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Hologram Communication Technology

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  • Nov 18, 2023

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Hologram Communication Technology

Hologram Communication Technology

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With Microsoft Tech, You Can Talk To A Hologram Of A Co Worker Or Friend…or Your Mom

In a live demonstration of PORTL’s interactive communication technology holoportation, Marina Haba and her youngest son Tairi are transported from LA to Tokyo as her eldest son Issei shines.

The iconic Princess Leia hologram scene from the original 1978 Star Wars film served to sharpen our technology for this futuristic communication. In the real world in 2012, a revival of Tupac Shakur’s ground-breaking television performance at the Coachella music festival was broadcast to audiences and made headlines. But such an event can take months of planning and millions of dollars.

Recently, we’ve seen the rise of videogrammetry (creating 3D models using videos taken from different angles), and Microsoft has provided a limited preview of its Microsoft Mesh virtual collaboration technology. But these systems require VR goggles and smart glasses, which limit their appeal.

Now, sans the specs, two teams are daring to impress viewers with the same technology. Toronto, Canada-based ARHT Media and PORTL Inc., a Los Angeles-based startup, have begun shipping a portable and story-based HoloPortal-based cabinet system for a wide range of phone booths. In both cases, the subject – the speaker – can appear in full-size, lifelike 3D form and interact with people around the world in one or more booths connected to the company’s network via the Internet.

New Lifelike Hologram Tech Expands Ucf Students’ Skills In Patient Care

I got to see a live demonstration of PORTL’s technology this month, when a tech investor in PORTL, Marina Haba from Los Angeles, came to speak with her son at the PORTL booth in Tokyo. She and others who attended the presentation turned out to be true at an extraordinary time. It was as if Haba stood in the booth as two conversing. But the volume was low for our viewers and the lag sometimes interrupted the otherwise smooth dialogue. However, the overall presentation was clear and effective.

David Nussbaum, founder and CEO of PORTL, said latency was activated in seconds and the goal was to bring it down to 100,000 seconds.

The PORTL Epic Box weighs approximately 180 kilograms and is 2.1 meters high, 1.5 meters wide and 0.6 meters high. A standard electrical outlet and Internet connection are required to plug and play and subscribe to PORTL’s cloud-based network that uses Amazon Web Services.

Hologram Communication Technology

A two-way speaker-mic audio system is embedded in the bezel on either side, while two cameras are fixed at the top: the Intel RealSense camera captures the person in front of the desk directly for the reporter in the studio to see; And the Logitech Brio 4K camera offers an intimate view of the surroundings.

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On the presenter side, a simple study is required (available as a kit from PORTL) A softbox equipped with a tripod, which shows the person interacting with the presenter Feed return monitor, 4K camera on tripod ; and either a boom mic or a lavalier. They can get groceries online using Wi-Fi, 5G or Air. We also need a stage for the presenter, consisting of a continuous white paper cyclorama to form a white background and an acrylic panel on paper for the presenter to stand on and move around.

Nussbaum says PORTL can be used to host virtual exhibitions, art and museum exhibits, and programs to display public goods. Teachers can teach their skills as if they were students, while engineers can demonstrate prototypes to collaborate with colleagues with access to network storage.

So how does this display of volume work? The company is keeping its cards close to the dress but here’s what we do know. The first PORTL cabinet, embedded with LEDs on the top, bottom and sides, is bright and evenly lit, designed to capture and display shadows (from walls) and reflections (from the floor). Additionally, the company uses an open-cell LCD touch screen panel made with PORTL specifications. The panel is placed outside the bezel for a window effect, while the booth has an internal depth of 43 cm. It is this combination of shadows, reflections and carefully placed frames that gives the displayed content the appearance of a scrolling room.

This happens because our two eyes see slightly different images, called binocular disparity, which the brain uses to reconstruct 2D scenes into scenes with 3D depth. Similarly, PORTL uses shadow, reflection and depth behind the LCD panel to create a volume effect.

Abstract Health Medical Science Consist Doctor Digital Futuristic Virtual Hologram Treatment,medicine And Communication System Stock Vector

The AHRT HoloPod cabinet is also equipped with cameras and media. As for the technology, the video feed is projected onto a mesh made of textile material painted with a proprietary reflective paint and the image is reflected back to the audience. By carefully adjusting the lighting on either side of the speaker, the viewer’s eyes connect with the information and the brain creates an effective sound.

ARHT has established hook-ups with partners in China, London, Toronto, New York and Los Angeles as well as in other countries. It also offers a large additional HoloPresence display, which is better suited for large events than traditional cabinet effects.

But Nussbaum believes that the relative simplicity of the PORTL technology makes it easy to pull off. “We hope to have the mini version ready to try by the end of the year, or definitely by Q1 next year. And in Q2 or Q3, we’ll unveil the machine’s engine on the shelf.”

Hologram Communication Technology

The price tag is a barrier to quick removal. PORTL prices start at $60,000, although leases are available at “much lower prices.” ARHT only lists subscription prices, which start at $15,000 and go up to $40,000 a year, depending on the number of transmissions. Even more attractive may be the Ventura Mini PORTL. “We’re hoping to get the price below $2,000,” Nussbaum said.

Hologram Presentation: The New Conference Norm

John Boyd is a freelance writer based in Japan. Science-technology news, research and events in Japan and Australia, especially and long-term support in the tech world, show that holography has been a hot topic for years. With the advent of artificial intelligence, the possibilities of holographic displays have become even more exciting. In this blog, we will discuss how holographic displays built on AI are changing the way people interact and communicate with each other, providing a more realistic and immersive experience.

We’ve featured a built-in AI hologram as a way for employees to communicate with each other. The use of holographic displays for virtual meetings and presentations has become increasingly popular. Holograms provide a more accurate representation of the speaker for a more personalized and engaging experience. This is especially important in remote work environments where employees cannot meet in person. The ability to interact with a hologram, with gestures, expressions and movements, as if it were a real person, opened new doors for cooperation and collaboration.

We’ve shown that even holograms with built-in AI are changing the way people interact with each other. The use of holographic displays allows for real, face-to-face communication, even when people are in different parts of the world. This made it easier for businesses to interact with customers and partners by providing a more personalized and engaging experience. The use of AI in hologram displays also enables the integration of interactive elements such as visual aids and graphics into conferences, making the experience more informative and dynamic.

The benefits of holograms with built-in AI displays go beyond just effective communication and real-time interaction. The use of AI in exhibitions allows for the integration of advanced technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality, providing a more immersive and interactive experience. The use of AI in exhibitions allows for user behavior research and analysis, enabling better understanding of audiences and creating experiences to meet them.

Holographic Communication In China: The Future Of Offline Advertising

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