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How To Decor A Small Living Room

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  • Nov 19, 2023

How To Decor A Small Living Room – I’m sure you can see how difficult it is to decorate a small living room. I think it’s because there is so much hype online. There are a lot of tips. There is too much information coming at you.

Today let me explain it to you. Because it’s true: you can have a small living room and still look amazing. I know this to be true because I designed a small living room for my client. So it’s up to you to decorate junkies.

How To Decor A Small Living Room

How To Decor A Small Living Room

By the end of this article, you will know what furniture to get. You will know which parts to avoid. And you will pick up a few tricks that you can do yourself in the space to make the room feel bigger.

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And no, when it comes to decorating a small living room, you don’t have to have all white walls and a minimalist style. Read and everything will become clear to you 😉

When approaching how to decorate a small living room, start with the most important element: the sofa. It can make or break a place. And too often people choose one that is too big for the room.

Small details are important. When I say small profile, it means that there should be a clear feeling in the room. You don’t want it to be lumpy. Avoid fat arms, avoid high arms and avoid high backs.

Also, make sure it doesn’t hit the ground. You want your ears to be on thin legs, with air flowing underneath them. A wooden or metal leg 6 inches off the ground should do the trick. I also recommend keeping the lines clean. But what I mean is that there is no smooth or sophisticated design like you see on the arms of a Chesterfield sofa, for example.

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The Adams sofa above from Casterly is a stunning example of a small sofa. Perfect for living rooms with limited space.

In a very narrow living room, don’t forget the chaise longue or sectional. Instead, use the pouf when you want to elevate your legs. This will save a lot of space.

There is a lot to be said for round chairs. Not one of those soft and comfortable ball ottomans that are low to the floor. I’m talking about higher and upholstered options that will match the design and style of the space.

How To Decor A Small Living Room

Round ottomans are great when decorating a small living room because they are versatile. Put your feet up on them while you watch TV. Have guests sit on it while you are surrounded by people. Or put a round tray on top and use it as a side table if needed.

Small Living Room Ideas

There are a lot of round looking ottomans on the market today that are great for small living rooms. The pictures above from IKEA are perfect.

The thing about round coffee tables is that they are not that small. Most of those classified as small are still around 90cm in diameter. And if you’re in a small living room, you need every inch of space you can get.

With that in mind, I recommend you shop for side tables. Even better, a nest with two tables will shine. One will be longer than the other, so the smaller one will sit under the larger one. This gives a lot of flexibility in the room and saves space.

Another advantage is comparing side tables with coffee tables of the same type or brand.

How To Decorate A Small Room

The only thing to consider with your side table is height. As for how to decorate a small living room, you want low furniture. So make sure that the height of the side table is not a ton higher than the height of your chair.

The table above in the Molmic picture is a small dream for the living room. You can get them from Marc Tuckey. A win for Molmic here too. The Rydell sofa above is perfect for a small living room.

When decorating a small living room, many people think that small rugs are the way to go. However, the opposite is true – especially if you have floors or tiles in the space. By spreading a small rug the length of your sofa, you trick the eye into thinking that the living room doesn’t extend beyond the edge of the rug.

How To Decor A Small Living Room

You are actually tricking the eye by rolling a bigger rug. You look at the edge of the carpet and you think it’s the edge of the living room. Trust me, it works!

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It also helps to push all the pieces like sofas, tables and ottomans. So for all your desire to be small, go big here. Bet on a rectangular carpet. I know the urge to try a circle can be strong, but it doesn’t make the room very attractive. The photo above from OZ Design is a great example of a larger rug with a smaller sofa.

The footprint of the small living room is very small. There is not much area. And you already have a lot of furniture on the floor. What you want to do in this case to create balance is draw the eye from the wall to the ceiling. It’s like tricking your brain.

In this case, high art is your friend. The same goes for tall curtains if you want to put them up. You will install them from the ceiling to the floor. You can also install attractive ceiling lights to draw your eyes to the ceiling.

But back to art. Choose a piece of wood for the main wall in your room and place it as the focal point of the space. Fill that wall too, don’t be shy! I found too many small living room with small wall art. But you should do the opposite. Go big or go home; as pictured above by Metricon.

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And if you need some art help, here’s our guide to buying art without regrets. Then take a look.

I know you’ve seen this many times. But it’s a common tip because it works.

Placing a mirror on the wall in your small room helps to reflect the light in the room. More light in a space equals a sense of air and more room. This is another visual trick.

How To Decor A Small Living Room

Another thing you do by placing a mirror on the wall near the window is to reflect what is happening outside. And if you have something nice outside, this is another opportunity to distract from the small footprint of the space.

Living Room Upgrades For Small Homes

It can also connect the inside with the outside, which can trick the eye again and blur the line between the small room and the outside world.

Round mirrors are a big trend right now and I love them. Here is a list of the best places to buy round mirrors if you need one.

Lighting is very important to get right when working out how to decorate a small living room. I mentioned that I drew the eye to the ceiling by installing a large ceiling light, but lighting is also important.

Instead of having your table full of table lamps, I chose floor lamps. Being tall will again attract the eye. And if you choose a lamp with just one slim leg, as opposed to three slim legs, you’ll save a lot of space.

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Another thing to avoid is a large shade on the floor. Instead, I take a light bulb or small head like the one pictured above. There are many very sophisticated floor lamps on thin legs without a shade on top. The one above from Beacon Lighting is a perfect example. Isn’t that wonderful?

Anything you can do on the floor will make a small living room feel bigger. First mount the TV on the wall. You can buy stands for your TV from places like JB Hifi and they are very cheap. JB Hifi also have a fitting service you can use (I used them to fit my TV).

Before you install, and before you buy, make sure that the TV is not too dominant in the room. I know we all have that partner who wants a cinema-style TV. But show restraint. A large black box in a small living room will be too much.

How To Decor A Small Living Room

Also try placing entertainment equipment on the wall below the TV if you can. If this is not an option, choose a thin TV stand (like the foot of your bed) to allow air to flow underneath. The TV stand should also be slightly wider than your TV.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

You don’t have to have a boring, empty, all-white space. When he arrived

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