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Latest Technology In Agriculture In The Philippines

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  • Nov 21, 2023

Latest Technology In Agriculture In The Philippines – With just a little time before most of the country’s farmers retire from farming due to old age, Agriculture Secretary William r envisions transforming Philippine agriculture into a competitive, science and technology-supported industry managed by innovative young Filipinos.

Once again, the agriculture chief appealed to the Filipino youth and emphasized their important role in building on the foundation laid by the Duterte administration to achieve a secure, resilient and food-industrialized Philippine agriculture, with during the Future Science Leaders Forum (FSLF) 2020, which was conducted. by the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST).

Latest Technology In Agriculture In The Philippines

Latest Technology In Agriculture In The Philippines

“Toys, the average age of our farmers is between 57 and 60 years, which means it will only be a matter of time before they retire, after which we will see a reduction in the labor force of 10 million farmers who feed” p. That is why it is imperative to engage the youth to sustain our progress towards a food secure nation,” said Secretary r.

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To attract the younger generation, he said he is undertaking a technology transformation program aimed at “Agriculture 4.0” that would digitize the country’s agriculture and fisheries sectors.

“We believe that the best way to keep the wheels of innovation moving is to influence the younger generation to take an interest in the large and interesting world of science,” said the agro-chef.

“Born in a time when technological sophistication defines the competition, the Filipino youth certainly has so much to offer in our Agriculture Agency 4.0,” he said.

“We want to see young Filipino farmers and agripreneurs helping Philippine agriculture transition traditional agriculture into a modern, industrialized and competitive sector that uses innovative approaches and modern technologies,” he said.

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“With technology, we see smart farms being built and run by the millennials and X-Gens. We want to bring dignity and prosperity to farming, thus attracting more people into agriculture,” said Secretary r .

“Agriculture 4.0” aims to seize the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution that uses modern technologies such as hydroponics, genetic modification, blockchain, drones, powerful analytics, and nanotechnology to increase food productivity, quality and income of producers and maintenance, agriculturists complete. ### (Kuhlin Gacula, -StratComms) An artificial intelligence powered drone has begun to revolutionize the rice farming of the Philippines as Bayer Crops Science (BCS) completed a “drone seeding” demonstration in Paniqui, Tarlac that greatly eliminates cost and time. – spending labor in rice planting.

Technology exhibition completed by BCS in Brgy. Last November 20, Sampot showed the success of using a drone to send out rice seeds (‘sabog tanim’). Sabog tanim or direct seeding is a method of planting rice seeds.

Latest Technology In Agriculture In The Philippines

The drone seeder is enthusiastically received by Filipino farmers in Central Luzon because it significantly reduces the work and cost of direct seeding. The service fee for drone seed distribution is only set at P3, 000 per hectare for Bayer Arize farmer customers.

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Instead of taking a whole day to do direct seeding in one hectare, drone seeding for the same area can be completed in just 30 minutes. Based on the trial conducted, the seeding rate is 20 to 25 kilos of hybrid rice seeds per hectare, which is much less than the seeding rate of 40-50 kilos in the manual hoe, which shows an effective seed distribution .

“We prepare farmers for a complete package of smart technology. We can now use the drones to support the modernization of agriculture. Other countries in Southeast Asia have begun using drones in agriculture, including Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Meanwhile, it is already widely used in China,” said Aaron Cano, BCS new business activation manager during the technology exhibition. “This is the future of farming. We are giving the youth an opportunity to become interested in farming.”

BCS has started establishing a “one-stop shop” for farmers to provide a complete service of hardware, apps and inputs – high yielding Arize hybrid rice seeds and crop protection products.

“We’re currently developing that model – a full service that goes beyond farm input distribution. Down the road, we’ll also look at hardware and other applications that regularly deliver relevant climate, weather and plant health data for farmers, “Cano. said.

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New Hope Corp. However, approval for specific crop protection products that can be applied with drones has yet to be achieved. This is where BCS works to ensure regulatory compliance with FPA

A sprayer, just like the transmitter, is an attachment of the drone that enables farmers to easily spray pesticides or other granular materials on their plants.

The Department of Agriculture (DA), especially Region 3 under Director Crispulo G. Bautista, has already adopted a drone technology program. “We are scheduled to have a technology demo in mid-December in Candaba, Pampanga. We are also providing other locations for demo. Those who want to ask us to hold a demo in their place can contact us,” said Shiela Hipolito DA Region 3 Rice Program Manager.

Latest Technology In Agriculture In The Philippines

Cano also said BCS is introducing a web-based app called Agrolink. Bayer Arize rice seed users only need to register for an account to access Agrolink. Through this integrated Smart Farming program, farmers get points from purchases that they can collect to get discounts and probably include the drone services.

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“All the data we get will be part of integrated agriculture – it is a complete, integrated solution for small farmers whose aim is to increase their yields and incomes,” said Cano.

For now, Tan said the drone seed delivery service will initially be run in partnership with Bayer’s Arize seeds. “We successfully tested the technology with Bayer’s Arize rice seed. We find comfort in this partnership because we have been testing this for two years,” said Tan.

“Every new technology goes through a trial and error phase,” Tan said. “That’s what the drone technology has been able to do under the collaboration between NHC and BCS. The collaboration has successfully proven that Arize hybrid seeds can be used effectively with drones in certain types of soil.

Nativo, a Bayer fungicide that offers heavier and cleaner granules, received full registration from the Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority (FPA) for drone application on January 26, 2022 – the first crop protection product in the country to receive full registration by the FPA .

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Big Bayer Blowout was a raffle promotion sponsored by Bayer Crop Science’s three rice brands – Arize AZ 8433 DT, Nativo, and Council Complete. The program ran from April 15, 2021 to January 15, 2022. The winners were announced on February 4, 2022 during the Bayer OK Express Facebook session. – the fishing sector, with a focus on accelerating the integration of digital technologies in the food value chain and logistics – which will benefit both producers and consumers.

“To raise our level of food sufficiency, we really need to use tools, systems and technologies of the best to modernize and industrialize Philippine agriculture,” said Secretary of Agriculture William r.

“By digitizing agriculture, our farmers and fishermen can achieve greater yields of higher quality products, in a more cost-effective and sustainable way, and quickly process and market them online, ” said the cook.

Latest Technology In Agriculture In The Philippines

“This is our response to the challenge facing Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez to digitize agriculture and ensure that there would be no disruption to food production and logistics in the future,” Secretary r.

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Secretary Dominguez was the chief guest and keynote speaker during the “Philippine State Agriculture Report” of Secretary r, BSWM conference hall, August 5, 2020, celebrating his first year of service as chief executive.

In his “streamed” address from the DOF office in Manila, Secretary Dominguez said: “When the lockdowns were at their most restrictive, we saw spontaneous responses that connected farmers directly to our consumers. These responses underline the need for further digitization of our agriculture. systems.”

“The more we digitize, the less we need physical stores for our agricultural products. The increased market access and reduced logistics and storage costs enabled by digitization will make agriculture more valuable to our farmers and agriculturists,” said Dominguez, who was chief executive during the term of President Corazon Aquino .

More importantly, he added: “Digital marketing will also support our efforts to increase consumer spending, as it gives consumers access to fresh produce without having to stock up in traditional, crowded public markets. It also serves the transport sector, which has changed. to make deliveries, of a business that is in dire need of it.

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“Furthermore, new technologies can help predict weather patterns, and help identify comparative climate advantages in terms of crops,” he said, agreeing with the chief executive that the only way the agriculture of the competitive country than mechanizing farm systems more.

For his part, the Secretary said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the need for continuous improvements in the scientific and technological innovation capacity of our farmers and fishermen.”

“We need to make the right investment toys, especially in the digitization of Philippine agriculture, to bring quick direct benefits to farmers, fishermen, agro-fishermen and consumers,” he said.

Latest Technology In Agriculture In The Philippines

For one, the Information and Communications Technology Service (ICTS) has begun upgrading the agency’s management information system, including

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