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  • Nov 20, 2023

Home Tech World – Visitors to CES Media Day on Thursday checked out one of the innovative product offerings on display. CES 2023 begins in Las Vegas. CHANG JUN / China Daily

We’re ignoring the fact the headset lets you smell; a smart mirror that tells you you’re brushing your teeth correctly; a refrigerator that can change color to match the mood for the season; autonomous tractors that allow farmers to operate from their smartphones…

Home Tech World

Home Tech World

These are just a few examples of the latest technology from wearable devices, smart home appliances, appliances, cars and even machines that will be on display at this year’s CES.

Internet & Mobile World Becomes Gotech World, Home Of The Digital Economy In Central & Eastern Europe

Formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest technology exhibition is online in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CES 2022 sees a quarter of the show’s representation.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which hosts CES, expects attendance of 100,000, more than 70 percent more than last year.

This year, digital transformation continues to increase in all industries. “Born from the health crisis two to three years ago, we are entering a new phase of sports and energy,” said Steve Koenig, vice president of research at CTA, at a conference before CES, which said. officially runs from Thursday to Sunday.

“We will see more industrial IoT (internet of things) applications throughout the economy,” Koenig said, highlighting the “Metaverse of Things” concept.

Revolutionizing The Tech World

Metaverse is a 3D interface for IoT, where people can experience life in a way that is not possible in the physical world. Although often met with skepticism, Koenig says that the metaverse is the next generation of the internet, and CES 2023 will be proof that the metaverse offers a higher online experience and a higher sense of immersion.

In the retail space, for example, a dynamic 3D interactive environment can enhance the online shopping experience with Touchcast, a virtual experience and event platform.

“Whether we’re shopping for a computer or a new running shoe, we can cut the shoe open to see exactly how this foam protects the runner’s foot, or we can look inside the machine and see exactly how it works,” Koenig explains.

Home Tech World

Automotive technology has taken center stage at past events, and the sector will be even bigger this year, with 300 exhibitors bringing the latest in driving technology, electric vehicles and mobility devices.

Home Automation Interest Rises In Line With Iot: Report

John Deere’s autonomous tractor, winner of CES’ Best of Innovations, is an advanced robot that uses GPS guidance, sensors and AI technology to carry out farming operations without an operator in the cabin, helping to overcome labor shortages.

Digital therapy is taking place at this year’s CES. Telemedicine and telehealth are getting more attention during the pandemic with sensors, wearable devices and other diagnostic tools coming in.

Abbott’s Proclaim Plus therapy system, another CES innovation award winner, is an example of an advanced treatment using technology to address pain. The Zero SK glasses, which can be worn with sensors, can predict epileptic seizures.

Telemedicine is not about managing chronic illnesses or doctor visits. It is also about health and fitness. It is useful for remote patient care: Instead of staying in the hospital for several days after surgery, the patient can be treated at home. For mental health reasons, technology can be used to manage anxiety by monitoring depression.

Internet Of Things: The Benefits And Hazards Of Smart Home Tech

Sustainability will be front and center for hundreds of exhibitors at this year’s CES, showcasing technologies that can save energy and increase power generation, fight food shortages and create more sustainable agricultural systems.

ACWA Robotics’ intelligent robots can save millions of cubic meters of water and help optimize urban water infrastructure investments like clean water purifiers. LeydenJar’s pure silicon anode helps protect the environment, as silicon is environmentally neutral.

ZF Group’s “Heat Belt” ignition heating system allows low settings for cabin heating to save energy and help reduce vehicle fuel consumption.

Home Tech World

This year’s CES comes amid a tough year for the tech industry, with disrupted supply chains, decade-high wages, and widespread layoffs. For the first time, CES has a theme – how technology is solving the world’s biggest challenges.

Interest In Smart Home Tech Increases Across Europe, Smart Tvs Number 1

For global challenges, such as climate change, the health crisis, energy and labor shortages, people can find answers in technology, Koenig said.

“In these times of economic slowdown, innovation tends to be faster and even faster,” Koenig said. using the Great Recession of 2008 as an example. The last economic downturn in 2008 brought a wave of new technological innovations, such as the arrival of 4G and LTE networks, and the advancement of smartphones, he added.

“At this point, I think that the new energy wave of technological change that corrects inflation and restores growth, global GDP growth, will come from the industrial side,” Koenig said.

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Home Office & Tech Gift Box

This thing is getting more and more popular because of the wide selection of different brands, low prices, video with artificial intelligence,   Not only smart technology will make your life easier, but it is also a great way to make your home comfortable and match your uniqueness. needs and lifestyle, like anything in life there are pros and cons,  However, when it comes to smart devices, the pros can easily outweigh the cons, be it format or price.

From tools for pet security to the home office and beyond, read on to discover some of the best tech gadgets out there to meet your needs and make everything smarter.

For pet owners, keeping their furry friends safe is a top priority. Some of the latest technologies provide a variety of unique applications that are perfect for pets at home, at the dog park, and beyond. Whether you’re worried about an escaped pet or need a little help with training, these tech gadgets can make life easier for the whole family.

Home Tech World

Smart dog/cat collar: If you’re worried about Fido or Fifi running away, a smart collar will give you peace of mind. This unique device has a GPS tracker that allows you to track your pet’s every move. It is also helpful if the animal runs away because you can find and track it quickly and reunite it.

Lenovo Tech World 2023: A.i. Revolution For Travellers

Microchip Pet Door: Constantly opening and closing the door to let the pet out can be a real nuisance. With a microchip pet gate, your friend can see himself out. This modern technology has a microchip reader that allows the door to open only when your particular pet is nearby, telling you it’s time for other things.

Smart pet doorbell: This unique app allows pets to signal when they need to go out or come in. Smart doorbells for pets are a great way to help your pet when they need it without having to supervise it.

It’s no surprise that smart technology devices can also make life easier and more convenient for you at home. Probably, the first smart technology device that most people have in the home was a smart TV, but now there are many smart devices for entertainment.

Smart Projectors: there is a huge collection of smart projectors on the online market today, from portable ones to affordable 1080p models to cannons made for gaming or 4K HDR, you’re sure to find a solution for your home theater setup.

World Tech Vector Logo Design Template. Globe And Tech Tree With Home Icon Design. Stock Vector

Smart Light: This gadget turns lights on and off through a watch or smartphone app. Many options also include custom light bulbs that can change color or dim to your order. It’s also a great way to save energy and adjust the lights at home when you’re away.

Smart thermostats/fans: smart thermostats “learn” your preferences to automatically adjust your indoor temperature, saving you money and time. These devices are increasingly popular and can save you money on your monthly energy bills as well as create a more comfortable environment. Many options allow you to control the temperature of your home from anywhere, so you come home to a comfortable place.

Smart Shower: Turn your shower into a bathroom with a smart shower, which lets you adjust the water flow, temperature, shower duration, and more. Many smart bathrooms also include lighting to help create a relaxing atmosphere.

Home Tech World

Smart Curtains: Enjoy smart curtains, which allow you to open or close them via a smartphone app. These blinds are connected to a Bluetooth-connected motor that allows you to adjust the blinds remotely.

Ikea Home Smart: Bring Smart Home Technology To The Masses?

Smart Toilet: Having a smart toilet makes life more comfortable for many reasons. The device allows you to shower without touching the handle, controlling the water

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