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Homeowners Insurance Reviews California

  • mollyjacobson
  • Nov 18, 2023

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Homeowners Insurance Reviews California

Homeowners Insurance Reviews California

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Our experts answer readers’ insurance questions and write unbiased product reviews (this is how we rate insurance products). In some cases, we receive commissions from our partners; However, our opinions are our own.

California Casualty offers homeowners insurance specifically for firefighters, peace officers, RNs and NPs, and other heroes. It also partners with Mexpro to cover homes in Mexico.

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Founded in 1914, California Casualty provides auto, homeowner, rental, motorcycle, and other insurance products for firefighters, EMS, nurses (NPs and RNs), teachers, civil servants, peace officers, and other professions. The company markets itself as insurance for “American Heroes” as long as you live in multiple states.

Owned by USAA, California Casualty offers competitive rates to eligible buyers. More importantly, it offers unique coverage and industry-specific discounts that other insurance providers do not. This is covered by the limited availability of California Casualty, but is it worth it?

California Casualty has an online “Start a Quote Today” form for homeowners insurance. First, it asks for your state and occupation (we used California and the job title of educator). From there, you can select “Get a Quote”. However, the homepage tells you to call 1-866-680-5143 for a custom quote. Therefore, we are unable to receive samples online.

Homeowners Insurance Reviews California

Because it only insures peace officers, firefighters, teachers, nurses, and “other heroes”, employment discounts are automatically built into every policy.

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The online form will ask for your contact information, date/time of the incident, details of what happened, and if anyone contacted the police/fire department or was injured. After filling out the form, wait for a phone call, email, or policy announcement page to confirm the effective claim order.

California Casualty offers many benefits to homeowners, such as extensive policy protection, $500 if your luggage is lost, $1,000 if your debit or credit card is used illegally, and a $0 deductible for loss of use.

As previously stated, all eligible customers enjoy industry-specific benefits with California Casualty. For example, teachers can deduct $3,000 for use of their personal property for work, $500 to cover theft of fundraising or items and $0 deductible in most states, and Educator Excess Liability coverage. Additionally, school violence survivor benefits are available in the event of a school shooting or other violence. Unfortunately, Georgia, Montana, New Hampshire, Texas, and Virginia customers are not eligible for this benefit.

Firefighters and peace officers receive additional benefits, including $5,000 for personal off-duty weapon theft, equipment coverage, uniform coverage, and Fallen Hero/Fallen Officer survivor benefits.

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California Casualty also offers ID Defense, a free identity theft protection and remediation service to all California Casualty policyholders. It can help with information during life transitions, connect with CyberScout fraud experts if your identity has been compromised, and replace personal documents that may have been destroyed or lost. Services provided include Tax Fraud Support, Social Media Compromise Support, Email Compromise Support, Child Abduction Support, Vacation Recovery, Employment Theft Support, Live Fraud Support, and Travel Theft Support.

California Casualty also offers homeowners and earthquake management. The representative will determine the property’s flood zone to provide flood insurance options and pricing. NFIP sets prices for flood insurance. So you should get the same price everywhere. However, many homeowners prefer to keep all their policies with one provider for easy management.

Most policies are active after a 30 day waiting period. Consumers can contact flood insurance agents for California Casualty at 1-800-652-2638.

Homeowners Insurance Reviews California

If you live in an active earthquake zone, California Casualty offers earthquake insurance in many states in partnership with GeoVera Insurance Company.

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The California Casualty website lists specific occupational groups such as RNs or NPs (nurses), firefighters, police officers, and more. As far as we can find, only these professionals or their surviving spouses are eligible for coverage with California Casualty.

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California Casualty customers can create an online account through the website to manage their policies and pay their bills. They can also call the hotline at 1-800-800-9410. The third option will allow customers to update their policies or bills. Option four helps customers report an accident or file a claim. California Casualty also has a messaging system and an online form at

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Although these big ticket items can be covered, they are not automatically included in a standard insurance policy from California Casualty. Instead, customers must add drivers for specific items.

Does California Casualty offer homeowners insurance in Mexico? This chevron icon indicates an expandable section or menu, or sometimes previous/next navigation options.

Homeowners Insurance Reviews California

California Casualty has partnered with Mexpro to offer homeowners and renters insurance policies to customers living in Mexico full-time or part-time. This includes personal property coverage, replacement value coverage, liability coverage, extraordinary expense coverage, and optional catastrophic event and theft coverage. Mexpro also offers car insurance in Mexico through this partnership.

Rising Homeowners’ Insurance Premiums Are Squeezing Retirees

Amica Homeowners Insurance and California Casualty both offer homeowners insurance, but Amica was ranked the #1 company for overall customer satisfaction in 2022 by JD Power. Like California Casualty, Amica also includes auto, home, and other insurance products to stay competitive. However, it does not have a discount item for public service members like California Casualty. More importantly, Amica does not offer the career-specific coverage you see with California Casualty.

Instead, Amica offers competitive home insurance and contractor connections, a service for policyholders to connect them with licensed contractors. Currently, Amica offers homeowners insurance in 48 states (including Alaska and Hawai’i). Based on what we have seen, Amica covers a wide range of customers. But California Casualty offers competitive benefits and pricing to the customers it serves.

USAA Homeowners Insurance, like California Casualty, also offers unique benefits for individuals to choose from. However, USAA’s focus is on military members and their families. Homeowners insurance through USAA provides military members with coverage for their school uniforms with no deductible and military equipment. If personal property is damaged or lost due to war, USAA will also waive the deductible. For military families, there is no more affordable US home coverage than USAA.

California Casualty and USAA target specific and different populations. However, both companies offer low rates and comprehensive homeowners insurance coverage for their target audience. The more important difference is the license. USAA sells homeowners insurance in all 50 states. California Casualty offers limited coverage in the US and Mexico through a partnership with Mexpro.

Us Homeowners Insurance Market

Lemonade is an insurtech company that specializes in providing 100% online coverage. Lemonade also offers rental, life, pet, and auto insurance, with bundle discounts. We have determined that California Casualty only serves certain heroes in certain states. Lemonade sells to all customers in a limited number of states, but its website says it is “expanding throughout the United States.” It will soon be available in all 50 states and Washington, DC.

It’s designed for tech-savvy homeowners who manage their policies online or through a mobile app. According to our data, Lemonade tends to offer lower prices in some states. However, California Casualty will provide more comprehensive coverage with related drivers for its target audience

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