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Home Insurance Comparison Northern Ireland

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  • Nov 19, 2023

Home Insurance Comparison Northern Ireland – The guidance on this website is based on our own analysis and is intended to help you identify your options and narrow down your options. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy. do your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full review here.

No insurance provider is the cheapest or best for everyone, but some insurance companies stand out with the best combination of good customer reviews, features and cheap rates. After analyzing data from over 50 UK brands, we’ve compiled a list of reliable and cheap home insurance providers. Here are the best of the bunch.

Home Insurance Comparison Northern Ireland

Home Insurance Comparison Northern Ireland

Not all UK home insurance companies offer cover in NI. However, there are still many options available from small brokers to large international companies. One contractor that stood out for us with NI was AXA. Not only do they offer coverage directly, but they also work with numbers or brokers and underwrite policies from other providers.

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For example, here are some providers we have come across that work with AXA. We mention this because we think you’re very likely to come across AXA when looking for home insurance in NI, so it’s good to know their prevalence.

Plus other popular insurance companies Hastings and Swinton, as well as well-known Tesco Bank and M&S Bank home insurance.

Some things people like to look for are accidental damage, legal assistance, and emergency insurance. Which companies are best at providing it at low cost? We analyzed the policies offered by our partners and found:

To get NI home insurance quotes, click below and you’ll be taken to a quote form that only takes a few minutes to complete. You can choose to be contacted by phone if you have questions if you wish (this is optional). However, you will receive online prices in minutes and you can complete your purchase in just a few clicks.

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Building and contents insurance for a typical property in Northern Ireland can cost around £360, according to tests. You might think that’s high – and you’d be right. Some other sites did the math a few years ago and found home insurance rates to be about half that number. But home insurance rates are rising and Northern Irish people suffer notoriously high home insurance rates compared to the rest of the UK – even paying more than Londoners for similar properties!

Of course, prices can vary greatly for different types of properties in different locations, so you’ll likely pay more or less than this amount. Even so, you’ll need to put aside a chunk of change to insure your home in NI.

The cost of remodeling is important to note because it’s a big factor in premiums, but it’s not everything.

Home Insurance Comparison Northern Ireland

As you can see in the table below, the bid for a Ballynahinch bungalow in our test was higher than for a terraced house in Belfast, despite the fact that the cost to renovate a terraced house is higher. In this case, both the location and the type of property (terrace vs. bungalow) also affect the price.

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Earlier in 2021, the average price for home insurance was reported to be £182, but prices have risen over the past two years. Our recent tests have shown that the average property owner can expect to pay around £360 if they choose from the 5 cheapest offers.

Those who got the absolute cheapest premium could find cover for an average of £260, which was the average of the cheapest policy on offer across the three properties in our tests.

Honestly, it depends and can vary from one property to another. However, we should note that many providers offer different policies – different levels of coverage from budget (with less coverage) to premium (with more coverage). So it’s hard to say which company is the most expensive when there are so many options out there. Higher quality policies can cost much more.

For example, we found that Hastings Premier is 34% more expensive than Hastings Essential for a terraced property in Belfast (Hastings Direct policies include home emergency and legal aid, as well as significantly more cover in some categories such as 4X coverage for alternative coverage for buildings, dwellings, 3X valuables coverage, 2X public liability coverage, etc.).

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The cost of home insurance in Northern Ireland is noticeably more expensive – many factors are to blame. In general, legal and regulatory differences create challenges for suppliers trying to do business in NI, resulting in fewer companies and less competition.

It should be noted that when we recently checked purchase prices, some UK providers did not offer cover for our NI properties, including:, QuoteYourHome and Right Choice Insurance Brokers.

Yes, in our testing we have found that bungalow insurance is more expensive in North Africa. Although the exact premium will certainly vary, in our tests we found that a bungalow costs around 30% more to insure than a terraced house with the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms and similar renovation costs.

Home Insurance Comparison Northern Ireland

Why is it like that; Perhaps bungalows are further away from terraced houses and therefore more prone to break-ins. Additionally, a fire can take longer to notice and control, resulting in even more damage and higher claims.

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Basic home insurance should cover damage from events such as fires, burglaries, floods, storms, water or oil leaks, subsidence, etc. This coverage can protect your building, your contents, or both.

There are other possible covers that can be found such as accidental damage (to buildings and/or contents), alternative accommodation (useful if you are unable to live in your home due to a covered event such as fire), loss of keys, emergency help at home, legal help and more!

Most policies specify which specific events are covered and which are not, so it’s important to review your policy documents to fully understand your coverage.

In short, building insurance covers the structural elements of your home – in other words, things you can’t take with you when you move, such as the building itself, fixtures and fittings (such as fitted kitchens and bathrooms, lighting etc. . ). ), plumbing and electrical etc.

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“Building Sum Assured” refers to the maximum amount the policy will pay for covered damage to the home, including fixtures and fittings. This usually includes other parts of the property such as: oil and gas tanks, cesspools, septic tanks, permanently installed swimming pools, hot tubs or hot tubs, ornamental ponds, fountains, hard surface tennis courts, walls, gates, hedges, fences, decks, patios , paths, sidewalks, statues, decks, railings, arbors, pergolas, carports, garages, including garages on adjacent lots within the property.

In addition, permanently installed outdoor lighting, alarm systems, surveillance equipment, solar panels, solar heating systems and wind turbines, recreational toys and brick barbecues will be covered. As well as laminate, wood or vinyl floors that cannot be removed and reused. Essentially, the structural parts of the building are covered – in other words, the things you don’t take with you when you move.

Contents insurance covers your belongings and belongings – in other words, the things you take with you when you move. Surprisingly, this can also include carpets as long as they are not taped (carpets we think are more like building insurance, but hey ho…).

Home Insurance Comparison Northern Ireland

It depends. Any home owner with a mortgage should certainly at least insure the building, as this is a mandatory requirement of any conventional mortgage. Since a mortgage is a financial contract, building insurance can be considered a legal requirement.

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Homeowners (mortgagors or outright owners) have the option of purchasing property insurance, but it is usually not mandatory for anyone.

Tenants do not need to worry about obtaining building insurance, as their landlord must provide it. But tenants should arrange insurance for their belongings if they wish.

Excess is the amount you pay as a claim is the amount that will appear on your policy and will be deducted from any claim settlement.

If a claim is made on both the section of the policy and the buildings (for example, a fire damaged both the house and its contents), then you may be required to pay the excess from the section with the highest total excess and not of both excess.

Contents Insurance For Renters And Tenants

There may be different excess amounts for different types of claims. For example, water escape and legal aid often have different excesses.

Also, while the policy will have a standard, mandatory excess, it is often possible to increase the excess you would pay in the event of a claim through a voluntary excess. People do this (increase the total surplus) to reduce the premium. If you contribute more towards a claim, the insurer will usually charge you less for the cover.

You can find out when your NI home was built to buy by checking your mortgage valuation or home buyer report.

Home Insurance Comparison Northern Ireland

Erin Yurday is CEO, co-founder and editor. Prior to that, he worked as an investment specialist and financial expert

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