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Hd Technology

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  • Nov 17, 2023

Hd Technology – “The balance between training the right talent and creating a positive work environment is key to a progressive organization,” says Mukta Arya, CHRO, APAC, Societe Generale.

Construction has always been the historical role of banks, to create the foundations for economic development. But Societe Generale goes one step further to build a better and sustainable future for its customers and employees.

Hd Technology

Hd Technology

In its more than 150 years of existence, this group of leading financial services has always believed in a philosophy of people first, but this focus has strengthened many given recent world events and developments in the business environment. “A caring and responsible employer for the well-being of employees and the long-term career development of employees” is in fact how Mukta Arya, Chief Human Resources Officer, Asia Pacific, Societe Generale would define the organization.

Indonesia Debuts Own Crypto Exchange; Societe Generale Gets France’s First Crypto Licence

For example, as the pandemic continued to evolve in Hong Kong, addressing business continuity issues and employee well-being became a priority. To counter this, Societe Generale adopted a three-pronged approach, which included:

Beyond crisis management, the bank has prioritized holistic leadership development and continuous learning as key components of its strategy for future-proofing the workforce. Providing employees with a full suite of leadership development programs is something the bank has been striving for in recent years. Holistic development opportunities are offered, ranging from short-term assignments (to expose employees to different cultures in different locations, possibly different functions), to certification programs relevant to their field of work, to programs of development of high-caliber talent, whether in the region or at global headquarters.

These programs were not created to build a leadership portfolio, but to demonstrate real results – for example, a robust ROI study was carried out for all their development programs with enhanced ROI with a host of tangible benefits. All this ties naturally into the career development of employees, which the HR team puts into play with a user-centered approach that takes into account not only learning methods, but also input from management , managers and all employees.

Among a series of programs developed with this feedback, the latest is the “Live my Life” program launched in 2021, which allows employees to explore jobs and departments outside their own through cross-learning opportunities. The program uses resources such as lunch and learn sessions, internal career fairs, and webinars to expand staff knowledge. Trainees also benefit from face-to-face or virtual meetings with senior representatives, as well as job shadowing.

Roadshows & Conferences

On the subject of career, another new initiative is its “Return Program” suitable for candidates returning from their career break. This initiative helps integrate them back into the workforce and also brings fresh eyes to the organization. As a result, the bank welcomed six “returnees” in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, while supporting them with networking, training and coaching.

At the forefront of such initiatives, Arya is a firm believer in HR that constantly challenges assumptions. She explains: “In many organizations, not just ours, with all the challenges that have arisen from COVID, HR has played a more important and strategic role in business decisions, and has faced all the challenges in business continuity , employee well-being, staff retention and new ways of working.

“All this makes the value of HR more visible (in difficult times), compared to good times. I predict that HR will turn more into a business consultant that can anticipate and deal with changes in the market and the workforce of first, that also requires HR to be nimble and nimble.

Hd Technology

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Technology For Change Days

We explore the big and messy topics of the day to be updated on the most important developments in Human Resources development in Asia – for free. The agency also launched a futures clearing house with the exchange.

The new platform aims to facilitate safe and efficient trading of digital assets in the country while adhering to regulatory guidelines. With the launch of this exchange and clearing house, Indonesia aims to strengthen its position in the rapidly evolving crypto space and harness the potential of blockchain technology for financial innovation.

South Korea’s central bank is actively exploring the development of future payment systems, with a particular focus on the Central Bank’s digital currency (CBDC).

The bank has begun its preparations for the possible introduction of a CBDC, which includes research into the use of smart contracts, offline payments with near-field communication, and cross-border payments.

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As central banks around the world explore the potential of CBDCs, South Korea is taking significant steps to understand how digital currencies can improve the efficiency and security of payment systems.

The crypto-focused arm of French bank Societe Generale has reached an important milestone by becoming the first entity to receive France’s DASP (Digital Asset Service Provider) license.

The license allows Societe Generale to offer a wide range of crypto-related services, including custody and trading, in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Hd Technology

While many crypto companies, including the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, are registered with the AMF, the crypto division of France’s third largest bank by market capitalization is the first to receive a license .

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Kuwait has imposed a blanket ban on all crypto and virtual asset transactions, citing concerns about its possible misuse for illegal activities.

The announcement bans major use cases and operations involving crypto-assets, including payments, investments and mining. It also prohibits local regulators from issuing licenses allowing companies to provide virtual asset services as a commercial business.

With the ban in effect, Kuwaiti residents are no longer allowed to participate in crypto transactions, creating a challenging environment for crypto enthusiasts and businesses in the country.

When India assumed the presidency of the G20, crypto regulations became a focal point in shaping the country’s position on digital assets. The Indian government has been actively evaluating the crypto landscape to strike a balance between encouraging innovation and protecting investors’ interests.

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The regulatory approach in the G20 presidency could set a precedent for other member countries and have far-reaching consequences for the global crypto industry.

In September, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will publish a joint summary report to the G20 focusing on the global macro implications of crypto-assets. The IMF-FSB Synthesis Paper outlines a roadmap to support the comprehensive regulatory and policy framework.

That’s all for this edition of our crypto newsletter. Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates from the world of blockchain and crypto!, the Paris-based fintech offering financial institutions a real-time self-service analytics platform has gone live with its big date in Societe Generale, one of the largest solutions in Europe. major financial services groups.

Hd Technology

Societe Generale started using the platform for its daily regulatory reporting and business needs in two critical areas: the management of the interest rate risk of the Banking Book (IRRBB) by the Liquidity & Asset department Liability Management and the management of capital requirements related to market risk. to FRTB (Fundamental Review of The Trading Book) by the Risk Department (RISQ RMA). The bank has also directly implemented the platform in other areas, notably for its liquidity and risk-weighted assets (RWA) calculations.

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Mathieu Giovachini, Global Head of Asset Liabilities Management at Societe Generale, added: “it helped us to significantly reduce limitations of our existing solution and, while maintaining all the important features, offers new horizons to our business.”

Based on a partnership initiated under the Societe Generale Global Markets Incubator (GMI) program, where the banking group shared access to its data and infrastructure, the go-live highlights how the innovative data analysis solution helps Societe Generale to face the challenges of big data at scale. pushing the boundaries of self-service data analytics.

Claire Calmejane, Group Chief Innovation Officer at Societe Generale, added: “In the Incubator, we saw how it had the potential to create value and synergies for the company and our risk management processes, so the partnership flourishes .which combines the transformative use of technology with the business experience of financial markets.The tools allow us to access and use the most granular level of information and the most relevant historical data.

The platform allows users in the Liquidity and Asset Management Department and other departments to perform any aggregation autonomously, calculate continuously growing data sets and manage exponential data growth more efficiently, at minimal cost without compromising performance or volume.

Optimize Fleet Performance With Zf’s Tachograph Solutions

Philippe Vibien, Global CIO Finance, Risk & Market Data (GBIS) at Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking (SCGIB), said: “For a tsunami of data, we need a system with the flexibility to recover data and risks to manage, so we are happy to have the solution to analyze and manage data sets of unlimited size. Today we are able to produce specific reports for senior management or the regulator in a short time to allow quick decision making. until 36 months to achieve this goal with the solution.”

The platform saves up to 90% of financial institutions’ infrastructure costs and gives users the freedom to dive deeper into data and extend access. Societe Generale users can manage risk more efficiently by directly and interactively analyzing a decade

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