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Home Insurance Building Donde Es

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  • Nov 18, 2023

Home Insurance Building Donde Es – Built in the city of Chicago, the Insurance Building was designed by William Le Baron Jenney, an architect belonging to the Chicago school, and was built in 1885 with a structure made mainly of iron and steel. It is the first tall building to incorporate steel as a structural material and is considered the first skyscraper in history. If you want to find out a little more about this important stage in the history of high-rise construction, don’t miss this post. Interestingly, the Home Insurance Building was only ten stories high and 42 meters high. Height that, without a doubt, would go completely unnoticed in any moderately sized city today. In fact, today it would not even be considered a skyscraper, as current trends begin to consider a building as such from 30 stories in height. Image: jasonwoodhead23 (flickr) Also, it is somewhat curious that the Home Insurance Building, considered the first skyscraper in history, was not even the tallest building at the time in the city of Chicago. In fact, it was precisely the incorporation of steel as a structural material that earned it that title and its passage to posterity, as it represented a profound technological innovation in the construction of the time. The Casa dos Seguros building had a rectangular floor plan and, like the Flatiron building in New York, which we talked about a few weeks ago in another post, the design of its facade was inspired by a classical Greek column divided into three. areas, such as the bases, shafts and capitals of said columns. The upper part of the building, like the capital of a column, had different cornices as decoration. The structural scheme of the building was divided into three main doors which, as protruding pillars, emphasize the similarity of a classical Corinthian column. Although most of its structure was wrought iron and cast iron, it had a self-supporting steel frame, which served to support the building. For the cladding of the facade, bricks were used as masonry and the space left free by the use of steel was incorporated into the facade with large surfaces of glass, a trend that was later imposed on other buildings, called “Chicago “Windows”. The Home Insurance Building was demolished in 1931 along with other nearby buildings that were built on Empire Field, now known as LaSalle National Bank, leaving a great legacy for contemporary and later architecture.

Originally published on March 23, 2022, updated on March 6, 2023 From Structuralia we want to pay tribute to this great figure in design and architecture and…

Home Insurance Building Donde Es

Home Insurance Building Donde Es

Originally published on July 6, 2015, updated on November 22, 2022. On the occasion of International Music Day, we announce one of the most extravagant constructions in the world.

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There is also a fairly popular height-based criterion, with the lower limit being about 152.5 meters (500 feet). Above 1,000 feet (about 305 m) a building is usually considered a supertall skyscraper.

The reason for its construction is the maximum economic use of the land. Therefore, there are many skyscrapers clustered in commercial or residential areas of large cities, where the land value is high. However, in the case of large skyscrapers, the economic motivation is usually non-existent, since the excess height represents an even greater cost. In these cases, the motivation is purely advertising, since these large buildings, especially if they achieve the label of “largest building”, gain importance and notoriety, and give their owners an image of power and economic prosperity.

These groups of skyscrapers often draw a characteristic skyline in many cities, such as New York, Chicago, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and then Dubai and Tokyo.

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Created in the United States (Chicago) and perfected in New York, the skyscraper was a structural creation that revolutionized the urban landscape in the last hundred years and today is an unmistakable symbol of modernity throughout the world. The elements that allowed the construction of skyscrapers were steel, reinforced concrete, glass, hydraulic pumps and elevators. Before the 19th century, buildings over six stories were rare, as their excessive height made them impractical. In addition, the materials and techniques needed to build a skyscraper are very different from those used in normal buildings.

The first skyscrapers appeared at the end of the 19th century in cities with high population rates such as New York, London or Chicago. However, builders in London and Chicago faced regulations that limited their height, and in continental Europe there were concerns about fire safety or aesthetics, so that in the early years of the 20th century New York was the leading city in this type of constructions. .

The first building that could be considered a skyscraper is the Insurance House Building, designed by the American William Le Baron Jenney. It was built between 1884 and 1885 and has ten floors. However, today its height is not impressive and, in fact, if it were built today it would not be considered a skyscraper. Another possible candidate for the first skyscraper would be the 20-story World Building, built in New York in 1890. However, by modern standards, the first skyscraper would be the 30-story Park Row Building in New York, built in 1899. .

Home Insurance Building Donde Es

The first thing when arriving in the city is to go to the skyscrapers of New York, to access the viewpoint of Summit One Vanderbilt: the best place to contemplate the skyline of Manhattan from 305 meters high. But if nights are your thing, we also have an ideal option: a tour of strategic points to get the best views of the illuminated city and visit areas with more atmosphere. What does it matter that there is more or less light but what you want is to go very, very high? Be careful: you can hire a helicopter ride to get as much of the city as possible. More and more ambitious architectural studios with real estate in the space. Now, a new project by a New York studio has created a futuristic proposal that is undoubtedly among the most ambitious on the planet. It’s a floating skyscraper. Not only would it be billed as “the largest in the world,” but it would also be the first building structure nearly 50,000 kilometers above Earth.

The Aspects Of Development Form From By Design.

The work done by Clouds AO was called “Analemma Tower”. How would it work? It would be connected to the orbiting asteroid using high-strength cables through a Universal Orbital Support System (UOSS), which would in turn support the entire structure.

According to the company’s website, the tower would be divided into sections; in the lower part and closer to the ground, there would be commercial offices, a sector of gardening and agriculture; in the middle, they should have restaurants and shopping centers, and at the top of the tower they should have residential areas and areas for the activities of various religions. A kind of “mini city” stopped.

Although intended as a utopian experiment, Clouds AO has some experience in this field, as the winner of a competition supported by NASA to design a base on Mars with the idea of ​​a building made of ice.

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