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Home Interior Design Glasgow

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  • Nov 21, 2023

Home Interior Design Glasgow – With over 100 years of experience, we’ve been delighting customers in Glasgow, Bearden, Milngavie, Kirkintilloch, Lenzie and the surrounding areas.

Our team of trusted business people share a true passion for excellence and turning your ideas into reality. We strive to design and build your dream home.

Home Interior Design Glasgow

Home Interior Design Glasgow

From complete home renovation to creating the space you need; extension, floor conversion or kitchen and bathroom renovation or just a general renovation, our inspiring design team will work with you.

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Our team of interior design experts offers a one-stop service from initial concept to project. We offer a complete package that allows you to enjoy a stress-free and exciting time watching your ideas develop. Our construction and interior design experts will guide you every step of the way, from building the initial plan to exploring all of your exterior features.

All Property Renovation Specialists Our team of experts offer a one-stop, complete property renovation service. Working together using our 3D design package and rendering process, we can visualize the finished project before it even begins!

We offer a project management service that focuses on what really matters to you. Using our wealth of experience, we offer market-leading personal service and exceptional attention to detail to maximize your property.

We will monitor and manage every step of your project to provide you with an excellent and professional service tailored to your needs and requirements.

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Today, double-glazed windows and doors provide technically complete high-quality insulation. We work directly with manufacturers to offer a wide range of parts and provide highly competitive and specialized service.

Are you considering converting a garage into a home office, spacious living space, children’s play area or personal workout space?

Interior design will work within your budget to make your vision a reality with quality construction.

Home Interior Design Glasgow

A series about building, renovating, extending, and designing your home interior, from architectural design to accessories and finishing touches to enhance your home. Architect Lee Vetvette, designer Simon Harlow and developer Duncan Blackmore have renovated a 25 square meter apartment. Bright, unfurnished space in Glasgow.

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Working closely with Iwte and Harlow, Blackmore designed the ground floor interior, which the city uses as a base when visiting other projects in the Govanhill area.

When Blackmore bought the property, it consisted of a narrow hallway, a compact shower room, a kitchen and a bedroom separated by partition walls.

The main idea behind the redesigned space was to allow additional circulation and vertical use of the square floor area.

“I wanted to walk around the outside of the house, even if it was just a little bit,” Blackmore said. “Also, I wanted most of the space to be flexible in terms of use, rather than having specific areas for certain activities.”

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Work began by removing internal walls and exposing existing structural openings to 3.4m ceilings. A series of volumes designed in three dimensions have been introduced to meet various functional needs.

The entrance to the apartment leads to an outdoor area, where there is a stable chair for sitting, lying down or sleeping. A shelf that doubles as a table is placed next to one of two large south-facing windows that flood the interior with natural light.

Basic functions such as sleeping, sleeping, cooking and access are pushed to the edge of the plan, freeing up the remaining space to be used in a variety of ways.

Home Interior Design Glasgow

“I wanted to avoid the typical space with a sofa, coffee table and TV,” says Blackmore.

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“The main lobby is completely unstructured and uncluttered, with almost nothing. You can use it for a meeting or a party, or just to sit and think. I like it to be versatile and seamless.”

A mezzanine sleeping platform sits above a compact shower cubicle that utilizes vertical space and prevents the room from being unevenly tall.

The bed is reached by a series of wooden steps, with a small circular opening visible from the living area, which allows you to place your hand while moving.

New activities are built around structural and feature images that playfully hide which walls, columns or beams retain their original functions.

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“Lee created the forms based on the relationship between the existing openness and the geometry we put into the space,” says Lee.

“We added a curve or a step where we had to eliminate the difference in height or the space between certain elements, so the decoration came from solving these structural errors,” he said.

The project takes its Ferguson name from a plaque found by a former resident, and the design draws from the surrounding architectural heritage.

Home Interior Design Glasgow

The ruins of the neighboring building informed the rear view at the top of the stairs, an opening that allowed for a sleeping area as well as a shower room during the day.

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The colorful cushions on the sofa refer to the door of the neighboring building, while yellow details are spread across the apartment’s common staircase to contrast the space with the painted walls.

Kitchens have minimum requirements to obtain a building permit. A large red concrete basin is available for hand washing as you enter the lobby – a legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic that was built into the project.

Behind the house’s only interior door, the shower room is completely covered in two colors of decorative surface materials by Simon Harlow Mirror. Special paint extends the use of light yellow elsewhere in the interior.

The entire project was created by Harlow and technical artist Simon Richardson, resulting in a level of craftsmanship and intuitive creative detail that conveys a strong sense of individuality.

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Blackmore is keen to point out that the apartment should not be seen as an example of a small life, as he only spends a small amount of time there.

“I’m not at all suggesting that people should live like this.” The place is really private and has a good bed, hot shower with good water pressure and WiFi.

“If you were living there permanently, you would do it differently, but as a comfortable place for me to stay, work or relax.”

Home Interior Design Glasgow

Blackmore is the founder of Arrant Land, which creates projects focused on architecture, built heritage and the social dynamics of the UK’s towns and cities.

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Previous projects supported by Arrant Land include a red brick house with playful ceramic details in south London and a residence in the seaside town of Whitstable, with black brick walls evoking neighboring timber fishing houses. When Eilidh and Roddy came to us about them. project, conducted research. They knew what they wanted to achieve with a series of evocative images that spoke of warmth and materialism.

The existing first floor apartment, part of a Georgian villa in Pollokshield, had a kitchen on one level, overlooking the rear garden. He felt uncomfortable, except for the possessions left in the surprisingly dark room. The kitchen – a well-proportioned space with high classical ceilings and decorative cornices – was less than a driveway leading to the kitchen, and the passage through the hall into the hall enhanced this.

The plan was to create a comfortable living space and the kitchen was the heart and soul of the house.

We proposed that the kitchen be the center of the house, the front dining room, the living room with a door leading directly into the hall. This change of entrance meant we could create a larder at the entryway at one end of the kitchen.

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The ceiling in the garden projection was removed to expose the roof joints and a new skylight was inserted. The window fittings were removed and new frameless windows were installed to create a day room to improve the connection to the garden. Next to the back door, we’ve introduced a useful box for storing washing machines, pots, coats, shoes and other common household items. This allowed for an open and natural separation between the living room and the kitchen.

Materially, we wanted to use the simple palette that came to us with the original images of Roddy and Eilidh. Bert and May found a beautiful salvaged ranch with tile flooring. The concrete kitchen counter was designed by Billy Teasdale and compliments the dark blue color scheme.

But it wasn’t just the materials that added visual warmth, but also turned the house into a space

Home Interior Design Glasgow

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