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Latest Trends In Agriculture In The Philippines

  • martafarwell5
  • Nov 22, 2023

Latest Trends In Agriculture In The Philippines – Over the past decade, the drone market has grown to great heights. Chances are you know someone who bought it or received it as a gift. While they are popular in aerial photography and fun to fly indiscriminately, they have more practical uses than just being a hobby.

In the 19th century, UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles were used for military purposes as aerial bombers or unmanned aircraft. Today, a well-known type of UAV is the drone, a small remote-controlled helicopter used in a wide range of applications in land management, development and agriculture. In the current business environment, an aging population means that the number of farmers is declining. As younger generations replace their parents, new advances (such as drones) are becoming a central part of agribusiness.

Latest Trends In Agriculture In The Philippines

The most common belief about the use of drones in agriculture is that they are only for spraying chemicals. However, drones are also used to grow crops and provide sculpting services using a multi-frequency camera.

This camera can show which parts of the crop are doing well and which are not, with a simple map.

The importance of drones in agriculture is gradually increasing, and today more and more farm owners are thinking about purchasing them.

The agriculture industry is now welcoming drone technology and using this advanced tool to transform modern agriculture. By using this technology in agriculture, agricultural companies are meeting the complex and growing demands of the future. Additionally, more advanced drones are increasing the efficiency of the agricultural process—from crop monitoring, planting, livestock management, irrigation mapping, crop spraying, and more. Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Maria Dionisio*’s family grows 2 hectares of rice. land in Pampanga since the 1940s.

He said their income has always depended on the supply and demand situation. Maria said that during the last harvest in March they managed to sell their produce for £18 per kilo, which she said was quite a high price.

Maria said she is also grateful that they continually receive government assistance to help reduce their expenses.

Maria said that she receives four bags of 20 kilograms of seeds and six bags during the sowing period.

[Translation: This was consistent from Duterte to Marcos. This is a big help to us considering good quality seeds cost £1,500 and soil fertilizer costs £2,700.]

Latest Trends In Agriculture In The Philippines

Apart from this, Maria said they also receive around £5,000 worth of crop insurance from the government every time they are hit by a natural disaster.

Analysis Of Government Support For Australian Agricultural Producers

Marcos, who is also agriculture minister, said in his first address to the nation that one of his administration’s first tasks was to “strengthen agriculture.”

In his speech at the recent 125th anniversary of the Department of Agriculture (DA), Marcos also stated that the ultimate goal of his leadership is adequate food at affordable prices and good nutrition for the Filipino people.

Was the President’s strategy to continue leading the DA to address all the challenges the industry has faced over the past year effective enough to drive industry growth?

During the first year of the Marcos administration, the agricultural sector had to face a number of obstacles, one of which was the high price of onions. In December 2022, the price of onions increased to ₹800 per kilogram.

Pdf) The Rice Problem In The Philippines: Trends, Constraints, And Policy Imperatives

According to the DA, one of the reasons was the reduction in supply of the product, which was not enough to meet demand. There were even problems with smuggling, cartels and price manipulation in this business.

Last year, Marcos also approved the import of several commodities, the most controversial of which was sugar.

Lawmakers are considering signing Sugar Regulation No. 4, which would allow the import of 300,000 tons of the sweetener.

Latest Trends In Agriculture In The Philippines

The investigation in August included a preemptive order to Undersecretary of State Leocadio Sebastian, who was one of the signatories.

Pesticide Use In The Philippines Provides A Strong Justification For Bt Eggplant

The remaining signatories, namely former head of the Sugar Regulatory Authority (SRA) Ermenegildo Serafica and former SRA board members Roland Beltrán and Aurelio Gerardo Valderrama Jr. resigned that same month.

The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee acquitted Rodriguez, but the panel recommended that the four signatories face criminal and administrative charges.

In January, the presidential administration dismissed an administrative complaint against four agriculture officials involved in the fiasco. It said the order was made “in good faith, without any evidence that the defendants were aware of their lack of authority.”

David John Thaddeus Alba was appointed acting administrator of the SRA in August, and Pablo Luis Azcona and Ma. Mitzi Mangwag completed the work of the sugar council, which represented sugar farmers and sugar mills.

Enabling Agribusiness Growth In The Philippines

In March, the presidential press service announced Alba’s resignation “due to deteriorating health.” In April he was replaced by Azcona.

Another issue raised by the industry was alleged government-sponsored sugar smuggling before SO 6 came into force, according to Senator Risa Hontiveros. The order authorized the import of 440,000 metric tons.

In connection with the second controversial protest, the Congress of Unions of the Sugar Industry and Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (NACUSIP-ARB) and the Alternatiba Party List filed a complaint in June against Agriculture Undersecretary Domingo Panganiban. ombudsman

Latest Trends In Agriculture In The Philippines

Despite this, the agricultural sector grew by 2.1 percent in the first quarter of 2023, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). That reversed a 0.3 percent decline over the same period in 2022 and a 1.0 percent decline in the fourth quarter of last year.

Impacts Of Covid 19 Pandemic On Smallholder Farmers And Vulnerable Rural People In Vietnam

“This was due to the annual increase in the cost of crop, livestock, poultry and fisheries products,” PSA said.

Crop production accounted for 57.8% of the total production value, followed by poultry (15.5%), livestock (14.4%) and fisheries (12.7%).

Speaking to CNN Philippines, Samahang Industria ng Agrikultura (SINAG) Chairman Rosendo So also said rice farmers did not complain of losses as they were able to sell their crops at P25 per kilogram.

Fertilizer subsidy distributed by the government has also been a big help in reducing production costs, he added.

The ups and downs of the industry in the first year of the Marcos administration. So said he could give the agriculture chief a seven out of 10.

[Translation: They say that corruption has decreased. And of course, the DA budget for the agricultural sector has increased. These two things are very important.]

An annual budget of £173.6 billion has been allocated for the entire agricultural sector for 2023, up from £132.2 billion in 2022.

Latest Trends In Agriculture In The Philippines

While he praised Marcos’ work, So said there was still a problem among deputy agriculture chiefs who seemed to be at odds and slow in their actions.

The True Value Of The Urban Farming Trend

Besides the budget increase, former DA Secretary William Dar also credited Marcos for making food security his top priority on the economic agenda.

Dar said he also sees “some continuity with the core strategies we’ve developed in the past,” such as farm clustering.

DA spokeswoman Cristina Evangelista said Marcos was an effective secretary due to his ability to engage all other departments and stakeholders.

However, Dr. Patrick de Leon, assistant professor and program coordinator for business economics at the UP Diliman Extension Program in Pampanga, gave Marcos one grade.

Top 5 Challenges Faced By Filipino Farmers Today

“Palay farm price per kilogram nationwide was £17.43 in March 2022 and £18.57 in March 2023 (PSA, 06/10/2023). The growth was 6.5 percent. According to De Leon, he should not have made any promises at all because it is impossible to reduce the price of rice by ₦20 per kg given the high cost of inputs.

He also said that poverty among Filipino farmers and fishermen remains the highest in our major industries. He noted that, citing PSA data from March, the poverty rate among fishermen is 30.6 percent and among farmers it is 30 percent.

De Leon also noted that low wages and high prices for raw materials are further worsening the situation of farmers and fishermen.

Latest Trends In Agriculture In The Philippines

“Agricultural minimum wage in Central Luzon (excluding Aurora) ranges from ₦414-430 (National Wage and Productivity Commission, January 2, 2023), but headline inflation remains high at 5.4% in May 2022 and 6.1% in May 2023 (PSA, June 6, 2023).2023) In the agricultural sector, things are worse due to low wages and high prices for raw materials, including food, he explained .

Adb Raises 2022 Growth Forecast For The Philippines

Another Facebook user, Angel Driz Lucido, said the president is not qualified to lead the DA, while Auggie Liwanag said:

According to De Leon, one of the qualities of a competent DA leader is that he “must be able to deal with shortages, surpluses and volatility in agricultural prices. He must be reasonable in ordering the import of goods such as sugar. cartels of rice, sugar, onions, garlic and other agricultural products or unnecessary middlemen.”

The agriculture minister should also eliminate taxes on agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and agrochemicals and promote integrated farming systems and integrated pest management, he said. A senior DA official must also have the skills to implement solutions to combat the impacts of climate change.

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