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Is Living Spaces Cheap Furniture

  • mutaqin
  • Nov 18, 2023

Is Living Spaces Cheap Furniture – Or at least I thought so! This is from their new store in Frisco, Texas. And I bought this sofa on the fourth day of the store opening.

On the day of delivery the sofa was not called, it did not show up. And no phone call from the company either.

Is Living Spaces Cheap Furniture

Is Living Spaces Cheap Furniture

My purpose in this post is to expose this shady practice that furniture stores use to get us money upfront without any skin to deliver the goods on time!

Living Rooms And Sectionals

I also share emails from some of their C-Suite executives at the bottom of this post. email addresses. Feel free to email them your story. mail and hope they help you better.

Here is the email. a letter I wrote to their C-Suite team. When I heard that a home improvement store was opening in Dallas, I was so excited. After running away from Ashley Furniture Stores and waiting 3 months for my sofa to arrive, I have had enough of their lies and can’t wait for your grand opening. And in fact I found a sofa that I liked (remember that I have been living without a real sofa for 3 months). I placed the order immediately after confirming with the store associate that I would receive it on 9/14/20. Guess what day it is today? And guess what I don’t have on my site? Some things you should know……… 1. Your customer service time is just insanely long. Have you ever called your customer service? My guess is NO! 2. I called on Saturday to confirm delivery of my sofa and was again assured that I would receive the sofa today. A LIE! Had to call back today (another 2 hour wait) to find out there was some sort of quality issue with my sofa and they had to send it back. A LIE! 3. How do I know it’s a lie? Because when my wife called to cancel the couch she was told a different story e.g. Meaning what. One of the pieces of your sofa is missing, ma’am. If you’re going to lie to your customers, at least plan the lie together so you don’t end up with your hand in the cookie jar. 4. Since I was promised that my couch would be delivered on Monday on Saturday, I sold the only couch I lived with to make room for a new one #bigmistake I was really hoping your store was different from Ashley. But you are all a bunch of lying thieves. Take your customer’s money first, but also sooner if you can’t meet a delivery time. Have you checked the comments on your FB page lately? People are UNHAPPY! Looking down from the C-Suite totem pole, you’d think you had an idea of ​​the shenanigans your company is up to. I would rather order the sofa from because they always deliver on their promises. I will make sure to write about my experience with your company and store wherever possible. Even if you can save one person their hard earned money at your facility, it will be worth it! #UnhappyCustomer #StepOutOfYourLies Comments from your FB page that no one at Living Spaces bothered to respond to 👇

Email email addresses to which I sent this email letter are listed below. Let them know your grievances and maybe, just maybe, if enough people speak up, these exes will open their eyes and do something about the lies they tell everyone!

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Is Living Spaces Cheap Furniture

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Furniture Giant Living Spaces Turns On The Lights At First Fort Worth Store

It officially launched in January and has been one of the most treasured possessions of my young adult life. Personally I want to take the time to thank God and Living Spaces for making this *burst of happiness* possible (not sponsored, just totally

). As you may remember from my last post, the photo below was my inspiration for my website. And the closest and most affordable white sectional sofa I could find was the Living Spaces Aquarius II sectional.

I know buying a sofa online can be very scary and believe me, it took me a while to decide, so I thought it would be helpful to share my thoughts now that I’ve had it for 3 months. I’ve received so many questions about this particular sofa in my direct messages, and I want to make sure I provide some helpful information to make your search 10x easier (and also give you a better look at the sofa).

Is Living Spaces Cheap Furniture

And I have my left hand facing the bed. They had a Water I but they discontinued it and replaced it with this bad boy. I’m not sure what the difference is, but I know it’s a little more expensive.

Sink Into A Seventies Design Dream

It currently retails for $795.00 and with tax and shipping ($100.00) I think it was $936.00 for me. Before moving into my apartment, I had already decided that my sofa would be an investment. So the fact that it’s huge and the perfect size for my apartment, and that I got to see it in person, made it worth the price for me. I’ve been meaning to have this sofa for a while and will definitely bring it with me to my next apartment!

I thought it would be helpful to divide this review into 8 categories and rate them out of 10.

Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by Mandu ♔ Lifestyle Blogger (@) in 2020. Feb 3, 4:40pm PST

I’ve heard terrible things about Living Spaces and their delivery, so I was very worried that mine might have problems. (That’s why I went to Dallas to try to pick it up). But luckily my delivery was fine 10/10. They will let you know when your furniture will arrive in your city and then you can set a date for someone to pick it up. The only thing is, you won’t know what time they will arrive that day until the evening. Luckily I was still in my apartment setting up the TV, so it wasn’t a problem for me. But if you are someone who needs to run a lot of errands, don’t forget that the delivery date is wide open.

The Cozy Couch

The color of the sofa is absolutely fantastic. The best way to describe it is a very light grey, which totally surprised me because it looks pure white online. I think it depends on what’s around. For example, with dark walls, cool-toned floors and blue pillows, gray will be a cool-toned white. However, with white walls, warm-toned floors and a pink cushion, the sofa will look great in light gray (like in my apartment). When my friends come over, I can tell they get a little nervous eating on it, so I’ve started keeping nice comfy blankets in the living room that they can put on their laps while they eat. I feel like this will work until I get a real dining table haha. I am very satisfied and couldn’t choose

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