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Homeowners Insurance Average Cost Hawaii

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  • Nov 20, 2023

Homeowners Insurance Average Cost Hawaii – “Buy land, they don’t do it anymore,” said Mark Twain. There’s no doubt that Twain was onto something, but any smart real estate investor today recognizes the importance of buying insurance. But how much does it cost and what are the factors driving the market?

We collected our numbers from, a site that educates customers and promotes direct relationships with carriers, helping all customers shop for realistic rates and the right one for their current needs. Will help you get insurance.

Homeowners Insurance Average Cost Hawaii

Homeowners Insurance Average Cost Hawaii

We’ve colored each state based on the average cost of insurance. Dark red states are the most expensive, costing more than $4,000 a year, while dark blue states are the most expensive, less than $1,300. Our map creates geographic and weather-related factors that determine home insurance prices.

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Let’s back up for a second and make sure we cover the basics. Home insurance covers the structural value of the home and everything inside. Federally backed mortgages require homeowners to purchase insurance – if a fire occurs and the uninsured home is destroyed, the lender has no tangible assets. Many people don’t even realize that homeowner’s insurance is different from flood and earthquake insurance. It is a complex market with many different pricing factors.

That said, severe weather has a direct impact on home insurance costs. The cheapest state for home insurance is in the middle of the Pacific – Hawaii costs just $703. Florida is on the opposite end of the spectrum, where it costs $6,892 to insure a home. The storm is an obvious explanation for the rift between the two countries. Hawaii almost never experiences severe weather, and the island has experienced only a handful of hurricanes over the past 70 years. On the other hand, Florida endures more direct hits than other states. The mascot of the University of Miami is what it is – a hurricane.

Let’s take the difference between Hawaii and Florida to its logical conclusion. A Florida homeowner pays $6,189 more annually. Think about that cost for a typical 30-year loan: The average Floridian will pay $185,000 more for insurance in Hawaii. According to Zillow, that’s roughly what it costs to buy a home in the first place.

It’s no surprise that states bordering the Gulf of Mexico have some of the highest home insurance costs in the country. Louisiana is second at $6,115 and Alabama is third at $4,532. Both states have experienced widespread devastation in recent memory due to hurricanes. The cluster of dark red states around the Gulf contrasts with the dark blue states in the Northwest, where widespread severe weather almost never occurs. Things are also relatively cheap in the upper Midwest and Northeast.

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Simply put, our most important factor in mapping home insurance costs is the fact that prices are lower than the Gulf of Mexico. Homeowners can pay significantly more for insurance depending on where they live. Today, Mark Twain might say, “Buy land, but not in Florida.”

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Homeowners Insurance Average Cost Hawaii

Hawaiian Insurance ratings are based on customer reviews. Ratings are determined using algorithms that analyze data from our community of independent insurance customers, including:

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The algorithm also takes into account the percentage of customers who say Hawaiian Insurance does a good job versus the percentage of customers who say the company could do better.

Hawaiian Insurance and Guaranty, Limited, commonly known as HIG, is one of Hawaii’s oldest insurance companies. Since 1915, HIG has stood behind providing Hawaii residents with safety and security for their insurance needs. HIG is a member of Ocean Harbor Insurance Group.

Homeowners insurance rates are based on factors such as your home’s location, the condition and age of your home, the size and type of home, the crime rate in your area, your claims history and your credit score. In the graph below, you can see the average cost of Hawaii Insurance Homeowners Insurance the average cost of Homeowners Insurance in Hawaii. The chart is divided into two categories: $200,000 homes and $400,000 homes.

Hawaii homeowner’s insurance rates are higher than the average homeowner’s insurance cost in Hawaii for a $200,000 home and a $400,000 home. Keep in mind that these are average homeowners insurance rates based on specific profiles that may have higher or lower rates based on your unique characteristics that affect homeowners insurance rates.

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Hawaii Homeowners Insurance Policy’s average Hawaii homeowners insurance rates are based on two different home profiles.

The Hawaii average rates shown in the chart are based on the average cost of homeowners insurance from Hawaii’s largest companies and based on the same two home profiles. All rates shown should be used for comparison purposes only, as individual rates vary. Pricing information is provided by Quadrant Information Services.

Hawaii Insurance offers auto, homeowners and renters insurance in 1 state. Look below for states where air insurance is sold and click a link to see how air insurance compares to other major companies in that state.

Homeowners Insurance Average Cost Hawaii

You can learn more about the company by reading Hawaiian Insurance Reviews. Or share your air insurance experience with our community by writing a review. By Scott Startsman on Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 10:13 pm Posted by Scott Startsman / April 17, 2021 Comment

Credit Scores And Homeowners Insurance

Hawaii is a paradise and its cost of living index matches it. The state is made up of eight large islands. I am based in Oahu outside the state capital of Honolulu. Hawaii is full of beautiful scenery, clean sea air and warm golden sandy beaches. Some of the world’s most iconic homes reside here, with areas such as Kahala known as the “Beverly Hills of Hawaii.”

However, this comes at a price. Due to limited real estate and the need to transport goods from the mainland, Hawaii has a cost of living index of 193.3 as of February 2023. Living in Hawaii requires understanding that living here is more expensive than living on the mainland. It’s a good idea to budget and plan for your spending dollars, because understanding how costs work in Hawaii can save you big. If you keep this in mind and are open to cultural differences, there is a place in heaven for you.

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The first step to living here is to think carefully about what your future expenses will be. Below I highlight some important cost of living factors to consider.

Average Homeowners Insurance Cost In November 2023

Hawaii has a housing index of 313.5 – which is expected based on the state’s location. As of early 2023, the median price for a single-family home on Oahu was $1.105 million and over $510,000 for a condo. Compared to Seattle, Washington, it can be seen as a modest upgrade from New Mexico, where housing prices and what you get for the money can give you sticker shock.

The main difference between a house here and on the mainland is the amount of space money can buy. Homes in Hawaii tend to be smaller, yards and outdoor space are at a premium, and living in Honolulu is common for many.

What you get in return is unlike any other life. Some of the most luxurious and breathtaking homes in the world are located in Hawaii. One such example is Kahala – known to the world as the “Beverly Hills of Hawaii”. Diamond Head is another upscale neighborhood that offers wide open streets and a family-friendly community at the base of Diamond Head Crater.

Homeowners Insurance Average Cost Hawaii

One of the latest up-and-coming areas on Oahu is Ward Village, a 60-acre master-planned community built with pedestrian access in mind. The theme of Ward Village is to combine luxury condo living in downtown Honolulu with the island lifestyle that Hawaii has to offer. These apartments are ideal for low maintenance, high amenity living – as a first or second home.

Hawaii Health Insurance

According to 2022 guidelines released by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the median income for a family of 4 in Hawaii is $114,250, $156,700 in metro areas and $91,400 in non-metro areas. District wise is given below.

Someone earning $60,000 a year can live a comfortable lifestyle in Hawaii as long as you are employed and have health insurance through your employer. with

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