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Interior Design Kitchen Living Room Dining Room

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  • Nov 20, 2023

Interior Design Kitchen Living Room Dining Room – Want to know how to style and lay out a combination of open plan living dining room so that it flows and functions very well? I have all the tips you need to furnish your home’s open space just right.

Most of us have an open plan living room and dining area these days. They are par for the course in modern homes. But all too often I see a number of mistakes made, when many of my design clients do not know how to fix them.

Interior Design Kitchen Living Room Dining Room

Interior Design Kitchen Living Room Dining Room

Often these mistakes are visual mistakes in style (such as wrong colors or patterns or shapes of furniture). But then there are also a number of functional problems open space that makes it difficult to use your living and dining room every day.

Modern Open Kitchen Living Room Dining Room

If you’re nodding along to a lot of what I’m saying, this post will sort you out. Below I share all the open plan living and dining tips, furniture tips and layout hacks to make this area of ​​your home stunning.

So many of the open plan living and dining rooms I walk into feel like kids at a school disco. You know, all the boys on one side and all the girls on the other with a big gap in the middle?

Too often people feel compelled to push their couches right up against the wall when they don’t need to. Give them some breathing room, especially if the space in question is large. Pull them from the wall 10 to 20 cm to give a feeling of more space and airness, which can make the area feel more welcoming.

This is especially important when it comes to sofas and windows. If your space is big enough, leave a good space of 60cm behind your sofa, between it and a window. People often worry that the furniture will cut into the window. But if you give it a bigger space, it feels more deliberate and refined.

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I see dining tables stuck to the wall a lot because people feel they need a large passage on one side of it to get to another area of ​​the house. That’s an open plan rookie mistake if ever I saw one.

Ideally, in each room, you want to create paths. You place furniture in the middle of the space for direct movement is essential. It tells you (and other people in the house) how to move in and around the space. With that in mind, it is perfectly acceptable (and the best layout option, actually) to have the dining table in the middle of the room with a path around it.

You want to be able to completely move to your office from everywhere. If this is impossible, it is usually because the table is too big for the room. If so, I say it’s better to admit your mistake and buy a smaller table. Let it claim its rightful place in the dining room, with room to pull out chairs.

Interior Design Kitchen Living Room Dining Room

If your dining room is tight on space, check out this post on how to design a smaller dining room.

Best Dining Room Paint Colors

We’re talking about the ideal scenario here when it comes to the best open plan living room layout. Each of us has our own unique space to provide our own challenges. But if you can apply this rule, it is worth following.

The dream is that you can sit on the couch and talk to someone sitting at the dining table (or in the kitchen). You want to orient the couch in such a way that it does not completely cross the room, so that the people in the kitchen and dining are looking at your back.

It is better to have a sectional sofa with the back going across two walls, then there is an armchair in front of it, with its back in the dining area and the kitchen. It also keeps the path to the living room open, instead of having a long run of sofas that prevent you from entering the space.

I know you can not always follow the rule of three above, and the back sofa sits on a wall in an open room, looking out into the dining room and kitchen. If you are in this situation, there are several solutions.

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If you have to put the sofa with its back in other rooms (actually cutting the room, so to speak) it is important that the back of the sofa is low. It will keep the space feeling airy and open, and it could be.

This means high-backed armchairs are a no-no, unless you can find another wall to put them against in the room. Large puffy sectional sofas are also out of the cards. I guarantee you that both styles of furniture with high backs will make your room feel a thousand times smaller, so avoid if you can.

While we’re on the subject, beautiful armchairs with modern profiles exist in this post if you’re on the hunt.

Interior Design Kitchen Living Room Dining Room

Many open living and dining rooms feel like one giant room. Nothing but the sofa and dining table means that one area is for entertaining, and one is for eating. This is because both areas are not founded by anything. Nothing says “this is a room, and there is another room”.

Light, White Classic Kitchen

This does not mean that you want to separate the rooms. After all, the whole point of open space is that you can smoothly transition from one to the other. But you want to give them their own anchor.

A rug is the easiest way to do this in the living room. This will put a clear border around a part of the room to define it as its own area. Depending on the size of the open living and dining room, you may want to place a rug under your dining table.

Just be careful in a small space where your living room rug will be about a foot away from your dining table. In such a scenario, just carpet the living room and leave the dining room.

In small homes, you may not have the space to put out large area rugs in open plan living and dining areas. Or, as one reader points out in the comments below, mobility issues can cause rugs to become a tripping hazard. If you can I always say a rug in the living room is critical. But pendant lights work too.

Pulling the dining table away from the wall and installing a pendant lamp above it works wonders for many reasons. First, it gives you the necessary way around the table, but it also prevents him from making excuses. The pendant light above the table marks it as a real design destination. It claims its rightful place!

I would never suggest a pendant above a dining table and in the living room, unless the open space is particularly large. In most cases, the carpet of the living room, a pendant will illuminate the dining room, and both spaces will feel appropriate and earthy.

Open plan living and dining room sitting side by side are like siblings. If we are also thrown in a kitchen, then it is like three children from the same family. They look a bit alike, but they are not twins.

Interior Design Kitchen Living Room Dining Room

Here’s how you should approach furniture and design in your open spaces. You need elements in each room to talk to each other, but you don’t feel too forced.

Open Floor Plan Decorating Ideas Straight From Designers

For example, your leather dining chairs can speak to the leather cushions you have on the sofa. Maybe you have an armchair in your living room in a color that is reflected in your dining room artwork. Or maybe it is a pendant lamp above your dining table, and some bronze moments collected by the legs of your coffee table in the adjacent living room.

I’m sure you get the idea here. You want small elements in both areas to be the same color or material so that the open plan living and dining room feel cohesive and connected.

Of course, things can go the other way quite easily with dire consequences. And what I mean, furniture can fit too much. You have to be careful here with colors and materials.

The last thing you want to do in an open plan living room is to have a whole set of furniture from the store that all match perfectly. The days of package deals are over: you’ve heard it here before.

Tips For Decorating A Combined Living & Dining Room

If you have a dining table, dining chairs, coffee table, side table, sideboard and entertainment unit, all in the same material, it creates a large amount of visual flooding. You need more variety in your colors and materials. The rooms should make sense next to each other, but under no circumstances should all the furniture be from the same set.

Instead, think about a general interior design style you want for the rooms, and choose furniture from different stores.

We know we want a variety of colors and materials in furniture for an open plan living and dining room. But the shape of the furniture is also important.

Interior Design Kitchen Living Room Dining Room

Everyone who hears

Seven Benefits Of An Open Plan Living Space

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