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Life Insurance Policy Kya Hai In Hindi

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  • Nov 21, 2023

Life Insurance Policy Kya Hai In Hindi – Today, as we know, there are many types of insurance, the most important of which is life insurance. Now you might be wondering what is life insurance? You gave me food. Today in this article we are providing information about life insurance.

Life insurance is also known as Jeevan Bima in Hindi. Life insurance is a written contract between the insurance company and the insured person.

Life Insurance Policy Kya Hai In Hindi

Life Insurance Policy Kya Hai In Hindi

The person taking out the insurance must pay a fixed amount to the insurer for a short period of time, this is called the premium amount.

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When a person gets old and dies in an accident, the insurance company pays a small amount to his family. How much this amount will be depends on how much fees are paid.

Life insurance is available to all natural persons. This should be the first step in all financial planning. Anyone who wants to deal with financial planning should take out life insurance. By taking out the insurance, I also got my tax back.

The level of life insurance premiums depends on which insurer the individual buys life insurance from, because life insurance premiums increase with age. They say “the younger the insured, the lower the premium.” This means that the younger the age, the lower the premium.

With some life insurance policies, the insurer pays the insured even after the contract expires, but it is not necessary for the insurer to receive the money. It depends on what policy you have chosen.

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Now we know what life insurance is. Now you might be wondering why this is necessary. Tell us about the benefits of life insurance.

As mentioned earlier, taking out life insurance is the first step in any financial planning. All CAs advise their clients to take out life insurance. The main reason is the tax refund.

The second biggest advantage of life insurance is long-term savings. Life insurance not only covers your life risks but also your plans for a better financial future.

Life Insurance Policy Kya Hai In Hindi

No one’s life is guaranteed these days. Life insurance thus ensures that if the breadwinner dies, the rest of the family will receive financial support through life insurance.

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This plan is cheapest among all other life insurance plans. With term insurance, the premium is paid for a specified period of time, or if the policyholder dies, in our case the insurance company pays the named person of the policyholder the amount stated in the contract. They provide this amount either once, monthly or annually. It depends on what is written in your insurance policy.

Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIP) is a mild upgrade plan compared to term insurance plans. This plan provides life risk cover along with the investment. Under this plan, when the premium is paid, a part of the premium is invested in life cycle cover or a certain percentage is invested in market funds.

Its premium amount is slightly higher than the premium amount of term insurance. In this plan, the bond buyer has the full right to decide where he wants to invest his money.

This plan seems to be even better than the previous two plans and the premium is also slightly higher than the other two plans. In this plan, certain percentage amount is also used to cover certain percentage of life risk or investment.

Third Party Product (insurance)

This plan also provides a small amount to the insured after a certain age ie. j. after the policy expires as a benefit at maturity. Or if the policyholder dies before the policy expires, the policyholder’s nominee receives a bonus in addition to the life risk cover.

In a cash-back life insurance plan, the insurance company provides a certain amount to the policyholder at predetermined intervals. This amount is called a survivor benefit. This policy works as a short-term investment vehicle. The cash back amount provided in life insurance is slightly higher than that of term, ULIP and foundation schemes.

Whole life insurance covers life risk for the longest period at a low premium. The lifetime of whole life insurance is nearly 100 years. And if the insured lives to the age of 100, i.e. j. when the policy expires, the insured also receives a maturity benefit.

Life Insurance Policy Kya Hai In Hindi

This policy covers the life risk for the longest period, so if the customer’s main objective is to cover the life risk, then he prefers this insurance.

Joint Life Policy (jlp)

Policyholders generally consider it if they have a motive to provide a secure future for their children. It is a tool that makes life easier for children. This system is especially useful at the time of marriage or children’s higher education. The children’s package sometimes offers annual or one-time installment payments. It depends on your insurance policy.

A pension plan is also called a pension plan. As the name suggests. In this plan, if the policyholder is over 60 years old, the annual or lump sum payment is provided by the insurance company. And if the policyholder dies before the policy expires, in our case, a fixed amount is provided to the candidate through the insurance company.

Now that we know what life insurance is, or what types there are, the question comes, how to buy life insurance, i.e. j. how to buy insurance Let us know how to buy life insurance.

How to take out life insurance is a very important issue. Insurance can be purchased in two ways – online and offline.

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We can take out life insurance directly through the insurance company. You can get insurance directly from the company in two ways: offline and online.

If you want to take offline life insurance directly from the company, you need to visit the office of the company. After learning about your needs, a company employee in the company’s office will prepare a policy that meets your needs, or you can purchase the policy of your choice directly from them. To get the policy, you will need some necessary documents like proof of address etc. Don’t forget to bring these documents with you when you visit your insurance company.

You can also take out your own insurance directly on the insurance company’s website. This requires an online banking facility as the premium must be paid online.

Life Insurance Policy Kya Hai In Hindi

You can also purchase life insurance through a local insurance agent. You can go to the agent’s office or call him at home on his phone number.

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The agent will recommend the best plan for you. Agents can easily compare policies from different companies. His passing knowledge increased.

You can then select the policy of your choice. If you trade through a local agent, your agent will usually receive the premium in the form of a bank cheque. The agent also receives a few percent incentive if you take out the insurance through the agent.

There are many brokers available on the internet who provide online insurance options. There are websites that compare the insurance plans of almost all companies and recommend a policy that suits your preferences, or you can purchase insurance directly through them.

Now that we know what life insurance is, why it is needed, what kind and how many types of insurance there are, the question now arises as to how to apply for it. Let us know about the insurance processing process.

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This step is the most important step in life insurance. Because if you don’t know the process of applying for life insurance, then what is the use of buying life insurance.

If the policyholder dies for some reason before the policy expires

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