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Cottage Style Home Interior Design

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  • Nov 19, 2023

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Lindsey Lanquist is an architect, covering the latest home trends and design tips. He has over 6 years of experience in digital media. In addition to serving as editor-in-chief of StyleCaster and staff writer at Self, her work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Byrdie, Verywell, SheKnows, Nylon and more.

Cottage Style Home Interior Design

Cottage Style Home Interior Design

Cottages are some of the most beautiful homes. Located in picturesque locations – such as in the mountains or on the beach – these small resorts are endlessly charming. Although their small size plays a role in their warm and welcoming feel, their decorations are more responsive.

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“Cottage decorating is all about creating a comfortable, casual space designed for easy living,” says Sarah Fischer, principal designer of Sarah & Sons Interiors. “It is rooted in traditional design, but has been softened by age and use.”

A cottage-style home is equal parts charming and cozy. It gets personality with playful prints, with a mismatched hand and is relieved by attractive furniture.

The cottage style features traditional artwork, furniture and furnishings, and has a way of making everyone feel at home. Although cottage style decor is the most popular in homes, you can find a great look in any home. To help you transform your space into the perfect escape, we asked four designers to share their favorite bathroom styling ideas.

“Since cottages were often second homes, cottage decorations include a mix of styles and techniques—as if the furniture had been handed down by different family members,” says Fischer. So ditch the same furniture and put together a charming collection of antiques and flea market finds.

Cottage Style Summer Decor For Every Space In Your Home

“Cottage decor is fun, casual and charming,” says Amy Peltier, creative director of Amy Peltier Interior Design. Make sure the space is light and bright and use pastel and airy colors to bring comfort to your space.

Villas are designed with easy living in mind, so love the accessories that will add character and function to your home. “Think of beadboard and wood planks as part of the millwork to add structure that can withstand bumps and bruises,” says Fischer.

The best rooms don’t just look good – they feel good too. So keep the furniture simple, beautiful. Ginger Curtis, principal designer of Urbanology Designs, says, “I want furniture that’s perfect for the living room.”

Cottage Style Home Interior Design

One of the hallmarks of cottage style? “Inventive use of cozy spaces,” says Fischer. Sure, your home may be more spacious than a heated bathroom, but there will be some hard-to-find spaces that you can turn into charming alcoves.

Our Cottage Style Essentials — Tiffany Leigh Design

When you fill your home with old furniture, try to use old things in new ways. “Bring aunt’s dresser into the mudroom for extra storage,” says Fischer. “Or, turn [an] old utility bench into a beautiful kitchen island.”

Prints and patterns add personality to any home – just make sure you stick to your traditional choices. “I love the combination of buffalo check mixed with stripes and block prints,” says Mary Maloney, owner of Bee’s Knees Interior Design Studio.

Make your home look like a cottage from top to bottom by leaving the ceiling beams exposed. “I love adding rustic beams to the bright white ceiling for a look that screams home,” says Curtis.

In any area that is filled in by hand, you will need to end up with a shape, so rely on visibility. “My favorite way to find chic pieces for the bathroom is with eye-catching details, such as floral prints, organic fabrics, sisal rugs and woven accessories,” says Peltier.

How To Embrace English Cottage Style At Home

When decorating your space, soften your soft pieces with soft pillows, fluffy blankets and other soft tones. “Try beautiful, sleek furniture—think: charming nostalgia,” says Peltier.

Villas are not only filled with antiques. “Usually, it’s a unique look—a mix of old and new. Balance your favorite vintage pieces with some modern accents,” says Maloney.

When collecting vintage pieces, designers agree: Stick to true antiques. “To prevent bathroom decor from falling into country kitsch, avoid new materials with difficult materials,” says Fischer. “Look for vintage pieces with real wear.”

Cottage Style Home Interior Design

“With cottage-style decor, it’s all about the charming details,” says Peltier. So invest in local accents – like antique furniture, vintage hand towels and lots of fresh flowers.

Rustic Redefined: The Best Of Modern Cabin Style

Don’t get stuck on what the bathroom should look like. “Home decor is about your unique sense of comfort—and a design plan won’t get you there. Instead, focus on designing a space you’ll love,” says Fischer. to spend time in it. “You’ll end up with a style that’s all your own,” he says.

Assembling pieces is a big part of furnishing a bathroom, but so is organization. “Most of the time, it’s a lot less,” says Curtis.

“The cottage style has a ‘put together’ look and feel,” says Curtis. “Take time to look for unique pieces.”

At the end of the treasure hunt, you’ll have a beautifully designed space that looks and feels special. Whether you have a bathroom or just want to be inspired by some great decorating tips, you’ll want to check these out. The best cottage ideas to create a piece of paradise right in your own home. These stylish ideas are perfect for adding space if you live in a small home, or for adding simple touches that will make the space feel like home. Every room is covered in these tips, including ideas for designing a quiet patio, expanding your mudroom, or setting up a home office. You’ll be on your way to the kitchen of your dreams with delicious breakfast ideas as well as tips to make the most used room in the house more beautiful.

Coastal Interior Design: Everything You Need To Know

You may want to look for inspiration for your living room, whether you want to add some white living room ideas or prefer some rustic touches. Of course, there are some tips for creating a beautiful bedroom, including accent walls, bright colors and beautiful bedding. No matter what style you’re trying to achieve in your home, whether it’s a modern look or you’re opting for farmhouse decorating ideas, there are tricks to decorating any type of home.

Many rooms have rooms with sloping ceilings. This use of an acoustic wall is a good idea because it increases the size of the room without making it feel crowded.

These cabinets use metal vent systems for the cabinet doors that create a rustic and whimsical look perfect for a cottage kitchen.

Cottage Style Home Interior Design

You don’t need a separate room for a home office, just a cozy corner to put a raised desk, a chair and a cabinet.

Easy Ways To Decorate With Country Style

The cheery flower and narrow fridge make this kitchen feel open and airy rather than cramped and cramped.

Lumber from Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore lines the living room ceiling in this renovated Texas home. The homeowner was inspired to turn cow feed filters found at the Round Top Antiques Fair into beautiful cohe cohe tassels.

This beaded bar in New York features Eames chairs bought at a thrift store in Brooklyn and a farmhouse table the owner made from reclaimed wood.

On the porch of a Victorian home in Arkansas, a wooden bath was handcrafted by a friend of the homeowner. A friend sewed a love seat cushion and pillow from fabric the homeowner found at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft.

Best Cottage Decor Ideas

The rooms of this Arkansas home were filled with ill-fitting 1980s upholstered furniture, but the homeowner saw enough gems in the mix to buy the place and full fixtures. He only carried pieces that had potential or were just plain quirky, like the smart wardrobe and dining table.

In the master bedroom of this Catskills home, sunny yellow paint and a bright green and white print brighten up the small space. The low ceiling created a seemingly unused three-foot gap on one side of the room. A carpenter was hired to fill one side with bookshelves and the other with storage cabinets and drawers.

The owner of this renovated Arkansas home upgraded the fixtures with chandeliers, and a Jenny Lind-style bed is one of the few items she kept in the room. Shams and duvet cover are West Elm; cover by Garnet Hill.

Cottage Style Home Interior Design

You wouldn’t think this 1900 Texas home was newly built. To complement this kitchen, along with the living room, porch, and bathroom, the homeowners searched the Texas countryside for materials others might have overlooked—from the rusted tin ceiling to the windows, doors, and cabinets. removed.

Unbelievably Gorgeous European Cottage Style Home In Utah

This too

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