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Home Tech Kampala

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  • Nov 18, 2023

Home Tech Kampala – Kampala’s growth, which led to the development of neighboring areas where a large number of the city’s residents live, gave rise to the term Greater Kampala, due to the fact that many people working in Kampala do not live in the city center.

Among the many areas that have proven to be the city’s dormitory are Balinga, Kerika-Banda, Biweugiri, Basabala, Giza, Nsanji-Nabungo and Sita-Mukone.

Home Tech Kampala

Home Tech Kampala

Initially, traffic could be the biggest hurdle for anyone to reach Balinga as one gets stuck around Wikaliga, Natita and Basiga roundabouts. But with the newly constructed Northern Bypass, Balinga is a 34-minute drive from the city center. Alternatively, you can use Matiana Road which is about 14.9 km from Balanga Mall.

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Balinga has become the main dormitory in Kampala housing many people who work in Niti, Wakaliga, Ndiba and other parts of the city.

Isaac Tusingwire, an urban mechanic who works in Ndeeba and rents in Balinga, says a single room can be had in Balinga for Rs 80,000 including utilities.

He says with transport fares as low as Shs 2, 500 for a suburban taxi, Balinga offers a healthy living environment with limited mall noise and a green environment unlike some of the more polluted, congested areas in Kampala. .

These include established schools such as Light Academy that guarantee access to education with families, health centers and markets. The area is also connected to clean water thanks to the National Water and Sewerage Cooperative, and access to electricity is guaranteed. There is also a police station in the area for security.

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Basabala, located 6 kilometers south of Kampala on the Kampala-Entebbe highway, is another home for the city dwellers. Located in Wakiso district, this is a love beach house owned by singer Bobby Wine.

The location is the perfect home for anyone who wants to live away from the city center with social amenities such as schools, clinics, entertainment venues such as bars and churches.

However, although a large number of people live in the area, a resident, Hasad Alsempira, notes that it will only be beneficial for those who have vehicles due to the dirt roads that usually deteriorate during the rains. He says that due to the rains, sometimes the water from the sewers enters people’s houses, which can become a health hazard.

Home Tech Kampala

According to James Arali, a broker, you can rent a detached house in Basabala for Rs 300,000 depending on the area. He added that a one-bedroom house costs about Rs 100,000, while a two-bedroom apartment (without toilet and bathroom) can go for between Rs 150,000 and Rs 200,000.

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Bisabala is also less vulnerable to security threats compared to other suburbs such as Njankambi where several cases of robbery have been reported in the news.

These three suburbs make ideal homes for anyone working in Kampala. It also offers a diverse lifestyle suitable for low, middle and upper income earners.

Kerika, Kerenya, Kele Wajara and Beweugiri are one of the six municipalities or districts that make up Kera Municipality in Wakiso District in south-central Uganda.

Just like Bweyogerere, Kireka is located on the Kampala-Jinja highway, approximately 11 kilometers while Bweyogerere is approximately 12 kilometers away.

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Bweyogerere is home to other prominent centers such as the towns of Kimwaanyi, Kira, Kireka, Kirinnya and Kyaliwajjala.

All the areas mentioned have access to clean water and electricity with security under the supervision of the Uganda Police Force, apparently with night patrols and police stations/stations.

For commuters, Bweyogere, Kirinya, Kireka and Kyaliwajjara can be reached using Matatu at Shs2, 000. Kireka can be reached at Shs1, 500 and the almost unique boda boda fares between Shs4,000 and Shs5,000.

Home Tech Kampala

Using the Northern Ring Road, one can easily access the area with a minimum 13-minute journey of 21 kilometers if there are no traffic jams and others can opt for the Kampala-Janja Expressway which others There is access to areas such as Nativity at Kampala. – Masaka Expressway.

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Although some parts of Kenya, Bweyogerere and Kyaliwajjar have luxury houses that may be a bit expensive, the area also has mid-range houses, apartment buildings and hotels.

In Kenya and Karika, you will find rental units for low income earners and Kyambogo University students who mostly live in Karika, which is why rent for single and double rooms in Karika is high.

In Bweyogerere, renting a luxury double room will set you back around R350,000, while a single room costs R170,000 depending on the condition (if located in the wall, an additional fee is payable). will be done). A standalone goes for Shs 700,000.

There are several flats in Butto, Bweyogerere for rent from Rp 720,000 for a two-bedroom house with well-fitted bathroom, boiler, spacious living room, well-equipped kitchen, ample parking space and a beautiful neighborhood. .

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According to Joseph Lawley, a resident of Kereka and a student of Kambogo University, if you choose Kereka, be warned that the rent will be a bit higher due to the influence of semester system with some landlords of Kambogo University students.

Beatrice Achan of Kyrenia says that security in the area is still a concern, as there have been some incidents of housebreaking, which she attributed to the mass displacement of people in the area.

Bweyogerere is home to a number of tribes ranging from the Kakwa of West Nile to the Sami of southeastern Uganda, with the majority of residents being indigenous to Buganda.

Home Tech Kampala

The industrial park in Namanve district offers a new perspective on development. Piped water supply is available in most areas of the municipality, which enables groundwater to be continuously recharged with waste water.

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Gayaza is located in Kyaddondo North Constituency, Kyaddondo District and is close to Kyanja and Wampewo on the outskirts of Kampala in Wakiso District.

This area is another urban dormitory that houses many people who work in areas such as Kawempe, Bwaise, Mulago, Kalerwe and City Center.

Just like Kenya, Giza has attracted many real estate owners who have opened luxury apartments and bungalows for rent. There are also many vacant plots of land for sale in the area, meaning that many settlers become owners.

Shanita Nanzeri, who lives in Giza Namovind, says the area provides the perfect environment, especially for families starting out.

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“You can get a large space at a cheap price, and as you save, you can easily buy land here and build your own house,” she says.

The area is a 20-minute drive from the city center via Kyanja via Kisaasi Road, Namboole-Gayaza Road and Shs2,000 when traveling or Shs5,000 for boda boda users.

It takes 22 minutes to reach Giza via Bumbo Road, Kabiri-Giza roundabout and Uber users reportedly spend between 26,000 and 36,500 rupees. A matatu user will part with Shs 2,500.

Home Tech Kampala

Renting a two-bedroom detached bungalow will cost you Rs 500,000. In Kayanja, a two-bedroom semi-detached house goes for Rs 400,000.

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While many commuters living in the suburbs have to drive considerable distances and battle traffic, you can rely on several modes of public transportation. Your commute determines when you wake up, when you go to bed and the amount of free time you have in the evening. This is something to think about when choosing between the suburbs and the city.

We come to you. We are always looking for ways to improve our stories. Tell us what you like and what we can do better. Designed by Mark Thorpe Design in collaboration with Stage Six and Ecly International, Kampala House is the first in a series of homes to be built in partnership in Africa. The Uganda Bureau of Statistics currently estimates that the country has a shortage of 2.1 million housing units, a figure that is increasing by 200,000 units annually. It is expected that this deficit will reach 3 million units by 2030. This joint partnership of the three groups will help provide relief to the people of Uganda.

The house in Kampala and all subsequent houses were built with EcoBlock, an innovative material from ร‰chale International that uses a mixture of 90% local soil and 10% cement, lime, sand and water. This compact earth brick acts as a heat and sound insulator, is environmentally sustainable and more resistant than cement blocks, and uses 30% less CO2 during production.

The model house includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen. Common in Uganda, a wood-burning stove in front of the kitchen allows for outdoor cooking.

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The roof is made of corrugated steel and wood, and is designed to support solar panels and collect rainwater for the adjacent water tower. This will give every household access to water supply in case of drought. The canopy provides shelter in the shade for outdoor activities.

The houses will be built this spring, providing Ugandans with an invaluable socio-economic opportunity for home ownership and community management.

As Senior Associate Editor, Wei Yang is passionate about finding ways to live well + design through intention. He also shares what he finds on Instagram Stories.

Home Tech Kampala

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