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Hi Tech It Solutions

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  • Nov 19, 2023

Hi Tech It Solutions – This company page is actively managed by the Hitech Digital Solutions Team. If you are also in the team, you can access it from here

Head Office – Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India IT Services & Consulting 1k-5k Employees (India) Architecture & Interior Design + 3 More

Hi Tech It Solutions

Hi Tech It Solutions

We partner with you from assessment to implementation to improve cycle times and reduce costs by identifying tasks that can be automated, digitized or outsourced. Our passion is data and digital technology. Our mission is to design solutions that improve key business outcomes at the project, service or business level. By combining technology, customer insight and domain knowledge, we map and enable your digital transformation journeys from automation, analytics-supported product or process redesign to data monetization. Our success is measured by the positive impact we can bring to your organization. We win if you win.

Hi Tech Solutions In Wagholi,pune

Not a good company to start your career with. This company has a lot of politics. Praneet bantia has low quality in …

My experience at Hitech was truly amazing. This is a company that truly recognizes and rewards your…

For me, it was the trip of a lifetime. I have been working in Hitech since 4 years now. I learned a lot from prof…

5 years ago I started working with Hitech as a trainee and worked as a BIM Senior Modeler and this time…

Wanted Bpm Process Associate For Hi Tech Solution In Trichy

A self-service restaurant where staff choose a variety of dishes from an open display. The food is usually placed on a tray, paid for at the cash desk, and brought by the employee to the dining table.

The employee can choose permanent work from home, Hybrid or office hours. For working from home we also provide PCs.

The overall rating of Hitech Digital Solutions is 4.0, with Job Security rated above and rated at 4.2. However, career development was rated the lowest at 3.4. To find out exactly what it’s like to work at Hitech Digital Solutions read the detailed reviews by job profile, department and location in the reviews section.

Hi Tech It Solutions

Get detailed salary information for salaries of popular Hitech Digital Solutions job profiles: Aircraft Analyst: ₹ 4, 20, 000 per annum, BIM Modeler: ₹ 3, 60, 000 per annum and more. Click here to view Hitech Digital Solutions detailed salaries.

Dharsan Hi Tech Solutions Power By Dt Groups

61% of the employees said that working days at Hitech Digital Solutions were in exchange for Saturday, and 20% said that it was Monday to Saturday.

64% of employees report that working hours at Hitech Digital Solutions are easy. At the same time, 36% said it is strict, where most are 7am – 12:30am and 10am – 7pm.

Hitech Digital Solutions average salary for freshers varies from ₹ 2, 00, 000 per annum for a Process Associate to ₹ 3, 60, 000 per annum for an Air Analyst. Check Hitech Solutions new salaries here.We would like to introduce our company HI TECH SOLUTIONS, which is in Factory Automation Products Distribution Business.

We have an established track record and our service has always met with great customer satisfaction. We offer excellent service at a reasonable price and have never been known to compromise on the quality of our products.

It Services And Solutions For The Hi Tech Industry

“THK” stands for “Strength,” “High Quality,” and “Knowledge.” THK’s creative ideas and unique technology have made the company a world leader in the development of Linear Motion (LM) steering mechanisms. Today, our LM Guide tools are an integral part of mechanical and electronic systems in a wide range of industries. THK has also developed many other specialized mechanical components, including Ball Spline, Ball Screws and Link Balls, which we manufacture for supply to customers around the world.

HIWIN is a combination of HI Tech WINner. It means, “You are a HI Tech Winner with us.”

HIWIN Corporation Linear Guideways provide linear motion by recirculating the rolling elements between the profiled rail and the bearing block. Linear guideway friction coefficient is only 1/50 compared to traditional slide and they can carry loads in all directions. With these features, linear guidance can achieve high precision and greatly improve movement accuracy. Hiwin Corporation

Hi Tech It Solutions

Founded in 1964, Camozzi Automation produces a product range including components, systems and technologies for the field of Industrial Automation, fluid control – both liquid and gas – and applications that dedicated to Transportation and Life Science industries.

Hi Tech Solutions

Camozzi Automation’s offer includes many products and solutions. We work on both the digitization of production processes and the creation of true cyber-physical systems, to enable the integration of mechanical, electronic and digital elements, continuously improving process performance and data chain management. We are in sectors – industrial automation, life science & transportation

Schaeffler India Limited formerly known as FAG Bearings India is one of the leading ball and rolling bearing manufacturers in India serving the automotive and multicore industrial sectors.

We provide total quality service, maximum production efficiency and lead the organization towards a path of low cost and high quality.

The Linear Motion Series (LM Shaft) is hardened and ground shaft with high precision for perpendicular motion that can be used in conjunction with Ball Bushing. The LM set used in conjunction with the ball press has a place as a guide for the wall press and the flat inner raceway as well. The quality of the shaft has a great influence on the functions of the ball bushing system and linear movement.

Hi Tech Services, Etawah

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