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Life Insurance Australian Unity

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  • Nov 18, 2023

Life Insurance Australian Unity – Guided by our vision to be Australia’s most trusted healthcare company, Australian Unity is committed to measuring the impact of our products, services and operations through environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

As one of Australia’s first social enterprises with a history dating back to 1840, we strive to create an impact of social value as we tackle Australia’s biggest challenges—such as helping people gain more access to health care, creating infrastructure to care for the elderly, supporting live locally, build financial sustainability and reduce our environmental footprint.

Life Insurance Australian Unity

Life Insurance Australian Unity

The ‘Our Impact 2023’ report documents our impact on society and the environment, with a special focus on social impact – an area that has been close to our hearts since the beginning.

A Vision Of Australian Unity And Understanding

Using our Social and Community Value Framework (developed in partnership with social impact experts, Social Ventures Australia), we’ve been able to value in dollars the positive impact we’re having in our main impact areas—whole of life, the economy. empowerment and strong community.

Learn more about how we deliver community and social value, how we measure impact and our ESG efforts in our latest Impact report.

As a complementary organization founded more than 180 years ago, positive change is in our DNA. We created jobs in the Great Depression, supported free education and measured the well-being of Australians—among other initiatives. Today, we are one of the largest member-owned health organizations in Australia.

As a member-owned health company, the desire to create a positive impact on society is at our core. Since our beginning, we have recognized our responsibility to do the right thing and contribute to the social and health challenges facing our community – both now and in the future.

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Measuring our impact on society shows that we “walk the talk”. It helps us measure our performance as a healthcare company. It keeps us accountable and identifies ways we can run the business, better. It helps us to drive positive change. It also demonstrates to customers, employees, investors and stakeholders that our products, services and operations can achieve positive results.

Our Community & Social Values ​​(CSV) framework has become a fundamental part of our business — it provides the basis for how we operate and the decisions we make.

The CSV framework identifies three key areas where we can make a positive social impact for members, customers, employees and society:

Life Insurance Australian Unity

We help people achieve better levels of health and wellness through treatments and services based on individual needs.

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We help build financial security and resilience to give confidence for the future and to face life’s challenges.

We build strong communities, giving people a sense of purpose and security through meaningful dialogue, access to services and social connections.

Our CSV framework serves as our “north star,” helping us make decisions that result in the most positive social impact—and giving us the ability to measure that impact.

It helps us build a sustainable portfolio by allowing us to measure and predict the value of future impacts across our businesses; make commercial and strategic decisions based on social feedback on investments; and identify new opportunities for social and commercial growth.

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By increasing our ability to attract like-minded investors, the CSV Framework is key to driving funding and investment that supports business activities that deliver deep community and social value.

And by allowing us to report—in real dollar terms—our impact when it comes to the health needs of our clients and communities, the CSV Framework helps us demonstrate transparency and accountability to our current and potential clients and employees.

Developed in partnership with Westpac, the $50 million loan encourages us to develop our community and social values ​​— aligned with our performance against key performance indicators (KPIs) agreed and measured through our CSV framework.

Life Insurance Australian Unity

Sustainability Linked Loans are available to support group operations and investments that drive CSV’s value and sustainability efforts.

The New Life Insurance Code Of Practice

Importantly, finding this credit linked to sustainability shows that the capital market is willing to accept the relationship between finance and long-term sustainability and the details of social impact.

“The guiding principles of the CSV Framework provide the ‘how’ and ‘what’ to measure our impact, as well as the rigour, transparency and consistency needed to measure the true impact of our years’ performance.” Darren Mann, Group Executive Finance & Strategy and Chief Financial Officer

Empowering Australians to take control of their health—whether it’s maintaining their physical and mental health, recovery or getting support in everyday life—has been our driving force for more than 180 years.

But everyone’s needs and challenges are different. That’s why we invest in solutions to help our customers maximize Real Performance, and why we take a flexible approach to designing and delivering our health and care products and services.

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Our range of services, programs, private health insurance coverage and partnerships with other healthcare providers allow us to provide healthcare and services in an innovative, convenient and efficient way to meet individual needs.

We are also building healthcare infrastructure across Australia through our investment and property development activities, giving our communities more choice and flexibility, and reducing demand on Australia’s public health care system.

Unity’s Healthcare Property Trust (HPT) Australian Unity’s Healthcare Property Trust (HPT) has recognized over the past two decades the important role of the private sector in helping to close the growing gap between the demand for healthcare facilities and the provision of this infrastructure traditionally met by government. Since its inception, HPT has become one of the largest unregistered property funds in the country, delivering hospitals, medical clinics, aged care, day surgery, radiology and pathology clinics across Australia.

Life Insurance Australian Unity

Our flagship HPT project is the $1.1 billion Herston Quarter development in Queensland—delivering an additional 182-bed hospital and world-class healthcare to more than 100,000 patients a year in a comprehensive health center and more than 30 health centers. , medical research facilities, university facilities and student residences.

Australian Unity Proud To Be Most Trusted Brand Winner At 2022 Reader’s Digest Awards

We know from the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index research that our health is important to our well-being. Our physical and mental health, and our ability to prevent or recover from illness, injury or disease all play a role in how “healthy” we feel.

At Australian Unity, we’re about improving the lives of Australians every day through our range of health and care services—from specialist integrated care and programs to home support services. Our goal? Delivering effective, efficient and flexible results tailored to individual needs.

Whether we’re injured, sick, or old, sometimes we need help with the little things—like cleaning, cooking, or gardening. Our Home Care business supports the health and wellbeing of our customers with a range of home services delivered by a team of healthcare professionals.

The impact? These services enable people to remain independent for as long as possible and provide better health and wellness outcomes for our clients who can receive care and treatment at home. Importantly, our home care services support the avoidance of elderly care, reduce the burden on hospitals and community systems, and provide assistance to informal caregivers.

Australian Unity Staff Campaign — Green Apple And Co

“More than ever, Australians are choosing to age in their own homes. We aim to enable our clients to live their best lives, in ways that matter to them. Prue Bowden, Chief Executive, Home Health

Poor mental health is one of the biggest health challenges facing Australians today. More than two in five Australians aged 16-85—about 8.6 million people—have experienced a mental disorder at some point in their lives, and one in five have experienced a mental disorder lasting longer than 12 months (ABS 2022).

At Australian Unity, we invest in mental health services and work together to deliver much-needed support to Australians with mental health issues. Through the delivery of a range of mental health services and programs (MindStep, Mind Healing and Beyond Blue Support Service), we aim to help Australians get support when they need it most.

Life Insurance Australian Unity

That’s why we’re committed to supporting Australians to strengthen their financial security and resilience, so they can feel empowered and confident about their future. This commitment extends to helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and those experiencing economic hardship.

Gender Equality And The Workplace

We do this by designing complementary programs, products and services, and by providing meaningful and rewarding career opportunities across our health, wealth and care businesses.

We are passionate about building financial sustainability and ensuring that wealth products and investment opportunities are accessible to all—as a collective, it’s in our blood.

Through our wide range of products, we help our customers and members improve their financial well-being at all stages of life, from financing health, education and retirement needs to managing the “tricky stuff” like taxes and estate planning.

We will continue to work for greater economic inclusion in our community, working with the nonprofit sector to create ethical financial products, literacy programs and support services, and make these accessible to people facing financial hardship.

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A lot has happened in 10 years. That’s why it’s important to plan for the future and save for all stages of life. Since 2020, 10Invest Australian Unity investment bonds have helped Australians do just that.

A low-cost and tax-free product, 10Invest helps people plan their future goals and aspirations by harnessing the power of compound interest over ten years. The responsibility is

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