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Credit Life Insurance South Africa

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  • Nov 18, 2023

Credit Life Insurance South Africa – Offers customized insurance to its clients and is registered as an insurer of all legal classes in South Africa

Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited (Momentum Metropolitan) is a South African financial services group listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa and the Namibian Stock Exchange in Namibia.

Credit Life Insurance South Africa

Credit Life Insurance South Africa

Momentum Metropolitan leverages its customer-focused brands, primarily Metropolitan, Momentum and Multiply, as well as Momentum Metropolitan’s financial services and other capabilities to improve the financial well-being of individual clients, small and medium-sized companies, large companies, organizations and the community. Companies in the South. Africa, Rest of Africa and selected international countries.

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According to Moody’s Investor Service group credit analysis update published on March 31, 2023, the group’s companies have been assigned global Ba2 Insurance Financial Strength (IFS) ratings with a stable outlook – and The national scale IFS rating given to South African units – reflects:

The group is part of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited and has a B-BBEE Level 1 rating. The group includes: Insurance Company Limited, Life Limited, Allied Products and Services (Pty) Ltd,   Microinsurance (Pty) Ltd and Premium Finance (Pty) Ltd.

If you suspect fraudulent, illegal or unethical activity, please contact: Phone: 0800 000 484 Email:

This service is provided and operated by Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous (Pty), which provides an independent and unbiased reporting platform.

Insurance Penetration Rate By Country

All reported incidents are treated in the strictest confidence and the identity of the caller remains confidential.

We take all criminal activity very seriously, have zero tolerance for abuse or fraud, and maintain an anti-crime culture throughout the organization.

Scammers use fake social media profiles and fake websites. They attract individuals with the promise of a low return or a high return on investment in a short period of time. These scammers can also do a lot of things, such as creating websites with errors in the domain name that you wouldn’t notice at first glance, domains like (misspelling).

Credit Life Insurance South Africa

We want to assure you that none of our employees will approach you in this way and they will never ask you to choose our services or products through a social network or pay for an account without a valid contract/policy. in place. In addition, our employees are not authorized to accept cash or deposits into personal bank accounts. Beware of tricks offered by scammers.

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If you need clarification on this or would like to confirm a statement, please email us at info@ – we aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours. Although we may request additional information, it is for your protection.

The report can be made directly to our Group Litigation Services department at Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited. All direct disclosures remain confidential and we make every effort not to disclose the identity of the whistleblower.

Your security is very important to us, especially as we see an unprecedented increase in fraudulent activity. Fraudsters have started deceiving people, but if we are very alert, aware and careful, we can defeat them together. Below we have listed some of the most common scams that our experts have identified.

Fraudsters pretend to be from reputable companies. They create fake social media or WhatsApp messages and profiles to convince you to share your personal or financial information – often with promises of exorbitant or unrealistic financial returns or large sums of money with little or no effort.

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Profilers often impersonate real employees or use real company names or logos. Always think twice before transferring or depositing money or giving your information to a suspected scammer, as it could be used to access your bank account, make fraudulent purchases or steal your identity. Once you deposit your money into a bank account designated by the criminal, you will never be heard from again.

Legitimate employers never promise to work in exchange for an advance payment or favor. There is no good reason to send them your bank account details before applying for a job.

Don’t go to dangerous places to chat. Certain companies will interview you at their office or registered recruitment agency or via online call (during COVID). Never agree to interview someone in a private home or apartment.

Credit Life Insurance South Africa

Criminals come up with new ways to steal your money and identity every day. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your safety.

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Learn about popular phishing techniques to help you stay on top of everything and have enough “technique” to avoid falling for a scam.

This is the most popular method used by scammers. You will receive a trusted email from a bank or other reputable institution asking you to confirm your personal information by replying to the email or using a link. No reputable financial institution will ask you to disclose sensitive information via email, text message, or digital link.

Light and often difficult to detect. With this method, you get a link and click on it, thinking it will take you to a specific website, but you end up on a phishing site, which is often a copy of a legitimate website. Always be wary of emails that invite you to click on links or attachments.

Unlike regular email phishing, where a single email is sent to many random users, spear phishing is more targeted. Scammers study their victims’ online habits and then tailor their messages accordingly. When you open the email, the source and content appear legitimate, and the next thing you know, you’ve been scammed.

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Vishing is just phishing by phone. As with the electronic version, the goal is to trick you into handing over sensitive information to a caller claiming to be a legitimate entity, such as your bank.

As the name suggests, criminals create a copy of a real website in order to trick users into collecting sensitive information from them. Always make sure the URL is correct and matches the website. Instead of going to the link, type the URL yourself.

Moody’s Investors Services affirmed the group’s credit rating. The group’s local businesses, Life and Non-Life (N/C) Insurance, are rated Ba2 globally and nationally; while its Mauritius business, International, is rated Ba2 only globally. n rating is limited by the government’s credit environment. On April 5, 2022, the credit ratings were affirmed after Moody’s affirmed the South African government’s Ba2 rating, and the outlook changed from negative to stable on April 1, 2022.

Credit Life Insurance South Africa

According to Moody’s credit statement, the ratings “reflect [the group’s] good market position as the largest cell insurer in the South African market, low underwriting risk due to its predominantly fee-based model, diversified product portfolio across the entire life cycle. insurance and short-term non-life insurance types and strong profitability”.

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Ratings confirm the financial strength and stability of group companies and reassure all stakeholders, especially customers and insurers, by providing an independent view of key performance. Life insurance Now you can take care of your family even after you die. Life is full of surprises and not all of them are good. If you are the breadwinner, your death may leave your partner and children financially vulnerable. We know nothing can replace you, but Life Cover gives them the security and protection they need should the worst happen. You will have peace of mind knowing that your family is taken care of. Our affordable monthly payments provide a tax-free lump sum payment in the event of your death or disability or critical illness. This can be used to pay off your bond or other debts, living expenses and, if necessary, ongoing medical care.

Guaranteed insurance for you and your family with no premium for up to 6 months if you quit your job

On-Call Plus This benefit is payable on the death of the insured and can be availed in any combination

Groceries® cashback is paid within minutes of registering a claim and can be used at participating stores nationwide, including Checkers, Pick n Pay and Shoprite.

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Credit cards are an increasingly important financial tool for South Africans. can support big life projects like

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