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Hologram Technology Ppt

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  • Nov 18, 2023

Hologram Technology Ppt – 2 What is holography? Holography is a technique that allows light scattered by an object to be recorded and reconstructed later. A technique for optical storage, retrieval and processing of information. Store 3D information of a holographic object.

Recording of 3D objects with high resolution. 3D display without glasses, no need for interactive screen projection screen

Hologram Technology Ppt

Hologram Technology Ppt

Illuminated by a point from a white filament light source, the shape is forward and upward. The image is formed by the light reflected by the hologram. It produces multi-colored holograms and does not optically distinguish the images from the original objects.

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It is seen with laser light, usually of the same type used for recording. They need a light source behind them. A virtual image can be very clear and deep.

Without the need for a real object, the interference pattern is calculated digitally and using algorithms. The time-varying light field of a scene with all its physical properties must be captured and then reconstructed. Hence, the holographic work is divided into 2 stages: recording reconstruction;

Red lasers Helium-neon laser, coherent light source. Lenses Beam splitter A device that uses mirrors and prisms to split laser light into two beams.

9 Process When 2 laser beams reach the recording medium, their light waves are interrupted and mixed with each other. This is the interference pattern that is imprinted on the recording medium.

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The video hologram is encoded in the light modulators.

In order for this website to work, we record and share user data with processors. To use this website, you must agree to our privacy policy, including our cookie policy. Dubai Hologram Technology Hologram Companies Dubai – Our Stage Holograms are new patented projection systems that produce a free floating hologram effect.

Dubai 3D Holographic Display Looking to incorporate creativity into conferences, exhibition stand design, trade shows and event production in Dubai? Mind Spirit Design, Hologram Companies in Dubai offers creative hologram designs that will help you wow your attendees and engage them with your brand. Holography is a photographic process that uses lenses and mirrors to direct and focus light. Laser light is used for its properties: spatial and temporal coherence (light moves regularly) as well as monochromaticity. Contact us +971505185455Hologram Technology Dubai

Hologram Technology Ppt

The image of the object is recorded on a screen coated with a light-sensitive chemical emulsion. The image is exposed to both direct laser light and light reflected from the object. Chemical changes occur at the points of the emulsion where the two beams meet and record. The image of a conventional photographic object records the image through chemical changes, but in this case there is only light with the information of the photographed object. Contact us +971505185455 How does hologram technology work? Dubai hologram technology

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