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Life Insurance Nz Ami

  • utarahman10052
  • Nov 18, 2023

Life Insurance Nz Ami – For our personal insurance customers, you can find your policy number on your policy documents or by logging into your My Account online.

You can find your policy number in the policy schedule or premium advice of your policy documents. This will be listed under the policy number or reference.

Life Insurance Nz Ami

Life Insurance Nz Ami

When you log into your My Account online, you will be taken to your policy dashboard where a list of active policies will be shown under your customer number/reference. Your policy numbers will appear above the name or address of the insured item.

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Please note that you can currently only view your personal car, home, contents and boat policies in your My Online account.

If you have chosen to receive policy documents by email, you can try to search your email for ”, your license plate if it’s a car policy or your address for a home or contents policy and try to find previous emails we’ve sent you. you can. .

If you pay by direct debit, you can find your policy number in the payment reference in your Internet Banking/Banking application.

If you are a business insurance customer, you will find your policy number in bold in the policy schedule and premium advice.

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