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Home Tech Renovations

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  • Nov 18, 2023

Home Tech Renovations – If you’re moving toward a New York City renovation, consider these 10 smart home renovation ideas to improve your flow and functionality.

Many see smart home technology as the next level of convenience. In fact, smart home functionality is relatively easy to implement, especially when you’re looking to renovate your home. By incorporating smart home technology during a New York home renovation, owners make the installation process as easy as possible, instantly adding a modern touch to their home and increasing its resale value.

Home Tech Renovations

Home Tech Renovations

While there are a variety of smart home options to choose from, each with their own benefits, below are the smart home technology options most relevant to residential renovations in New York.

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The backbone of any smart home starts with a strong network, as all smart home upgrades connect to this hub. The basis of the network is the router, which provides an Internet connection throughout the house. When setting up a smart home system, placing the router in a central location (discrete but accessible) is important for setting up efficient wiring and more importantly – a strong wireless connection throughout the house.

The choice of operating system can also have a big impact on how smart home technology is used. Lutron’s RadioRa is one of the most sophisticated options on the market. This fully customizable smart home system is highly flexible and customizable, offering advanced technology that enables custom multi-room configurations accessible via single buttons (rather than cycling through a digital dial). Or, if you need more traditional voice-controlled devices that are a little easier to implement, options like Apple Home, Google Nest, and Amazon’s Alexa Smart Home still offer a comprehensive range of smart home functions and accessories.

Whichever route you go, we recommend setting up your smart home system based on the operating system your devices use so the user experience is familiar and your phones can connect. When setting up smart home assistants, we confirm sensor placement with customers to ensure commands are easily recognized from anywhere in the home.

Smart thermostats allow users to change their home’s temperature right from their device, whether they’re cooped up in the living room or lounging on a beach abroad. We often set up these thermostats with HVAC installations, then place sensors around the house to monitor temperature and humidity and adjust Dynamically adjust the thermostat accordingly – even in the middle of the night.Beyond convenience, smart thermostats are environmentally friendly, reducing energy use and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Smart water heaters are one of the more practical facilities of a smart home. These state-of-the-art plumbing features help reduce energy consumption and offer built-in safety features such as leak protection and temperature regulation to prevent bacterial build-up.

As a design company specializing in custom lighting installations, we are big proponents of smart lighting. These elevated lighting installations can enhance the look and feel of a space, offering a variety of illuminated environments that instantly change the mood of a room at the touch of your phone or smart display. Adjustable smart lighting is convenient for safety purposes while driving, and allows the owner to turn lights on and off according to a predetermined schedule. A smart home system like RadioRa 3 includes a variety of smart lighting options.

At the Gallery, we provide our customers with peace of mind by installing fully connected security cameras, smart locks and doorbells, all of which are becoming fairly standard in smart home installations. Smart security cameras easily connect to your phone, watch your door on demand and more.

Home Tech Renovations

Another way to control the temperature through smart home upgrades is through smart blinds and windows. Smart curtains offer easy adjustment and closing via an app, while different styles of smart windows from companies like Halio offer their own unique functionality. See below for some examples of smart window technology, all perfect for New York City high-rises, where excessive amounts of sunlight can often become overwhelming if not considered.

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Blinds can be aged with electrochromic glass. These smart windows harness electricity to adjust the window’s opacity, creating a sun-blocking shade in minutes.

These tinted windows are tinted when exposed to UV rays, darken on sunny days and become more transparent at night.

This innovative glass technology is similar to photochromic glass, except that instead of tinting based on UV rays, thermochromic glass darkens when the temperature reaches a predetermined temperature.

Smart connected devices like refrigerators or stoves are relatively new and may seem like a gimmick to some. However, they are very useful for energy monitoring, diagnostics and remote adjustments. Cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving has never been easier. For more kitchen inspiration, check out the kitchen renovation section of our Design & Reno blog.

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As people are more comfortable skipping live events for home entertainment, high-end home audio setups are exciting. Surround systems like Sonos create a seamless listening experience throughout the home using a network of built-in wireless speakers connected to Wi-Fi, providing home music treasures with cutting-edge sound from the comfort of your device. Get started, much easier.

Considering a renovation in New York with smart home upgrades? For an ideal layout and configuration, consider adding smart home updates during a near-complete home renovation for a truly efficient installation.

Galleria is a design company in New York, specializing in the renovation of high-tech residences. All of our home renovations include all aspects of the project, from interior design and architectural services through building management facilitation and board approval to building and construction management. Ready to upgrade? Contact us for a consultation.

Home Tech Renovations

Ben Bowden is the Marketing Manager at KBNY Gallery, a full service design-build firm specializing in interior design and renovation of apartments, townhouses and lofts in New York. For over a decade, Ben has navigated the ever-changing landscape of online marketing and provides digital strategy solutions to companies of all sizes until finding a permanent home in the gallery. As the champion of premier brands and curation, Western Michigan Bronco Prestige strives to provide thoughtful, industry-leading expertise through the smoothest omni-channel experience possible to the gallery’s valued clients.

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While creating a 3D model is no substitute for professionally prepared plans and drawings, it can give you a way to test ideas before you hire a contractor or architect. Some programs are simple to use: if you can use a tape measure and drag objects on the computer screen, you have the necessary skills. Here’s how to get started.

You need all the dimensions of the room or project area to reproduce it. A locked 25-foot measuring tape is a time-tested tool, but you can get rough estimates with augmented reality tools like Google’s free Measure app for Android or Apple’s similarly named iOS 12 Measure app. Some apps, like Magicplan for Android and iOS (prices start at $3), can take both measurements and create a floor plan.

Editor’s Notes: February March 2023

Apple’s Measure app uses augmented reality technology to find rough measurements of objects, but using a good old-fashioned tape measure is more accurate. Courtesy of… The New York Times

Measure everything: Don’t forget the length, width, depth of the walls, doors and windows in the space and furniture like radiators. You should also record the dimensions of furniture, electrical appliances and other items in the renovation area. If you’re looking to buy furniture, appliances or shelving, gather measurements online (or on the box) from the product specification.

You can find many home decor apps at a variety of prices in your app store. Some retailer apps, such as those by and Wayfair, use augmented reality to display virtual objects such as furniture in a room.

Home Tech Renovations

But if you’re new to all this—or if you’re adding a room—the free version of Sweet Home 3D for Windows, Mac, and Linux might be your best bet, as you get an intuitive interface and tons of design options. Starts with a number of attractive features, including user-guided pages and video tutorials. (The full version of Sweet home 3D with additional design options is available for under $15 in the Microsoft and Mac App stores.)

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There is a free online version that runs in Sweet home 3D for a web browser. The free Sketch is another browser-based drawing software, and there are paid versions.

If you are new to free 3D drawing software, refer to the help manual or attached manuals, guides, or forums to make sure the software is correct.

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