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Interior Brick Wall Design Ideas

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  • Nov 18, 2023

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If there’s one thing it’s called a “trend” that we can’t get enough of, it’s it. It’s bare brick. For lucky homeowners, removing drywall reveals a beautiful brick wall. It gives the space a timeless, warm, and unique texture. There’s nothing like traditional clay and mortar blocks to commemorate a home’s history. Because fire-resistant bricks have been around for thousands of years. and whether raw or painted The appearance also adapts to various styles. From simple to industrial styles.

Interior Brick Wall Design Ideas

Interior Brick Wall Design Ideas

But revealing the true structure of your home has some downsides. At least that’s the challenge of hanging art. (Solution: Drilling holes in the cement and using anchors) Then there is the matter of

Top Tips To Maintain The Warmth Of Your Interior Brick Wall

Interior partitions or white partitions are often made of lower quality materials than exterior ones. and is often laid by beginners learning bricklaying.

But the biggest problem is? Although brick looks sturdy, exposed brick is actually quite porous. Makes it able to absorb both dirt and moisture. The latter can cause deterioration and mold problems.

This is why it is so important to use sealant or acrylic paint on your interior brick and mortar to protect it from moisture. If you want to dust off Use a microfiber cloth or vacuum brush, writes Tony Hammersley.

For a deep clean, Hammersley recommends mixing equal amounts of salt. Protect with a little water and gentle dishwashing liquid or castile soap. Scrub the mixture onto the wall with a stiff brush and let it sit for ten minutes. Finally, use a damp sponge. and a bucket of water to wash the homemade solution off the walls.

Using Brick Veneer To Accent The Interior Of Your Home

There are no bricks under your plaster? Wallpaper companies like NewWall and Woodchip & Magnolia have developed realistic-looking brick and stone patterns. It’s a fun and easy way to try out this trend!

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Interior Brick Wall Design Ideas

Dress up your backyard with outdoor lighting. Cozy Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas We Love Our Best Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas From historic log cabins to modern family retreats. Exposed brick walls are more than just a standard trend. When done correctly Exposed brick walls can add a timeless and interesting detail to your home. with preparation tips Maintenance and appropriate design You can create your own bare brick wall. Move past the exposed brick trend with DIY tips and inspiration for designing an accent brick wall in your home.

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If you just found a brick wall behind your drywall or plaster. It means you’ve discovered the treasures of interior design. Exposed brick walls are a trending detail and timeless style. So it continues to exist. Follow the right DIY guidelines to achieve a luxurious look in your home. You’ll need some tools and products that are easily available at your local home improvement store.

If your brick is behind plaster or gypsum wall You’ll need to do a little demolition to start the process. Begin exposing your channel by drilling into the pipe wall with a hammer and chisel. Take your time and be careful while moving along the wall. Consider placing a tarp or plastic sheet on the floor against a wall to catch debris and help the breeze pass through.

When the bricks are exposed and your walls are free of demolition debris. You can start cleaning and preparing the walls. Use a wire brush to make sure all the tiny bits are removed. You can use a tack cloth to remove dust. After that, you can clean the brick with a mild detergent and wipe the surface with a damp cloth or sponge.

Sealing brick is one of the most important steps in attempting to open a brick wall. This is because bricks are very absorbent. You need to make sure this step is completed before applying any paint. One to two coats of construction sealant should cover your exposed brick wall. Make sure there is plenty of time to dry completely and seal before starting the painting process.

Exposed Brick Interior Design Ideas For Homes, Offices And Retail

When it’s time to paint a bare brick wall Consider the type of paint you choose carefully. Before applying any color coating Be sure to use a latex primer to ensure the paint adheres to the wall and prevents peeling. When you’re ready to paint Acrylic latex paint works best on sealed brick. You can use paint on masonry or stucco. This is usually a built-in foundation. So you can skip the foundation step altogether. Paint the bricks with a special cement and brick paint brush. Or use a nylon-bristle brush available at most home improvement stores.

Modern interior and exterior walls are a lemon look. You can easily decorate your home in a modern and simple way. By applying lime especially for brick walls. This is because this application requires your brick to remain porous. You will have to skip sealing and priming your bricks. But make sure your bricks are thoroughly soaked after proper cleaning. After doing that Wash the lemon mixed with water using a natural bristle brush. In most cases Expect to apply two coats. Rinse off the lime when you start to see dark spots on the wall. Light wash for an opaque look. and a heavier wash for a more rustic look. If you want your limewash to be less chalky, You can buy matte limewash to add a little shine.

Exposed brick is a timeless application. And the color of paint you choose will depend somewhat on trend colors. Although black and white are classic brick color options, But there are a few colors that have caught the eye of designers and homeowners recently. Cream and oatmeal shades have been popular in kitchens and outdoors. Slate blue and dark gray are cool, deep color options that will stay stylish for a long time. One of the most popular brick color predictions that designers are happy with is green. Dark greens, forest greens, and warm olive greens are on-trend colors for many design styles. And it will add a unique and modern look to your exposed brick wall.

Interior Brick Wall Design Ideas

Exposed brick walls often have enough visual interest to stand on their own. But you can also add art on the walls or shelves to personalize the space. Use brick clips, also known as hangers or side clips, to hang light-colored art pieces on bricks. Brick clips have special teeth that attach to the edge of the brick and hold your art in place. Installation is easy and does not require drilling into bricks or mortar.

Brick House Designs: Facts, Benefits And Latest Designs In 2023

For heavy items like shelves, you’ll need to follow a fairly detailed process with special tools. Don’t worry, anyone can do this! The process is similar to drilling drywall, with slightly different tools available at every home improvement store. All you need is a drill, a drill bit, and anchor screws or concrete anchors. This depends on the weight of the shelf.

For lightweight items You can opt out of the basic mounting screws. For heavy shelves and other hanging items You may need concrete anchors with the corresponding set of bolts and sockets. With a cement drill You can drill into cement or brick. It depends on where you want the screws to be attached to the wall. Of course, mortar is easier to dig and brick takes longer. The important thing is to take your time and go slowly. You may find it safer to hang something heavier than mortar directly on the brick. Just make sure the brick is in good condition with no cracks or cracks. Drilling into damaged bricks causes more problems. When the screws or anchors are installed correctly You are now ready to hang your shelf or artwork just like you would any other wall.

Exposed brick started the trend for simple, modern industrial design. ​​And gained popularity in the 2010s with the emergence of the farmhouse style. This trend can be seen as a detail in countless design styles and seems timeless. Because of the bare brick Either paint it or leave it. It has an attractive texture and incorporates classic design materials. Therefore, it can maintain its power while other design trends. come and go You don’t have to worry about exposed brick getting stuck inside. With regular maintenance and adjustments You’ll find that exposed brick will always complement your decor. and add interest to any room in your home.

Exposed brick has become a classic design element that goes well with everything.

Exposed Brick Walls: How To Get Them And Maintain Them

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