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Home Interior Products

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  • Nov 18, 2023

Home Interior Products – Growing up in the early 90s, my mother and I loved flipping through her Home Interiors and Gifts catalog.

But we were not alone in this. If you walk into any home in middle-class America now, you’re likely to find remnants of the direct selling industry. There were home interior parties

Home Interior Products

Home Interior Products

We lived in the 80s and early 90s, and even if we weren’t part of the fun, we all saw at least one thing from their bands.

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Of course, Home Interiors is just a memory – after the Texas-based company filed for bankruptcy in the late 90s, it was taken over by Home & Garden Party and merged into a new company: Celebrating Home.

But the company’s legacy lives on in our homes, antique shops and auctions—and, most of all, in our minds. Because if you look at the pictures below, you won’t say, “I remember that!” you can say, “Oh, I’m still in my living room.”

And at some point, we’ve all had a wall plan that looks like this:

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You know that person on your gift list who has a lovely honeyed accent and good Southern manners? Who wants to feed you every time you visit and loves nothing more than sipping sweet tea on the front porch?

This is what we call the True South, and we’ve got gift ideas to make them happier than pigs in the sun this holiday season. These unique gifts are specially designed by the It’s a Southern Thing team and can be found in store.

Sometimes people don’t find the South. The accent, the silliness, the need to eat eggnog dishes and the clever use of the phrase “bless your heart”. These two embody everything you need to know about a Southerner. You will receive:

Home Interior Products

This book helps to demystify the meaning of Southern life, language and customs and dispel several myths. 148 pages, 10 by 7 inches, hardcover, illustrated. For ages 9-90.

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In the south, language is a fluid thing. This book explains the origins of our favorite Southern words. 156 pages, 10 by 7 inches, hardcover, illustrated. For ages 9-90.

If you have someone born and raised in the South on your gift list, we have three great books.

This little gift book is packed with words, tips and resources, as well as fun illustrations. It is compatible with our As Mothers Used to be sound card game as well as its electronic version. Hardcover, 6 by 4 inches, 120 pages.

We Southerners have special ways of saying “I love you.” A great way to show someone you love them in 100 different ways! The 4-by-6-inch hardcover book has 115 pages.

Bangku Panjang Minimalis Dari Kayu Jati

This fun Christmas treat celebrates everything we love about the South, from sweet tea to cast iron skillets and buttermilk biscuits. This small picture book is perfect for children aged 9-90. Hardcover, 6 by 6 inches, 68 pages.

Visit our Southern Style section in store. to find everything from t-shirts and hoodies to hats and socks.

Find fun T-shirts with Hissy Fit or Tuckered Out graphics or socks decorated with ugly eggs. Or stay focused and get our “Southern As All Out” t-shirt. We also have children’s clothing! Find it here.

Home Interior Products

What says softer than socks? Three pairs of cute southern socks! Soft and made from high-quality cotton with a comfortable sole to keep your feet moving all day. One size fits most. You will receive:

Retired 6 Pc Home Interiors Picture Grouping

Game night is one of the most important aspects of family gatherings. You can have more Southern fun than you can shake a stick at with our signature games: That Dog Won’t Hunt and As Mother Says. You get complete sets of both games.

Shall I go to my grandmother’s house? The challenge is keeping young children occupied on long trips. We have the perfect solution: a set of magnetic games, a magnetic puzzle and our best-selling picture book. You will receive:

This fun family game is perfect to play on vacation in the car, around the campfire, or at the hotel…or to play at home anytime! We’ve created a magnetic version of our best-selling game with a southern sound for easy portability. Age from 8 years.

. It’s great for keeping little hands busy during long car rides. From 3 years and above. 7 by 7 inches.

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This bestselling book includes examples of beautiful Southern words to help people learn the letters the way they should be heard.

Give the gift of southern holiday decor and apparel with the new Stop Being Dirty: Santa’s Looking collection. Find towels, pillows, jewelry, mugs, teas and hoodies at the Southern Holiday Shop.

Here’s a Southern thing, we like to recreate popular culture based on our own experiences. This year we compared the classic song “The 12 Days of Christmas” to see if it was filled with southern elements. We turned it into a funny gift book called The 12 Days of Southern Christmas. A small (4″ by 6″) hardcover book filled with beautiful illustrations, it makes the perfect gift. You can buy it for $10.99 here. Below is a review of the book:

Home Interior Products

Who needs 10 jump masters anyway? What does that mean? Although perhaps the master can

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, or ten jumps at once… And don’t get us started on the dairy girls.

We admit we wouldn’t turn our noses up at five golden rings, but many of the traditional 12 Days of Christmas carols don’t resonate with the general public. Maybe that’s because it was written in the eighteenth century, when peacock on a pear was like lunch and dessert.

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It turns out that this song was once a kind of game, still on TV and on the Internet, you know, entertainment.

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, according to Historians believe it was a “remember and lose” game where players could see how many poems they could remember. If players forget a word, they “lose” a kiss or other reward to their opponent.

Although the things mentioned in the song are not religious, the 12 days of Christmas are a time of Christian theology. It begins the day after Christmas through Epiphany on January 6, which was the long period between the birth of Christ and the coming of the wise men.

Much has changed since the poem/carol came along, including many elements of Southern culture. Here in the South, Christmas is a little different. For starters, it’s hot here.

Home Interior Products

Sometimes even in December. And then there’s the food – we go crazy over every casserole made from a can of cream soup and love seeing what you can freeze in gelatin.

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We changed “my true love” to “my mom” because mom is the heart of everything. (Actually, we’re not the first to do this. Sometimes throughout history, mothers have substituted “true love” as gift-givers.)

While turkey may be the “official” meal of Thanksgiving, we all know that Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without turkey.

Ever. It’s – and know that I’m shaking as I write this – stuffing. So, what did many people think (wrongly?) about the dish when stuffing came to be called dressing in the South? Well, like most Southern traditions, it can be followed with manners.

In the 1850s, the Victorians coined the word dressing to replace it because they thought it was a little, shall we say, vulgar, according to Food and Wine. It seems the South agreed and decided to cancel again (and it seems they canceled the actual Thanksgiving event, just to be safe).

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After all, it’s not just the name that’s different; and how dishes are prepared and served. Although the rub is usually inside the turkey, the dressing is made in its pot (the bigger the better) and then placed on the side of the bird for Thanksgiving. We chefs appreciate it because of the way the South likes to make food acceptable. We love our food seasoned (get it?) and we love to cook a whole lot that covers the table.

Another thing that makes it so southern is that it has to be made from corn. None of the large pieces of bread will be served in these sections. You can try serving anything made with non-cornstarch, or worse, anything cooked on the stovetop and call it a “dressing,” but we’re sure all you’ll get is “bless your heart.”

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