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Interior Design For Small Condo Unit Philippines

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  • Nov 20, 2023

Interior Design For Small Condo Unit Philippines – Learn the basics of what you need to know before building and designing the interior of your condo.

When you turn the key to your apartment, what do you see? Do you see the dream home you always wanted to have when you were younger? Or is it naked and empty with all its possessions?

Interior Design For Small Condo Unit Philippines

Interior Design For Small Condo Unit Philippines

According to the Atlantic, homes are important because they are part of self-definition. There are more than just physical structures we live in. It is an extension of ourselves and how we want others to see us, both family, friends and even strangers.

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Places to stay are clear if they are available in person. That’s why turning your condominium into a place that reflects your taste and personality is just as important as having a roof over your head.

But designing a condominium unit is not easy. There are regulations and policies, budget requirements, and permits that we must consider before designing the condominium unit of our dreams.

Before you dive head-first into the perfect condo conversion, here are some things to keep in mind to begin the exciting journey of decorating your new home.

First of all, you need to choose what you want your small apartment to look like. You may have limited space in a condo, but there is no way to design the interior of your unit as if it were your home.

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If you are looking for creative ideas for home decoration, the most popular themes in this 2019 condo design range from modern, traditional and tropical, to eclectic styles. Condo design styles are all different when it comes to color palettes, patterns, lighting, fixtures, and even window fixtures.

Embracing one of the most popular condo design trends, modern condo design is simple and no-frills. The common color palette is neutral and monotone colors that make the space look cool and clean. Even small key pieces like lighting, art and home decor come in metallic colors and communicate the simplicity of the material at its best.

On another note, modern tropical is all about incorporating natural elements like wood, stone, and natural light into the living space. This condo style interior design is perfect for condo owners who want to be in touch with nature and experience active living in the heart of the city.

Interior Design For Small Condo Unit Philippines

I choose many types of condos from the design. You just have to find an inspirational condo design that represents you, your desires, and what makes you feel best at home.

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Remember that before you do any type of apartment renovation, you first inform your property management of your renovation plans. Although you need to give them renovation plans first before approval, it’s best to know the limitations of your condo renovation to put in place first.

This is the biggest difference when designing the interior of a house compared to an apartment. More than a defined space, you need to be more careful when designing a condo unit.

There are many things to consider such as work permits, system regulations, and safety requirements before and after you do your full condo paint job. Be considerate of other homeowners and neighbors. Follow all building regulations and make sure to follow the rules to avoid disruptions during construction that can affect your dream move into your home.

Don’t set the time limit. To get inspiration for your condo design, ask yourself what is most important in your home. Everything that you plan in the beginning with the interior design of your apartment must be arranged or at least agree with the budget that you have decided.

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But how much is a condo repair in the Philippines? Interior designer Vera Villarosa-Orila renovated a 50-square-meter condo, covering construction, furniture and accessories that cost her around Php15,000 to Php20,000 per square meter. More or less, you will spend at least half a million to make your dream home.

To give a rundown of expenses: you need to consider the cost of demolition, flooring and tiling, plumbing, electrical wiring, furniture, door trim, windows and cabinets, and even a small home decoration.

Of all the areas of your home, expect the kitchen and bathroom to be the most expensive places to design and renovate in your condo. These are very expensive areas that require a lot of additional work and training to get the job done. Also, these are the most used areas in the house.

Interior Design For Small Condo Unit Philippines

Depending on your initial thoughts on decorating your apartment, be prepared to spend a lot financially to liven up your home.

Smart Design Ideas For Your Condo Home

Visualize your dream condo into an existing living space. Then write down the things you want to keep in your home and what you want to get rid of. See if these items can be changed to fit your plan. Also list all the items and materials you need to buy and where to find them. Everything from construction materials, tiles, and fixtures to simple home decor.

Be careful when browsing the internet as you may be tempted to buy items that don’t match your design inspiration. Interior designer Marc Laroco said in an interview that buying condo furniture that looks great without considering the effect on the overall design is the number one mistake condo residents make when DIY interior decorating for their condo.

Once you have your plan nailed down, your plans, and materials ready, it’s time to make all the major and minor renovations you want to make to your home.

Your time frame also depends on the overall design of your home, the amount of work you want to do, and the area or space/s you want to renovate. Gila Salvador Madhouse Studio designed a 22-square meter residential unit in 45 days. This is intended for a space with a theme of beach vacation life and more storage space such as cabinets, tables and other multi-functional furniture.

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Interior designer Rock Robins in Makati managed to renovate a 64-square-meter apartment in just three weeks at the client’s request. The design is a key element of modern Singaporean design, with the added demand of creating a small office space. Due to time constraints, important reforms could not be achieved. But generally all the keys are done and run, leaving the customer satisfied.

If you want to convert your condo unit from top to bottom, construction can take as fast as three months to a year. Whether or not you have a clear vision, a good plan, and a lot of expert magic is important to you. But most of all consider the manners of which he knew before.

Solve all important questions, submit your renovation plans, scope of work and specifications, all with the approval of the property management office before proceeding with construction. There are also employee ID permits, bonds and screening fees to consider.

Interior Design For Small Condo Unit Philippines

After you have paid all the questions, then you can finally start the work of decorating your living room.

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With all the planning and equipment, here’s the real deal: the entire construction of your condo project. Remember to overcome several obstacles in the budget or construction just to make your dream place come to life.

It is important that you build your house exactly as you envision it in your head. Every color you choose for your walls, every fixture you decide to buy, and every piece of furniture you put in is the result of hours of planning, researching, and building your living space.

Now that you’ve decided your apartment is to your heart’s content. Turn the key to your new home and tell me what you see? Is it still a blank space with all its properties? Or is it the dream house you always wanted to see when you were young? It’s done for you.

To help design your condo into the home of your dreams, find the best colors and styles for traditional lighting fixtures, and design practical accessories to show your condominium who you are.

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The kitchen is more than just a place where you cook food and dishes. It is best to join the family, making it one of the most important rooms in any home. For a space as busy and important as the kitchen, you want it to look relaxing, comfortable, and inviting to everyone in your home. This is where the color theme will play an important role in the overall kitchen interior design.

Do you like to crawl the walls of the kitchen to make it more beautiful? Here are the popular colors that you might want to try this 2019.

This color

Interior Design For Small Condo Unit Philippines

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