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Life Insurance Company Of Georgia Website

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Life Insurance Company Of Georgia Website – Atlanta Life Insurance Company, headquartered on Atlanta’s historic Sweet Auburn Avenue, has been around since 1905. Founded by Alonzo Herndon, a successful black barber and entrepreneur, who rose from slavery to become a 1927 as the richest African American in Atlanta, Atlanta Life is the leading African American stock insurance company in the country. As one of the strongest black financial institutions to emerge in the early twentieth century, Atlanta Life is a prime example of the effort of African Americans to gain an economic footing.

Atlanta life began as a small insurance association with a capital investment of $5,000. For many years it operated as a mutual appraisal enterprise. The police, at the end of 1909, numbering more than 23,000, provided most of the revenue by means of capital payments and periodic assessments. The company offered one policy, an occupational health and accident policy, which paid a small sum upon the death of a policyholder. In 1916, the company strengthened its financial base by becoming a joint stock corporation. Using his personal resources to support the venture, Herndon purchased approximately 90 percent of Atlanta Life’s stock.

Life Insurance Company Of Georgia Website

Life Insurance Company Of Georgia Website

As founder and first president, Alonzo Herndon’s leadership of Atlanta Life blended ideals of racial self-help and independent entrepreneurship. He belonged to the group of black capitalists, whose activities changed mutual aid and benefit societies, church groups, secret societies and other social groups. Enterprises in business more efficient. With the influence of Booker T. Washington and the movement to expand black business participation, Herndon joined people like John Merrick, organizer of the North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company in Durham, North Carolina, and Samuel Wilson Rutherford, who established the National Welfare Insurance Company in Washington, DC, to compare the relationship between mutual aid and capitalism.

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For more than two decades, Herndon’s leadership has paved the way to develop a company with a broad impact on the economic and entrepreneurial development of the Black community. From the beginning, Herndon saw his investment in Atlanta Life as an opportunity to provide valuable service to policyholders. Too often families are deceived by insurance companies that promised great benefits but found many loopholes to avoid a claim, and sometimes a company failed when an employee absconded with the company’s money. Financial flexibility and prompt payment of claims are key features of Atlanta Life’s operating philosophy. The company began business in an era of white supremacy, racial animosity, and social proscriptions. Nevertheless, its executives are steadfast in their determination to maintain a strong company and promote first-class citizenship for African Americans.

In 1922, in an effort to provide greater safety and independence, the company increased its capital stock to $100,000 and became a legal reserve company. Thus, Atlanta Life joined a select group of African American insurance companies that included Mississippi Life, Standard Life (also based in Atlanta), North Carolina Mutual, and National Benefit Life. Following this success, the company expanded rapidly, entering more than half a dozen new states, promoting policy sales, and placing Atlanta Life products with customers far and wide. to Texas and Kansas. In 1925, with about $19 million of insurance involved, the company carried about 13 percent of the total $141 million of insurance carried by the eight leading black insurance companies in the country.

Herndon died in 1927 and was succeeded as president by his son, Norris, who graduated from Atlanta University and Harvard University. Groomed by his father to assume the reins of Atlanta Life, Norris Herndon led the company for more than four and a half decades. His tenure was characterized by cautious growth, judicious investments, judicious management, and cautious economies that allowed for minimal returns. The sales area expanded from nine states to eleven, assets increased to nearly $54 million in 1960, and insurance involved increased to $176 million. When Norris Herndon retired in 1973, the company’s financial position showed $84.5 million in assets and more than $346 million in insurance in force.

Norris Herndon believed that even in post-war America, black businesses were still vulnerable to the problems of a segregated society. In 1950 he created as a memorial to his parents the Herndon Foundation – a non-profit organization where the controlling shares of stock would be a legacy upon his death. The foundation’s profits were earmarked for religious, educational, scientific and literary purposes. The founding of the foundation also ensured an era of support for the growing efforts of African Americans to secure civil rights, economic dignity, and progress in general. Atlanta Life supported the growing activist movement in the 1950s by offering employment to fired teachers, posting bail for imprisoned students, and providing a meeting place and printing and communication resources for civil rights organizations.

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Norris Herndon was replaced by Jesse Hill, a graduate of the University of Michigan and a company actuary. The hiring of Hill and the establishment of a new executive team marked a change for the company. For the first time, a family member was not running the company, and the company continued to show financial growth and social responsibility. The agenda of the new era emphasizes efficient methods, attractive schedules, new construction and new markets. Atlanta Life also continued to provide leadership in improving the quality of life for African Americans.

In 1992, Hill retired after twenty years as head of the organization. The presidency then went to Don M. Royster S.R., and later, Charles H. Cornelius, the company’s fifth chief executive officer, led the company into the twenty-first century. Almost 100 years after its founding, the Herndon company remains an example of African American financial achievement. In April 2001, as the company’s centennial approached, it adopted a new direction as a financial services group and a new name, the Atlanta Life Financial Group.

The Atlanta Life Insurance Company, headquartered on Atlanta’s historic Sweet Auburn Avenue, has been around since 1905. Founded by Alonzo Herndon, a successful black …

Life Insurance Company Of Georgia Website

The Atlanta Life Insurance Company was founded by Alonzo Herndon, a prominent black Atlanta businessman, in 1905. After Herndon’s death, the company’s leadership passed to his son, Norris Herndon, in 1927 and then to Jesse Hill in in 1973. The company’s head office is . In the sweet Auburn neighborhood of Atlanta.

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As the founder and first president of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company, Alonzo Herndon demonstrated leadership that blended ideals of racial self-help and independent enterprise. Congress passed and President George W. Implement an anti-money laundering (AML) program and report suspicious transactions to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). An insurance company is defined as a “financial institution”. The characteristics of financial products, including some life insurance products, make them vulnerable to those who want to launder money. FinCEN relies on a network of state, federal and international law enforcement agencies to collect, investigate and disseminate information about money laundering. FinCEN is also the source for all Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs).

The BSA authorizes the Treasury Department to require companies under its jurisdiction to develop written policies and employee training programs to comply with the provisions of the BSA. In addition, the reporting and record keeping rules in the BSA require a financial institution to:

After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the Patriot Act was signed into law to combat terrorism. The Patriot Act gives law enforcement agencies broader powers in dealing with money laundering and terrorism, and makes it more difficult for money launderers to use their traditional financial channels to launder money. The Patriot Act created new anti-money laundering obligations for insurance companies.

Storied Black Atlanta Company Reemerging With Help From Magic Johnson

Money laundering is the illegal practice of channeling proceeds of criminal activity, “dirty money,” through a series of seemingly legitimate transactions to prevent the criminal origin of the money. The goal is to make money from criminal activity, which is from legitimate sources. Money is usually associated with money although non-monetary transactions may play a role. Any financial transaction can be part of the process to hide the source of the money

Although money laundering is a diverse and often complex process, it basically involves three independent steps that may occur simultaneously, separately or overlapping on.

Penalties for money laundering can be severe. Fines can be twice the amount of the transaction up to 1 million dollars. Any property involved in the transaction or found to be the proceeds of the criminal activity may be confiscated. People are facing prison terms for willful blindness because illegal money was involved in the transaction. In addition, there is a risk that the insurance companies will lose their charter, and there is a risk that the agents will be removed and banned from insurance. Insurance

Life Insurance Company Of Georgia Website

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