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Home Interior Design Jakarta

  • martafarwell5
  • Nov 19, 2023

Home Interior Design Jakarta – Interior Design Review of Mrs. LDY’s Luxury Home in PIK, Jakarta: Aesthetic Design of Modern Living Room (Part 1)

For those of you who want to bring luxury, comfort and aesthetics to your home, this time Emporio Interior – Interior Design Services shares interior design ideas for an aesthetic living room in a modern style in Mrs. LDY’s house in PIK, Jakarta. Curious? Here’s an overview of the interior design!

Home Interior Design Jakarta

Home Interior Design Jakarta

The interior of this 33.21 m² living room looks luxurious with a modern style with warm and soft tones with a choice of neutral colors. Furnished with sofas, carpets,

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This is the interior design idea for a modern aesthetic living room in Mrs. LDY’s house in PIK, Jakarta. Read the following article to see interior design inspiration for other rooms in this luxury residence. Please contact us

Us if you are interested in consulting and using our design services. Together with Emporio Interior – Interior Design Services you bring aesthetics to the interior of your home.

Fireus, affectionately known as Riris, graduated from the Department of Architecture at Udayana University in 2019 and grew up in Bali. He has been interested in books and writing since childhood and has been actively writing since school. After graduating from the architecture department, Fairus is still involved in this hobby and writes articles about architecture and interior design. In his spare time he occasionally reads novels and writes fiction.

Interior Design Review of Mrs. LDY’s Luxury Home in PIK, Jakarta: Aesthetic Design of a Modern Living Room (Part 2) Are you an interior designer? Easily get your extra income up to 6 million/month, wherever you are!

Jasa Design Interior Office Kantor Terdekat Dan Terbaik Di Kebon Jeruk

High Street offers complete interior design, architectural design and creative solutions services. The office, headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, focuses on clients for the commercial, hospitality and office sectors.

We have a strong portfolio in the F&B industry with more than 160 projects for different types of restaurants, cafes, lounges and food courts. Our clients range from groups such as ISMAYA, TRANS GROUP, OPCO, SELECT (Singapore), MAYORA, KAWAN LAMA, ALAM SUTERA, to more boutique F&B players.

Our office design and construction team has over 10 years of experience in the workplace design industry. Designers have in-depth knowledge of new developments in the field of office interior concepts, new furniture, finishing, lighting, mechanical electrical and state-of-the-art IT elements.

Home Interior Design Jakarta

Serve Indonesia’s thriving tourism industry by delivering custom interior design and construction projects that appeal to international travelers. Our work extends between Jakarta, Bali, Lombok and Kalimantan.

Seeking Ideas For Home Interior Designs In Jakarta

We have catering customers from different types of retail, fashion (Cottonink, Damn I Love Indonesia, Buccheri), furniture (Informa), clothing (Wilio, Bratpack, Fitlop, Columbia), cosmetics (C&F).

Our leading interior designers and architects have significant experience as professionals in the interior design and construction industry from abroad in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Cumulatively we have over 15 years of experience in the interior design and construction industry, giving us mastery of woodwork, fittings, finishes, soft furnishings, decoration, lighting and air conditioning in collaboration with our invaluable partners in the interior design industry.

Our team of interior designers work side by side with our production team to ensure quality results with an excellent finish. Your restaurant, café or hotel is our responsibility. We treat each of your projects as if it were our own masterpiece.

Mrs. My 1556 Classic House 1.5 Floors Design

We ensure that all our costs are transparent and responsible to provide our customers with the best value for money. Our team will be sensitive to the allocated budget so that any changes are informed and costs associated. This means our customers know exactly how much they have to spend. We specify the most suitable materials and construction elements to suit the budget and technical requirements of the project.

Firstly, you can contact our team by phone and WhatsApp on +62 811 8885 776 and our email address contact@. You can call that number during office hours. As a customer service representative you will ask about your needs.

Using a video meeting platform allows our team to connect with you as a customer and discuss your needs. We care about your situation, the first consultation is free. You can share your stuff and we can solve it.

Home Interior Design Jakarta

To fulfill your wishes, such as advice, design process and other design matters, you can quickly put yourself at ease through a virtual consultation. You can easily request a consultation from the comfort of your home, now you can start your project virtually with our team.

Lagom Home Store L Home Furniture Boutique

After chatting virtually, you will get the useful results for your needs. Your designer will work with you to finalize your online interior design. Whether you plan to build or renovate your room, we can work with you.

It was a pleasure to work with the team on several of our restaurant interior projects. They are a creative group of designers who are not only artistic, but also disciplined and professional. We look forward to working with them on many more Ismaya Group concepts!

It’s really a pleasant moment to work with the team. The design is great and the team works professionally. Great work guys!

I enjoy working with the design team. Spirit, positive motivation and hard work make the team a good partner to work with.

Space Studio: Interior Desainer Dan Dekorator In Jakarta Utara

As newcomers to retail, we were very pleased with HSS’s help, especially in managing our site and ensuring the execution stayed true to the design. The guidance was excellent and detailed.

High Street is a group of young and passionate architects who pay attention to the needs and ideas of their clients. They also convey excellent communication skills through their presentations.

The key to an effective breakout space lies in the interior design. It’s not exactly space, it’s an easy way to design…

Home Interior Design Jakarta

We designed Bridges glasses with a casual interior concept. Not only that, to present a simple and monochromatic interior design,…

Juxta Interior: Desainer In Jakarta Barat

Green office space is a concept where commercial office environments are environmentally friendly in nature. The extent to which the commercial office…

The goal of interior design is to combine the art and science of improving the interior of a building to create a healthier…

Cotton Ink is a retail brand for women’s fashion, their assignment was to create the brightest and most…

High Street created a modern and sleek office design for Akara Office. The modern and sleek office design makes the office…

Desain Interior Café Tropis Modern & Resto Ibu Qonita Jakarta 15 X 30 M

INTERIOR DESIGNER: CONTACT US TO CREATE YOUR DREAM BUILDING AND JOIN AND BECOME OUR INTERIOR DESIGN PARTNER. Millennials are synonymous with modern office designs that exude novelty and progress. The millennial generation prioritizes comfort at work to achieve the best results. This is related to the atmosphere in the office, which can build motivation in them. Coloring games, furniture and creating an office atmosphere are the most important points for millennials to be able to work comfortably. Modern millennial office designs typically apply…



Home Interior Design Jakarta

As part of our contribution to creating a better world through design, we would like to share our thoughts and interests through our newsletter. Don’t hesitate to subscribe to receive the latest update on our latest discoveries. The Jakarta Interior Design Festival (JIDF) 2022 was initiated by the Indonesian Interior Design Association DKI Jakarta. Starting from a pure idea, we implement the potential that the world of design has.

A Family Retreat In South Jakarta — Design Anthology

An idea to create an annual initiative to increase the appreciation and contribution of interior designers in Jakarta on par with international level. This program is JAKARTA INTERIOR DESIGN FESTIVAL – JKT.ID FEST 2022.

The Jakarta Interior Design Festival (JIDF) 2022 was initiated by the Indonesian Interior Design Association DKI Jakarta. Starting from a pure idea, we implement the potential that the world of design has.

A movement that believes the interior design industry can have a real and lasting impact on culture, let alone the universe, through a responsible economy. JIDF 2022 is here to meet the challenges of rapid changes in technology, culture and design around the world. For designers, the challenge is not how to respond to problems, but how to continually design, adapt and innovate tools.

Knowledge, and civilization and strategic development to become the axis of transformation of world society. Because the design world fundamentally has the power to produce new solutions, as a promising skill tool. This year’s JIDF event also carries the message that exhibitions are a vehicle for ideas and intelligence, indicating that designers have the ability to create “universal solutions”.

Jasa Interior Design Jakarta

The festival to be held from November 13, 2022 – December 22, 2022 includes professional designers and interior design students from Esa Unggul University, Bina Nusantara, Jakarta Institute of Art, Tarumanagara, Merku Buana, STD LaSalle, Trisakti and STD Interstudy. is not only an exhibition, but also seminars, competitions, workshops, business matching, exhibitions at various locations in Jakarta such as Creative Hall – M Block (November 13-14, 2022), Gedung Pamer and Annex Building – Taman Ismail Marzuki and ( 1 – December 8, 2022), Culture Tour, Interior Design Seminar and MUSDA

JKT.ID Fest 2022 will take place next month, starting with an event at MBLOC SPACE from November 13-14

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