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Hi-tech Mall Jalan Kusuma Bangsa Tambaksari Surabaya Jawa Timur

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  • Nov 20, 2023

Hi-tech Mall Jalan Kusuma Bangsa Tambaksari Surabaya Jawa Timur – Surabaya, – The former Hitchcock Mall, which is very famous in Surabaya, is now in a sad state. Apart from poor maintenance, it is also prone to drifting, especially on lower floors. As a result, a very wide sub-layer could not be captured.

During the meeting, Siri (not her real name), one of the computer shops on the second floor, revealed that the condition of the building is shocking.

Hi-tech Mall Jalan Kusuma Bangsa Tambaksari Surabaya Jawa Timur

Hi-tech Mall Jalan Kusuma Bangsa Tambaksari Surabaya Jawa Timur

According to him, the Mayor of Surabaya, Eri Kahadi, came to inspect the building in person. But still no news of this visit.

Mall Di Surabaya Yang Lengkap Wajib Dikunjungi

The location of this building is very strategic. It is located on the side of Jalan Kusuma Bangsa dual carriageway in Tambaksari, Surabaya. The building also houses the Surabaya Youth Park (TRS) and the People’s Recreation Park (THR) under the jurisdiction of the Surabaya City Council.

“Mosok in Surabaya does not have cheap entertainment,” Eri Kahadi told reporters on Monday, January 23, 2023. Eri even said that the entrance ticket price would be IDR 25,000, but this did not include the match ticket.

This former Hi-Tech shopping mall building has become a landmark not only in the city of Surabaya, but also the largest electronics shopping center in eastern Indonesia. At that time, the building was leased and owned by PT Jasa Boga for 30 years. However, on April 1, 2019, the contract officially ended.

Since the end of the contract, the building has been owned by the Chamber of Commerce. But it only lasted two years, as its fate was even more uncertain.

Bangkitkan Hi Tech Mall, Pusat Elektronik Terbesar Di Wilayah Indonesia Timur

During the time of Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismakharini, this building did not attract much attention. Even Risma – which is the name of the mayor, who is now Indonesia’s minister of communications – actually tried to demolish the building. Shopkeepers also protested. The protesters, made up of landlords and tenants, even came to Surabaya City Hall three times to meet Risma. But only one hand.

The new mayor, Eri Kahadi, has given entrepreneurs a breath of fresh air. But so far there is no follow up.

“Yes, because the government is still waiting for the funds (of the investor). Sri said: “Where will the government get the money? Ideally, he said, the building would be managed privately. “If it’s a secret, that’s fine. An example is Surabaya Zoo. While it was controlled by the Surabaya City Council, it was not managed. “Many animals even died,” he said.

Hi-tech Mall Jalan Kusuma Bangsa Tambaksari Surabaya Jawa Timur

Not dirty. The building appears to be closed. I was confused when I entered the courtyard of this building. Because the main door is tightly closed. I only found the way in when I asked a man who was playing on his cell phone in front of the main door.

Hi Tech Mall Segera Masuk Tahapan Lelang

This building needs the attention of Mayor Eri Kahadi. In addition to helping businesses, it is also very beneficial to the community, especially to the residents of Surabaya.

He gave an example of a place or a shop that he managed. He said, “The rent is IDR 2 million per year.

Because of this, the price of electronic goods is cheap. “If the price of goods at WTC is IDR 70,000 or IDR 80,000, it will be only IDR 60,000 here,” said Sri. 25 million.

“Actually, there are many sellers who like to sell here, but because of these conditions, they have moved,” said Sri. (mma) started producing blue dye. The yellow color is gone. This looks like the front of the Hi-Tech Mall building, today the biggest IT mall in Surabaya and East Indonesia.

Laporan Fakta Kecamatan Tambaksari

30 years ago, the condition of this shopping mall at Jalan Kusuma Bangsa Surabaya was not as pleasant as its name. The dim and crowded impression does not fit the image of a high-tech shopping mall.

When you enter the first floor, you will not feel a sense of peace. Downstairs there are still a few tenants selling locally made merchandise such as shirts, pants and clothes.

There are also renters who provide additional needs such as tables, chairs and other household items. In addition, there are fast food restaurants on this floor, although this number can be counted on one hand.

Hi-tech Mall Jalan Kusuma Bangsa Tambaksari Surabaya Jawa Timur

When you get to the second floor, the elevator still works, although most of the steps have been removed. However, it still works and makes things easier for visitors.

Lowongan Kerja Hi Tech Mall Surabaya Januari 2022

Beside him, the elevator was running and seemed to have stopped. What comes must definitely go.

On the second floor, the conditions were still the same, and several tenants selling computer equipment or laptops from famous brands could be seen lining up. They remain open as before.

There is no quiet influence on this floor, and the string of decorative lights can still be seen hanging on many sides and corners, as if they were installed from the 2018 Christmas celebration. Buyers and sellers passed under it.

On the third and fourth floor, you get a sense of peace. Even the smell of dust was strong. On this floor, it is clear that a number of units are beginning to be abandoned by sellers. It’s full of empty seats. There are a few tenants who are still alive.

Oyo 242 New Grand Park Hotel Surabaya (indonesia)

“It’s quiet here, but there are still some open,” said Cindy Namira, one of the union workers. “Many (sellers) have chosen to go down, some have moved to other stores.” .

Sindi has been working at the Hi-Tech Mall for five years and she frankly admits that she does not know why there is silence in the mall where she works.

He admits to hearing rumors that all the tenants of Hi-Tech Mall will be moving out soon. This includes the place where he works.

Hi-tech Mall Jalan Kusuma Bangsa Tambaksari Surabaya Jawa Timur

However, Sindi did not want to believe the news. He likes to focus on work. Don’t worry about these problems.

Thr Mall Surabaya Kian Mengenaskan, Pengunjung Sepi, Pedagang Merugi

According to Cindy, one of the tenants on the first floor, news about this space started to spread in 2017-2018.

A trader who declined to be named said the problem is hurting hundreds of other traders. Because of this, the economic conditions in this shopping center have been shaken, he said.

“After this problem came to light, many of my customers chose to shop elsewhere because they thought Hi-Tech was wearing it,” he said. “Even if it doesn’t happen, it’s bad for us.”

He now admits that his shop’s income has dropped by 50%. Although there are many expenses to pay, contracts up to IDR 50 million, not to mention the salary of the employees, electricity and telephone bills.

Tempat Wisata Di Surabaya Dan Biaya Masuk

Hi-Tech Mall contract prices vary. This will vary depending on the location and size of the unit ordered. For units located in specific areas, prices can vary from IDR 100 to 200 million.

This seems to be in contrast to the unfinished state of the building. The walls are peeling, the ceiling is covered in yellow stains, and the elevators don’t work.

However, traders admit that they are comfortable with the condition of the Hi-Tech Mall and are reluctant to relocate, despite reports of its vacancy. For them, the mall is like home.

Hi-tech Mall Jalan Kusuma Bangsa Tambaksari Surabaya Jawa Timur

He has been doing business in Hi-Tech Mal since 1998, he says, “Hi-Tech Mal is like our home and the children we work with are raised here. “We refuse to move.” (frd) THR IT Mall or Hi-Tech Mall Surabaya’s electronics and technology retailers hope the mall’s reopening will bring back its decades-old glory.

Toko Cctv Surabaya Terbaik & Terlengkap

Wednesday (6/4/2022) The atmosphere at THR IT Mall, known as Hi-Tech Mall in Surabaya, East Java. The Surabaya City Council is trying to restore or restore the building as a shopping center for electronic and information technology (IT) products.

Pop music blares inside a microphone shop on the first floor of THR IT Mall in Surabaya, East Java, Wednesday (6/4/2022) afternoon. The sound broke the silence in the old building of the shopping mall known as Hi-Tech Mall.

During the day there were few visitors. Shops are still closed. About 50 electronics and information technology (IT) products stores are open. The floor of the mall was littered with small pieces of plastic and cigarette residue. The lighting is dim, the walls of the building are dull, the paint is peeling and the stairs are cramped, reinforcing the impression that it is old, worn and run down.

However, in a somewhat dark situation, sellers and shopkeepers are still eager to spread smiles in the hope that visitors will stop, just to look at the product or buy in gratitude. They still believe that Hi-Tech Mall will return to its glory as the largest shopping center for electronic and IT products in eastern Indonesia.

Jawa Pos 13 Maret 2023

The glory was there as tourists bought the latest electronics and IT products between 2004 and 2010. At that time, Hi-Tech Mall was synonymous with Glodok (Jakarta’s electronics district) for consumers in East Java, Indonesia. However, over time, the magic of the Hi-Tech Mall faded and disappeared as it was also affected by the Covid-19 (Coronavirus 2019) epidemic.

Rudy Abdullah, the president of the Hi-Tech Mall Business Association, said that many retailers believe that the mall can recover and be as successful as before. When the administration was given to the Surabaya City Council by a third party until April 1, 2019, the vendors decided to survive and hope that the economic activities in the Hi-Tech Mall will be maintained.

“Although new places to buy IT products have appeared, the collective memory of Surabaya residents is still strong by going back to the Hi-Tech Mall,” said Rudy. For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic, when access to supermarkets was severely limited, a five-storey building across from the Kusuma Bangsa Heroes’ Cemetery was frequented by shoppers.

Hi-tech Mall Jalan Kusuma Bangsa Tambaksari Surabaya Jawa Timur

For this reason, the community accepts the Surabaya City Council’s plan to consolidate businesses so they don’t break up. On Tuesday (5/4/2022), some businesses participated in a drawing to install a bench or a bench in the basement. There are 171 booths in this section, 118 of which are operational. Allotment of 53 seats through lottery system.

Trs Dan Thr Dibuka Lagi Tahun Ini, Begini Penampakannya Sekarang

Ira Tursilovati, the head of the Surabaya Regional Finance and Assets Authority, said that the concentration of businesses is aimed at helping the maintenance of buildings, electricity and renovation or rehabilitation of buildings.

“After all the businesses move to the first floor, we will continue to renovate the second floor, the third floor and other unused parts,” said Ira. The government also promised to install other facilities, especially ATMs and toilets

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