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Living Room Factory Outlet Bogor

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  • Nov 20, 2023

Living Room Factory Outlet Bogor – Bogor Factory – Factory or commonly known as FO, is a term used to indicate a store that sells products or products from a company.

However, over time, this industry refers more to a clothing store that sells a variety of fashion items and popular brands.

Living Room Factory Outlet Bogor

Living Room Factory Outlet Bogor

Textile shops like this are often found in big cities and tourist areas. For example in Bogor.

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There are many industrial buildings that can be used as a fashion hunting ground. They are usually located in Jalan Pajajaran.

The existence of factories along Jalan Pajajaran Bogor also has its own charm. It has become one of the icons of fashion tourism in the City of Rain. A variety of items are offered from clothes, shoes and accessories.

This factory, located at Jalan Raya Pajajaran No.19, Baranangsiang, East Bogor, Bogor City, is one of the longest factories in Rain City.

This release has a cheerful exterior with green and orange colors, and a logo like a blooming sunflower on the front.

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This happy atmosphere also enters the space through various interior decorations, and the arrangement of current products and children’s clothing. By shopping in this market, your little ones can look fashionable.

The factory in Bogor offers different prices. The price range starts from only Rp. 20,000.-/ piece equal to one hundred thousand rupiah.

There may be questions as to why the price range can be so large even within an FO group. Visitors who think FO is cheap often think they are missing out.

Living Room Factory Outlet Bogor

The quality of the exported products will vary and will not be the same. Often, the rejected products have only small defects that are not visible to the eye, but often the number of defects is large and clearly visible.

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It is clear that the price is cheap (although it has a famous brand) because often, the purpose for the release of this item is just to distribute money. The rest of the goods for export are generally exported by the manufacturers below the cost of production.

Few things combine services like factories, distros and even boutiques/galleries. Although these three types have different functions.

Its primary function is to sell products or products from the factory. Often, the products that are sold are the rest of the export, that is the production that does not pass the inspection standards from the owner of the brand (usually foreign brands).

Therefore, it is recommended that the visitors who come to buy here to be careful in the selection and make sure that they try it first in the dressing room so that the buyers can feel it good and good so as not to disappoint them.

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To reach Jalan Pajajaran Bogor, those of you coming from Jakarta can exit from Jagorawi Toll Gate (Baranangsiang exit), or West Toll Gate (Warung Jambu exit).

If you are coming from Jagorawi Toll Road, you can go left or right because the toll exit is in the middle of Jalan Pajajaran.

So, when you enter the road, drive slowly while looking left and right. Because, on that street, all the factories in Bogor are located.

Living Room Factory Outlet Bogor

Friends, after reading and understanding about the Factory Outlets that exist in Bogor, there is no harm in visiting people to hunt for clothes from well-known brands, but you still need to focus on being careful and – preferred .

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The most famous industrial company in Bogor is Brasco. This clothing store has a variety of items. Available for various groups from children to adults. Clothing prices here are still cheap.

This place is active in the morning before noon, around 10.00 WIB to 13.00 WIB. You should come here in the afternoon around 13.00 WIB to 14.00 WIB because this place has not reached visitors and you can get more shopping opportunities.

You can get here by private car or public transport. If you come from Bogor station, you can go from the road to the Presidential Palace, then take public transport 09 and say you want to go to Brasco.

After that, you can walk a little to get in front of Brasco. For those who take public transport at Bogor station, you can walk a little to Kujang Monument and after that, take public transport 09.

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Another mode of transport that you can use is online travel, apart from being more efficient, you will definitely get here faster.

Go to Brasco in Pajajaran to get beautiful and stylish clothes, there are many promotions and the most interesting thing is that you can sit in Cafe Brasco after shopping. The first one is in the BTW mall, downstairs 1. This shop is still quiet because it is new, just opened and there are not many sellers there, only about 2-3 sellers. The price is still cheap.

Second, it is a former department store of Matahari, so it is busy and there are many vendors. Most things are beautiful, if you look carefully, you can find things with signs, you know! Prices start at fifteen thousand.

Living Room Factory Outlet Bogor

That’s it for today! If you had success in Bogor, you can also share your experience in the comments ☺️

Factory Outlet Bogor

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Living Room Factory Outlet Bogor

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