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Jual Beli Laptop Hi Tech Mall Surabaya

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  • Nov 19, 2023

Jual Beli Laptop Hi Tech Mall Surabaya – AMD would not exist if it did not provide various surprises and rewards for its loyal customers. This time, within the holy month of Ramadan, AMD in Surabaya again shares special bonuses to AMD laptop customers.

When you buy a laptop equipped with AMD APU at Hitech Mall Surabaya, you can get exclusive goods from AMD with a voucher worth hundreds of thousands of rupiah. But you should know that this Ramadan Campaign is very limited, ie till 13th July 2015. So, for those who have been eyeing AMD laptops for a long time, now is the right time to buy one.

Jual Beli Laptop Hi Tech Mall Surabaya

Jual Beli Laptop Hi Tech Mall Surabaya

But for those who haven’t chosen, now is the right time for you too. AMD APU-powered laptops have many options for every need. From daily work to multimedia to gaming. At affordable prices, but with a focus on performance and quality. In addition to this, this AMD APU-powered notebook also has advanced features such as gesture control, which can switch the mouse with a hand movement to Face Access, which enters the password role using only your face. Visit the link below to learn more about the benefits of each AMD APU-powered laptop.

Jual Grosir Tablet Dan Accessories Murah Surabaya

As this campaign period is very short, let’s quickly choose the AMD laptop that suits your needs at Hitech Mall Surabaya and don’t miss the opportunity to get goods and vouchers worth hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

AMD Announces Powerful Catalyst 15.7 AMD APU and GPUSelling Laptops Online Surabaya Driver for AMD Intuitive Windows 10 Experience Laptops are more practical than PCs with the same usage and performance methods as PCs, but with advantages. can be taken anywhere. Laptops are also very practical, since they have a battery that stores excess energy, so you don’t need to be connected to power all the time.

Not only by office workers, laptops can also be used by students, gamers, graphic designers or professional content creators. Laptops have different features depending on the required needs.

Especially for those who want to buy your laptop online in Surabaya area, we will recommend an online laptop sales place/store in Surabaya that has good quality laptops at affordable prices.

The first recommended online laptop store in Surabaya is Lotus Computer Hi Tech. Not only online but also offline. Lotus Computer Hi Tech, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, HP etc. sells various laptops and computers of different brands. You can also buy other items like laptop accessories at Lotus Computer Hi Tech.

Chandra Electronics is an electronics store that sells a variety of electronic home appliances, televisions, washing machines, kitchen appliances, laptops and computers.

Laptops are sold from different brands and with different specifications. Chandra Electronics provides 24 hours online support. If you buy a laptop or any other item here, you will get a warranty under the applicable terms.

Jual Beli Laptop Hi Tech Mall Surabaya

The next online laptop store is Hexacom. There are a variety of new or used laptops available at good or low prices. Laptop brands sold include Acer, Asus, Lenovo, HP, etc., MSI.

Gedung Eks Hi Tech Mall Mengenaskan, Menunggu Kepedulian Wali Kota Surabaya

Hexacom sells not only laptops but also desktops, servers and various assembled computers for office and gaming needs. It also supports hard drives, SSD, RAM, etc. sells computer add-ons and accessories such as Buying and selling of laptops at Hexacom can be done online and offline at Hi Tech Mall. is the place to buy and sell used laptops in Denpasar, Bali. Here you can easily and quickly sell your used laptop, sell good condition, negative or damaged laptops. The process of selling laptops here is very fast, cash can be paid in 1 hour.

Several laptops are sold here like Asus, Acer, Lenovo, HP and other used laptops. Friendly and helpful service makes it the best choice for laptops for sale. The price you can get depends on the condition of the laptop. For more information, you can visit directly.

This is an online laptop selling store in Surabaya, you can be sure that the laptops sold are of good quality and genuine. If you are confused to find a place to sell used laptops, you can directly visit the website and also call 085333000861 WA. Embong Anyar is the best Greek printing company with stamps, cheap mugs and brochures, posters design services. books, business cards, magazines, letters, … Read more

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Jual Beli Laptop Hi Tech Mall Surabaya

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Laptop New » Msi » Core I5 » Laptop Msi Modern 14 C12m 060id Classic Black I5 1235u Win11 • Toko Komputer & Laptop Online Harga Murah Di Surabaya

WA: 081357029182 | The newest car rental in Purvorejo is around 2023. Top selling car rental services in Purvoreho: Avanza, Innova Reborn, … Read more After 2 years, Hi-Tech shopping center will be restored by the city government. Merchants and workers were very happy and had high hopes.

Dani Suherman, one of Hi-Tech Mall’s laptop dealers, said he was happy with the re-opening of the largest IT center in Surabaya. According to him, “Hi-Tech” shopping center has more customers than other places.

“Yes, I’m very happy, my food, my clothes can be restored. I’m glad to be back. If the building collapses, I’ll move. But yes, don’t move. Don’t close again. It can still work in 2024-2025.” Here. From ITC and Maspion Mastech there are still many visitors, many of them are regulars there. They have been here for a long time. , – said Dani East Java, Wednesday (6/4/2022).

Jual Beli Laptop Hi Tech Mall Surabaya

Same with wine. It is one of the IT shops on the first floor. He is happy with the restoration of Hi-Tech Mall because it caters to visitors and customers from different parts of Indonesia.

Hi Tech Mall Surabaya, Pusat Elektronik Di Kota Pahlawan

“Yes, I’m happy, I hope it won’t be closed again. If it will be extended. This is Surabaya, even the IT center of East Indonesia. Many people come here from Papua, Sumatra. Don’t close it in the future. Move it and move it. If it’s updated. Rebuild.” Vino said.

One of Hartono’s traders at Hi-Tech Mall was grateful and happy. The plan to revive the Hi-Tech shopping center is a long-awaited project that never came to fruition. According to him, this is an incentive to move forward and move forward together.

“We are grateful that after more than three years, the city government’s focus on high-tech traders has finally become unusual,” Hartono said.

Hartono also thanked Mayor Eri Kahyadi and the city government for starting the development of Hi-Tech Mall in Surabaya. He admitted that he had been in a difficult situation for years and hoped that Eri would be patient with the merchants.

Hi Tech Mall

“Thank you Mr. Erie. We are allowed to this place (Hi-Tech Mall) even though we don’t have the means. We hope that Mr. Erie will save this Hi-Tech Mall, it would be more crowded. It will come. I hope this dream will come true.” – he explained.

Meanwhile, Rudy Abdullah, chairman of the Hitech Goods Traders Association, said that the aim of the traders was to rebuild the IT center 2 years ago. Moreover, they have really felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, traders want the “Hi-Tech” shopping center to be restored as soon as possible.

“We are not disappointed with the mayor of the DPRK. We asked for help and we were given a chance to survive, at least for the time being. Then the mayor will do everything in his power to allow these traders to live and survive here,” he said. Rudy.

Jual Beli Laptop Hi Tech Mall Surabaya

One of the Surabaya city government’s efforts to restore the Hi-Tech Mall is to move the merchants on the 1st and 2nd floors to the ground floor. It is concentrated on the first floor so that visitors will have no difficulty in finding it.

Laptop Tipis Swift 5 Antimicrobial (sf514 55t), Rasakan Kenyamanan Dengan Daya Kerja Responsif!

Then, from the government’s point of view, it will be easy to repair the 1st and 2nd floors. In the absence of a businessman, cut tiles can be fixed and then fixed. In fact, ATMs, escalators and other facilities will be provided in a phased manner.

Rudy said traders had high expectations when they moved to the first floor. They hope that the government will pay more attention to the maintenance and further development of the facilities.

“The government is also thinking about facilities needed by the public, exhibitions to revive events. Then ATMs, escalators, providers, free wifi for halls. We respectfully appeal to the mayor, government agencies, traders who want to return from the DPRK. The place (for outgoing traders ) “If you work in electronics, you have to come back whether you like it or not. Since the pandemic is not strong, shopping centers have been closed and regions have been divided,” he concluded.

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