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Home Interior Design Reiki

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  • Nov 21, 2023

Home Interior Design Reiki – This week’s Instagram post will be about our energetic body connections represented by the 7 major chakras, the colors associated with these chakras, and the meanings of these colors in your home interior design scheme. Focus on consumption. The purpose of this article is to bring you a deeper understanding of the subconscious choices we make when choosing colors for our interior design projects. This is in contrast to the conscious decision to choose colors without fully understanding and understanding what those colors mean, represent and how to use them. It is important to make this distinction. Because the goal is to trust your intuition and inner wisdom rather than relying on or attaching meaning to colors without fully understanding how to use them and more importantly what they mean. we are Once you understand more about the chakras, their healing properties, the colors associated with them, and how to use them, you can begin to identify the colors you have in your home and determine if they are effective for you. Either they are helping to correct and improve our lives, or they are creating further imbalance and disharmony.

There are seven major chakras in our energy body. Each chakra has its own meaning and represents a certain aspect or characteristic of our life. When all seven chakras are balanced and working in harmony with each other, we can live happier lives. Our relationships with ourselves, with others and with Spirit and Mother Earth are positive and work in harmony with each other. We are more satisfied with life, enjoy our career and understand the meaning and purpose of life. Our ability to make decisions for the greater good of ourselves and others is acute, and our actions and deeds always come from a place of integrity. We find that our bodies and health are functioning more optimally. When our chakras are out of balance, all chakras are likely to be out of balance. Or if some of us are overstimulated and hyperactive, while others are more sluggish or suboptimal, our lives are thrown out of whack in some way, shape, or form. For some our intimate relationships may be more affected. For others, it may manifest as unhappiness with their career, or for some, a very poor relationship with themselves. No matter in which area the imbalance or inconsistency appears, the cause is always the same: chakra malfunction or blockage.

Home Interior Design Reiki

Home Interior Design Reiki

With a deeper understanding of the chakras, their meanings, their associated colors, and how those colors can be used for our greater good, you’ll understand why we choose certain color schemes in our homes. You are attracted to certain colors. The color we call our favorite color. This knowledge allows us to connect with our home on a deeper level. Because we begin to understand that the colors we are attracted to and use are not just “pretty colors,” but that there is a deep, profound reason behind them. Just aesthetics. This knowledge allows us to identify subtle imbalances that occur in our lives and how we can make adjustments within our home to correct them before they become overwhelming.

When Life Changed, Reiki, Tarot And A Home Redo Were There To Help

Below, each of the seven major chakras, their associated colors and meanings, and how these colors can be incorporated into your home’s interior design and schemes to create balance and harmony in all aspects of our lives.

In Reiki, red is associated with the root or root chakra. It is located in the coccygeal region and is the first of the seven major chakras representing survival, security, safety and the relationship with the mother. When we ground ourselves, we work with our root chakra and are able to anchor ourselves to Mother Earth. Losing your roots or losing your footing on the ground means you have lost your connection with Mother Earth.

Red, the color of fire and blood, is the first color we see at birth and represents life force and survival. When we think of words for the color red, we think of passion, seduction, power, passion, energy, danger, anger, and rage. It is a hot and attention-grabbing color that instantly catches the attention of not only us but also those around us.

In home interiors, we may not understand the meaning behind the color red when choosing a color scheme, but based on the strength of our connection to our inner wisdom, it can be used for healing or reconnecting with one’s mother. Our subconscious desire for something is drawn to red. Earth, restore us to our power and add passion to our lives. However, excessive use of the color red can increase the stimulation of the root chakra, causing an imbalance that manifests as anxiety, irritability, anger and rage.

An Easy Grounding Reiki Meditation From Jasmin Harsono

The next time you walk into a room with a lot of red or an emphasis on red, take a moment to notice how you feel. Does sitting in that room fill you with warmth? Does it inspire you? Feeling excited? Is it powerful? Are you passionate? Or do you feel anxious? Are you excited? And are you angry? Making these observations will give you insight into yourself and help you decide if you need to make changes to the room.

A great way to incorporate red into your home is by adding accents to a neutral palette. Here’s a great example [image courtesy of Coquette]. The main infusion of red is in the fabric of the armchair, with subtle additions in paintings and flowers. Paired with a soft neutral base, all the colors work together to create a warm and balanced atmosphere. It is a very warm and relaxing room. Another good point is that if you choose the floor yourself, a red chair is ideal. Red covers the body and the root chakra is in the coccyx area, so sitting in a chair helps ground and rebalance that chakra.

Orange is associated with the sacral chakra. Located at the bottom of the navy, it is the seat of all creativity and the center of our being where we connect with our inner wisdom and higher self. In Buddhism, this connection is called “hara”. Some shamans I know call this the “source point”.

Home Interior Design Reiki

Sensuality, sexuality, passion, joy, pleasure, bliss, abundance, comfort, nourishment and tenderness are all words associated with the sacral chakra and the color orange. Have you ever felt a gentle, warm sensation in your stomach and wondered where and how this sensation comes from? It is literally the sacral chakra at work and its influence is transmitted physically in our body. reflected in the form.

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When we are in balance, we are able to live and experience life more fully. We are more sociable and fun to go around. We enjoy life and are more playful. More importantly, our positive thoughts drive our emotions. When we experience these pleasant emotions, all aspects of our lives are positively affected. We have good relations with others. You will be more productive at work and your creativity will also increase.

When the sacral chakra is out of balance, we literally lose our joy in life. We get depressed. Our creativity is inhibited and our social skills are affected. We can be easily manipulated and have very poor boundaries. The most extreme example I can give of an imbalance in the sacral chakra is the aftermath and effects of sexual abuse or rape. When a person is raped, along with physical violence, the sacral chakra is severely affected. After a long period of violation, our powerful energy field works incredibly hard to restore balance to the sacral chakra. However, without conscious action and effort to correct yourself, it is very difficult to achieve.

So, psychologically, orange is a very popular and versatile color for interior design. The vibrancy and saturation of bold orange is incredibly powerful in enhancing and enhancing our creativity and joie de vivre. On the other hand, using a softer, calmer, more earthy orange in your color scheme, as seen here [image courtesy of Brabbu], will have a more toned, gentler impact on our emotions. As this room has a very peaceful and feminine atmosphere, the soft and calming orange color has a very gentle, loving and nurturing influence on one’s health and emotions.

The solar plexus chakra is located below the heart in the mid-naval region and is represented by the color yellow or gold, an extension of yellow. Willpower, intelligence, success, self-control, self-esteem, self-esteem, confidence, optimism, compassion and warmth are all words used to describe this chakra.

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When our solar plexus chakra is balanced, we have the strength and energy to move through life with confidence.

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