia, first appearing around 6400 BC. in the central Jordan Valley. This style of courtyard house architecture has been used for centuries and all over the world, including in ancient Rome (where houses were built around the atrium), early dynastic China, in the British Isles during the Iron Age, and even and the Incas there. the pre-columbian period.

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Architectural styles may have changed over the centuries, and some of the motivations for incorporating a courtyard into your home today are new, but many of the reasons for the popularity of courtyard homes are still as true today as they were centuries ago.

In a world of planned obsolescence, it’s hard to imagine something going on for hundreds, even thousands of years. But gårdhus has succeeded in doing just that! So, what are the qualities that make a flower so attractive that it has stood the test of time?

One of the main appeals of the courtyard is the ability to connect with nature. Regardless of the season or the climate of your city, a courtyard allows you to enjoy the view and easy access to the outdoors that provides fresh air, and a backdrop that enriches everyday life and your experience of indoor spaces.

Not only do courtyards provide a great connection to the outdoors in general, but they can also be used as a means of creating a visual focal point. Where the property offers expansive views, stunning wall-to-ceiling windows can be the way to go. However, some properties benefit from creating a visual perspective on a particular vignette in or around the property, and a hedge is an excellent tool for creating this visual perspective.

Although some people enjoy the luxury of large plots of land or live in the countryside, more and more people are living in urban environments and in increasing density. While city living offers benefits that many enjoy, it can mean that privacy is hard to come by. Above all, it can be difficult as a city dweller to find a private space with a strong connection to outdoor life. The front and back porches are not as private as we would like, but the yard provides space that is real.

Courtyard house designs offer solutions that enable urban living with the privacy (and connection to nature) that many desire. A yard can be planted and landscaped to provide an outdoor living space for entertaining and quiet relaxation that is visually and aurally separated from neighboring residences or busy streets. These types of spaces can be few and far between in densely built-up areas.

As a design tool, yard plans provide a unique opportunity to plan space and meet the needs of homeowners. A courtyard can create distance in a floor plan to provide a sense of privacy in your home (as opposed to the kind of privacy from the outside world we touched on above), without sacrificing space or natural light.

Modern Home Plans And Design

The level of this type of privacy can be arranged (drastically or subtly) by using hedges to increase the distance between interior spaces, by playing with the sense of space and by controlling the direction and/or volume of windows or doors facing each Other . in the courtyard.

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Using the courtyard of your modern house plan to create this kind of spatial distance and interior integrity is especially important for spaces that are meant to feel separate, such as home offices, guest rooms, gyms, home studios or in multi-generational home plans – e.g. .

One of the main advantages of incorporating a courtyard into your house plan is that a courtyard with large windows lets in a lot of daylight. This can be especially useful in a deep floor plan (a floor plan where most of the space isn’t around a window). Access to natural daylight contributes to well-being in many ways, and also makes the space more pleasant to stay in.

In Mitt Moderna Hus, we use closed courtyards, entrance courtyards and facades to enable planning possibilities that would not otherwise exist. The introduction of windows, doors and daylight in this courtyard allows us to plan the space in new ways that create a positive environment and experience.

We have already discovered how courtyards can create spatial divisions. Interestingly, a flower can also do the opposite, creating a physical and visual connection between spaces. Especially where the courtyard is enclosed by glass (as opposed to solid walls), adjacent rooms are visually connected.

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Creating a visual connection between spaces in this way can be very beneficial in a small modern house plan where the courtyard can act as a planner and prevent many small rooms from taking on a labyrinth-like feel.

A courtyard functionally expands the size of any room it adjoins. That is, the courtyard space feels like a part of every neighboring room.

This flexibility and connectivity allows the courtyard to be used by every room, not just as a backdrop but as an active extension of the room that can be used for everyday life – think yoga in the morning, children playing in the afternoon and entertaining. evening drinks.

Modern Home Plans And Design

Home designs that incorporate this type of flexibility not only allow homeowners to enjoy their home more everyday, but also allow homeowners to change how they use their rooms in the home as their needs and lifestyles change.

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Courtyard houses are often some of the most comfortable types of housing to live in. Conventional ventilation allows strong winds to carry away unwanted heat, and the very shape of the building can shade internal windows and further reduce solar heat gain.

It is not surprising that flowers were very popular in warm climates before the advent of climate, and that they continue to do so today. At a time when energy efficiency is considered important in house design, farmhouses continue to be the best option for reducing energy consumption without sacrificing function or beauty.

If you’re a Talking Heads fan, you may have already caught our lyrical reference to Once in a Lifetime – a song about the modern anxiety that comes from being disconnected from our life experiences. Most of us can relate to this feeling from time to time, for many reasons – increased screen time, longer work days, longer commutes, to name a few.

In response, many people are looking for ways that their living environment can help improve mental and physical well-being with minimal effort and high impact. Courtyard plans can help meet this need.

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One of the trends that has emerged in an attempt to deal with the disconnection that results from spending more of our time and awareness in the digital environment is about creating opportunities for physical connection and living environments. Forest bathing is an example of this type of wellness.

Studies show that developing a connection with nature and the physical world can significantly improve mood and a sense of well-being. Harvard Health Publishing recently published an article noting that “for many, interacting with nature is one of the best self-improvement tools they can use”.

Innergårdhus has the ability to create easy access to outdoor spaces, even in extreme weather. The fence is protected in cold or windy weather, and provides protection from extreme heat and sun during the summer months. By creating a protected space, a garden creates an opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, such as gardening, yoga or reading for weeks or months in your garden compared to homes without such space.

Modern Home Plans And Design

Innergårdhus also brings the outdoors into the indoor space. You can enjoy the space in your home through the outdoor space. Indoor gardens can be planted to meet the climatic needs of your area and can also be designed to create microclimates where plants that may not be native to your climate can grow and thrive.

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While the design and functional elements that have made courtyard homes popular for millennia remain the same, courtyard designs are well positioned to meet the physical and mental health challenges unique to the 21st century, and to promote and encourage well-being in everyday life.

At Mitt Moderna Hus, we believe that a well-designed home can elevate everyday life. One of the reasons we started My Modern House was to make architect designed homes that have functionality, beauty and versatility available.

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