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Kitchen Cabinet Interior Design Ideas

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  • Nov 19, 2023

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Kitchen Cabinet Interior Design Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Interior Design Ideas

If your kitchen cabinets and ceiling space are gathering dust, it may be time to consider new options to keep the room clutter-free. In addition to incorporating creative ideas such as art, cookbook collections, and houseplants, this area of ​​your home can also be a great place for storage, especially in small kitchens.

Modern Kitchen Ideas You’ll Love

Whether you’re pulling out the paintbrushes for a weekend DIY or installing built-in shelves to store your kitchen essentials, decorating the tops of your kitchen cabinets can help give your space a purposeful look. And thanks to interior designers, there are plenty of decorating options to suit styles from modern to traditional (and everything in between).

Free up your cupboard space with these simple tips to fill an empty kitchen.

Add a little visual interest to the empty space above your kitchen cabinets by choosing small decorative pieces that contrast with your wall color. We love the artwork that draws the eye from ceiling to ceiling in this white kitchen, tying the room together: Thanks to the earthy mix of neutral colors, the use of different colors helps to mix wood, fabric and flowers. A deliberate finish that won’t spoil the space.

Who doesn’t need more space to store cookbooks? Consider using the space at the top of your cabinets to store your less-used books that are more beautiful or tender. The finished arrangement not only looks great and complements the theme of the kitchen, but is a great place to store cookbooks without feeling cluttered.

Best Kitchen Ideas

You may not have a lot of pots, but finding a safe place to store soft things when they are not in use can be very difficult. Because vases are often fun without flowers, they can add height to your kitchen when you play with scale. Bonus: Can’t be shaken or broken when out of reach.

Choose vases in different colors, sizes and patterns to create a versatile look, or showcase a matching look that complements the kitchen.

Above your cabinets is a great place to grow plants like philodendrons, pothos or ivy, especially if your kitchen has lots of natural light and bright windows. Most backyard plants are adaptable and easy to care for, but it’s also helpful to have a planter nearby for easy watering to keep your kitchen garden green and thriving. We are happy in a bright, airy kitchen with small pieces of green on the walls and countertops.

Kitchen Cabinet Interior Design Ideas

For a clean, minimalist look, fill the space between your cabinets and the ceiling by installing different types of crown molding. This method works well in kitchens that have little space for decorations, plants or artwork, but leave empty spaces to fill. It brings an elegant, traditional look to modern kitchen designs and makes the ceiling look classy. Paint it the same shade as your cabinetry for a stylish look, or use it as an opportunity to show off a pop of color for a more stylish look.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Whether you have open shelves, closed cabinets, or a mix of the two, the space between your kitchen storage and the ceiling can have a big impact on the overall look. We love the weathered shiplap placed above the backsplash in this beautiful kitchen that continues around the room so the gallery and open wall blend seamlessly. Made with white plates and coffee cups, this pattern contrasts with the decor and background while maintaining the look of a clean kitchen.

If you don’t want to settle for shiplap, consider installing removable wallpaper that works well with the rest of your space.

If you don’t need the space above your storage cabinets, add a decorative element to your kitchen by displaying wall art. This works for open shelves and closed cabinets: placing pieces that hang on the wall, or artwork that leans on top to create a focal point. Kitchens with high ceilings and unused space can benefit greatly from large wall art.

A smart way to use space wisely is to add built-in shelves above your cabinets. Whether you choose small cabinets with open shelves or glass doors, this storage solution is a great way to mix cabinets and ceilings. And while custom-built cabinets can be expensive, open-shelving brackets are a cost-effective option – but both can maximize usable space to keep your kitchen organized.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Interior Design Ideas In 2021

If your kitchen has open shelves above the counter, it can be difficult to master the art of filling the empty space with beautiful decorations and storage. Solution: Mix and match decor and your less-used kitchen appliances. We love the mix of storage containers and plants that fill the top shelf to create visual interest between the kitchen storage and the ceiling.

With decorative baskets on top of bookshelves and bathroom cabinets, this simple storage solution can also be useful in the kitchen. Turn an empty space into a functional space with drawers that can hide less-used utensils, small tools, or a bookshelf. Matching baskets create a cohesive look for storing items and keeping them handy when you need them. Looking for kitchen cabinet storage ideas? I’ll show you our kitchen and share all the storage ideas and arrangements I’ve picked up!

I love smart storage and organization. In addition to having a larger pantry, my new kitchen has just as much storage space as my old kitchen but I can fit more in my cabinets thanks to the design of Masterbrand’s Diamond Line of Cabinets with Storage. And the organizational structure fills in. I’m glad I was able to partner with them on my kitchen remodel and I’m excited to open my cabinet doors and drawers to see all the reasons. Let’s start with the part of the cabinet that I have had many questions about… (

Kitchen Cabinet Interior Design Ideas

Combined waste disposal + built in towel storage cabinet is one of my favorite kitchen solutions! First of all, I love that it fits into two trash cans so I can use one for regular trash and one for recycling. In my old kitchen, every time I wanted to recycle something I had to go to the garage to put it in the recycling bin so this is a favorite change:

How To Decorate The Top Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Well: Appliances | Cup Cabinet Influence | Cabinet influence | round woven tray | Marble and wood ware | Gray and white striped plant | Geometric Gray Rug | Floating Wooden Shelves  | Flower Shop | Sync | Black and white handkerchiefs

And the paper towel holder above the trash can is amazing if you’re like me who hates your paper roll filling up your computer! I’ve had a lot of questions about whether the paper bin is different from the trash, so I thought I’d open this idea – as you know, they all have a divider so that the bottom of the paper towel doesn’t touch the top. about my trash:

The bin with the paper towel holder folds back so there is room for extra paper towels! Masterbrand cabinets also offer a trash can + paper towel holder with a full-size door that completely covers the paper towel compartment if you don’t want to see your paper roll. I think it would be a pain to have a paper towel holder behind a closed door but I can see using a full door cabinet as a convenient but hidden place to store extra paper towels and trash bags.


Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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