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Home Decor Jakarta

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  • Nov 21, 2023

Home Decor Jakarta – Escalier’s main goal in designing this home was to create rooms that fit the owner’s needs and desires, from function to entertainment. And it is convenient to build a house, with comfortable, luxurious design. The main idea in the design concept is to create a harmonious life. Now, owning a luxury residence does not require owning your own home. There are several lines of luxury apartments that offer a new lifestyle that facilitates mobility and home care without sacrificing form. Through today’s lifestyle, Escalier got ideas for the decoration of this residence.

However, this accommodation does not mean an ordinary apartment. Located in one of the luxury residential areas of South Jakarta, this apartment is equipped with a private pool and has a total area of ​​1000m². Adjacent to the living room, the cellar is a room designed to accommodate the customer’s hobby of wine collecting.

Home Decor Jakarta

Home Decor Jakarta

Additionally, Adrian converted a room on the second floor into a home theater. Another desire of the client was to provide a gazebo near the pool. This gazebo is a new construction that is not actually in the building plans and requires a construction that matches the condition of the existing building.

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The furniture used in this project was very different, most of it was specially ordered and took a lot of time to process. In fact, some furniture has not yet arrived in Jakarta, such as the Venus cabinet from Driade. “Venus is one of my favorites because it’s so unique with the Venus sculpture on the cabinet shelf,” said Adrian. Some of the Promemoria and Minotti furniture are used for sofas in the living room, dining room and guest bedroom. The wardrobe in the bedroom uses a system and is custom made by Poliform and Rimadesio. Many of the lighting fixtures in the bedroom also use Giorgetti products from the Indonesian company Prodotti. In addition to the Venus cabinet, Escalier uses one of their favorites, Hydra by Melogranoblu and Perseus by Barovier&Toso, imported by Prodotti Indonesia.

Each room has a different detailed concept, but overall it has continuity. The color of the wood paneling is the main choice for the interior shades of the houses. It is combined with stainless elements and dark mirrors. At the same time, the accessories used are very different: from bronze figurines of ants from Driade that decorate the tables to books from the Louis Vuitton collection. This beautiful cafe is available in Jakarta.

It is located in the same location as their home decor store, Mil&Bay. So, apart from drinking a nice cup of coffee, you can see a nice collection of home decorations.

The drinks menu varies (18k to 39k), I think the food menu doesn’t have much menu (18k to 60k). The taste of the drinks and food I ordered (7.5/10)

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Home Decor Jakarta

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Home Decor Jakarta

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