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Home Technology Solutions York Reviews

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  • Nov 21, 2023

Home Technology Solutions York Reviews – We independently check everything we recommend. When you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a commission. More information>

We made our new TP-Link Tapo C110 runner and Google Nest Cam (Indoor, Wired) as an upgrade. We have also added a few models to the Other Good Home Security Cameras and Contests sections.

Home Technology Solutions York Reviews

Home Technology Solutions York Reviews

They say you can’t put a price on peace of mind. Well, we did anyway – and that’s pretty reasonable.

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A home security camera allows you to keep an eye on what is in your home that is most important to you, whether it is your children, your pets or your expensive vinyl collection.

We recommend the Eufy Indoor Cam C120, which is usually available for $35. It provides sharp 2K video, has four video storage options, distinguishes between people and pets, and even detects the sound of crying. If you want to integrate with other smart devices, it includes support for Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit.

This camera offers a sharp image, four video storage options and the ability to record continuously, and can distinguish different movements and sounds.

This 2K camera can produce detailed images and is cheaper than our other choices, but it doesn’t include pet detection and the cost of running multiple cameras is high.

Benefits Of Smart Home Technology

This 1080p camera distinguishes between different types of motion and has both free and paid cloud storage. The latter add facial recognition and 24/7 recording capabilities.

The Eufy C120 indoor camera makes amazing video day and night, with a 125 degree field of view, and can distinguish different types of motion and sound, such as people, pets, or children crying. It also has more storage options than the other two options. One limitation is that if you want to take advantage of its 2K video resolution, you’ll need to have all the motion-capable footage on a microSD card. If you use other storage options, such as 24/7 video recording to a microSD card, a network hard drive (NAS device), or cloud storage through a paid subscription to Eufy Cloud or Apple HomeKit Video Security, your video will reduced to a lower resolution (although still sharp) 1080p.

TP-Link Tapo C110 is the smallest indoor camera we recommend. The equipment is cheaper than our other choices (about $ 25), the camera has the ability to store video locally to a microSD card, whether you want to capture motion-only events or 24/7 continuous progress. However, cloud storage for the Tapo C110 is more expensive than our top pick ($3.50 per month per camera), so if you’re choosing anything beyond a camera, a cloud plan can be expensive. The C110 is the only one of our picks that doesn’t have the ability to identify pets, but it can tag people and still detect cries.

Home Technology Solutions York Reviews

Google’s Nest Camera (indoor, wired) is designed for long-distance travel, more advanced recordings. It takes the longest clips of our tips (up to five minutes), can upload 24/7 to the cloud (subscription required) and can distinguish between people, pets and vehicles. Unlike our other options, it doesn’t have a microSD card slot or provide another way to store recordings locally at home, but it’s also the only model to offer limited free cloud storage for recordings, albeit only for three hours. after they came. that has been saved. behind Nest also has the most affordable subscription prices for multi-camera owners, starting at $8 for unlimited cameras — and the subscription includes facial recognition.

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I first started testing smart home devices 20 years ago when the only smart home devices were the X10. I’ve been covering smart home equipment for Wirecutter since 2016 and have had my hands on everything from wall light switches, smart LED bulbs and water flow sensors to smart video doors, smart wall sockets and security systems. . I have also contributed to The New York Times, Wired, and Men’s Health, among others.

A stand-alone Wi-Fi camera can provide peace of mind, let you know when the kids are home from school, monitor what your pets are doing, find out who raided the beer cabinet, or see if A fighter has broken into his house. House.

Note: We do not recommend using security cameras as baby monitors. Unlike baby monitors that only allow you to monitor live video and audio, indoor cameras usually go out after a few seconds, defeating the purpose.

Although the cameras reviewed in this guide provide basic level security, they are not intended to replace a complete home security system that includes door and window sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, and other security accessories. .

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The use of security cameras raises important privacy issues for anyone who enters your home, whether they are guests, family members, or even people who live there. During our testing, we read the privacy policies for our tips, which explain how companies collect data, why they collect it, and what they do with it. In particular, we look for policies that fall outside of what we consider to be the standard in this category. There are some common important points that everyone should understand. For example, most camera companies say they will cooperate with police requests to see your camera footage under certain conditions – and they can do it without your permission.

On a less scientific level, a smart camera in your home allows you to spy on and record the actions of others – without their consent or knowledge. Therefore, installing a home security camera poses significant ethical concerns and may even be a legal issue in some countries. If you are planning to install a home security camera, the feelings and expectations of the people in the home should always be a part of the decision. Things to discuss and plan include where you choose to place the camera, when it is used, and who is accessing the video. Visitors to your home, such as babysitters, housekeepers and even storekeepers, may need to tell you that you have a camera, depending on local laws. Deciding which camera is best for you can ultimately come down to how much attention you want to have and what you want to record.

We’ve been testing indoor cameras for years. Although many models use PoE (power over Ethernet), we consider those cameras that work via Wi-Fi without the need for a network video recorder. We are also looking for models who meet the following criteria:

Home Technology Solutions York Reviews

To test the indoor security cameras, I connected each one to a Verizon Fios gigabit network via a Wi-Fi router and the Asus ZenWiFi AX (XT8), our upgrade option for network equipment. We used the iPhone 12, Google Pixel 7 Pro, and iPad, as well as the Amazon Echo Show 5, Apple TV, and Google Nest Hub to review the cameras and their companion devices.

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Once we narrowed down our candidates, we reviewed privacy policies, sent questions to each company about their privacy and security practices, and connected them to Firewalla Purple SE, a firewall tool that monitor and report network devices that send data and poll. Earth. We also monitor each company’s actions, review cases that appear in the news, and monitor each company’s response to these events.

The Eufy C120 indoor camera is everything you could want from an indoor security camera. It records clear 2K video day and night and is capable of distinguishing between general motion, people, pets and even the sound of crying. And it’s only $35. It’s also the only camera we’ve tested that offers three ways to save video: internally to a microSD card (not included), to network attached storage (NAS), or to the cloud, either included Eufy Cloud subscription ($3/month or $30/year) or Apple HomeKit Secure Video (or HSV, a free video storage service included with some paid iCloud plans; see Apple’s website for more information). Although Eufy will downscale all your 24/7, NAS and cloud recordings to 1080p, we found the video to be detailed.

Choose your preferred storage option. The C120 offers several modes for recording and saving video. The only way to get full 2K quality (2304×1296) video is to download the motion-triggered clips to a microSD card. Instead, you can opt for 24/7 continuous recording to a microSD card or on-the-go recording to a network-attached storage device via RTSP, as well as cloud recording via Eufy’s paid plans ($3/month or $30/year for a camera). ) or HomeKit Video Security (starts at $1 per month per camera). But all these options require reducing the video resolution (see Bugs, but not constraints).

You can get all kinds of different actions – and react to them. With or without a paid subscription, the C120 can distinguish between human, pet and general motion triggers. You can also see crying, which we tested using clips of crying people and babies on YouTube – and it works flawlessly. Another notable feature is Pet Command, which triggers the camera to play a clip

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