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Canada Life Insurance Company Ranking

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  • Nov 21, 2023

Canada Life Insurance Company Ranking – Welcome to the first edition of Market Trends, a segment presented by Life Design Analysis dedicated to providing a holistic view of the market and ongoing research on the changing landscape of the insurance market. Please note that the information provided applies only to LDA and is not necessarily representative of the entire market.

The purpose of Market Trends is to look at a high level which products and companies are trending and to look at different segments, which market leaders are and how this has developed over the past three months. I hope to provide regular reviews and see changes as new products are introduced to the market.

Canada Life Insurance Company Ranking

Canada Life Insurance Company Ranking

In March, Canada Life took the top prize as the most selected Whole Life Solution on the LDA platform, followed by Equitable Life. Third place was taken by Sun Life.

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However, if we look at the average nominal value of these three carriers over the course of a month, we can clearly see the change in order. Sun Life ranks first in terms of face value, followed by Equitable Life, followed by Canada Life.

A similar performance was observed in April, when they received the highest Canadian lifetime awards. However, Sun Life accelerated to second place and Equitable Life took third place.

Looking at nominal value, Sun Life remains in first place, with Equitable Life in second place and Canada Life in a close third.

May has seen the speed of solar life advance in Canadian life almost indefinitely (with only a few cases), so it will be interesting to see if this trend continues. Canada Life still held the pole position, followed by Sun and Equitable.

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The trend in nominal value remained stable. Sun Life is tied for first place with Canada Life and Equitable in a dead heat.

It will be interesting to see how the trends continue next quarter with Manulife introducing a new participating product and Equitable lowering its nominal fund dividend. We will see how this shapes their market share in the coming months. On a side note, when we look at the top three companies, an honorable mention goes to Empire Life, which ranked fourth in the quarter for job submissions.

Let’s move on to another segment and study the future market leaders and see what the analysis tells us

Canada Life Insurance Company Ranking

In March, Empire Life was the most selected term product by a significant margin. Manulife took second place, with BMO in third place. It’s an interesting juxtaposition in the sense that the Empire life product is actually a stepped T100. We analyzed this product in our webinar in April and discussed how this feature acts as a safety net that allows a customer to have ongoing insurance if they do not receive an initial renewal offer. On the other hand, Manulife’s products (including the Empire T30) have moved to the YRT upgrade scheme. This is important because if many of them are sold today, it will need to be considered in the future. YRT policies are difficult to review, especially if you don’t keep a renewal schedule, so remember to “Mark Policy Sold” in LDA so you can keep that schedule for future reference.

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In terms of nominal value, we see Manulife in second place with BMO and Empire in third place. Sun Life receives the highest nominal award of the month for nominal leadership.

In April, our rankings remained the same at First Manulife with Empire in second and BMO in third. But the gap between the top spots was much narrower, which may in part reflect Manulife’s profitability across multiple product lines.

Nominal value also remained relatively stable for the top three, as Empire ranked according to BMO. The highest denomination of the month remained Sun Life.

May saw similar results. However, RBC overtook BMO to take third place on the podium, with Manulife in last place and Empire Life in the lead.

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The leader by nominal value was Sun Life, but of the top three companies by size, Manulife was the winner with the best combination of size and nominal value.

Looking back at the cases created, we can see that UL still has a place in the Canadian landscape. However, it has definitely gone out of style. Universal life is offered to about 1 in five lives, which is not surprising given the investment climate and interest in recent years.

In terms of the top companies in the global life space, Manulife took the top spot for March, followed by Canada Life in second and BMO Life in third.

Canada Life Insurance Company Ranking

Looking at face value, Canada Life has the best balance sheet, but Sun Life tends to command higher net value premiums. Thanks to them for the huge appeal.

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In April, Sun Life gained ground in the market, knocking BMO off the podium. However, Manulife still represents the lion’s share of the market, with Canada Life increasing its volume compared to last month, but still in the middle.

Thanks to a good start, “Equitable” took first place in April. They were followed by Sun, Canada and Manulife.

BMO is back on the podium, knocking Canada Life out of the top three and slightly surpassing Sun. Manulife has maintained its dominance in this category. A quick look at the rankings shows that price dominates this market, with companies consistently at the top of the survey. Good combination with reputation and competitive product. We will be watching to see how this product line continues

Nominal value Canada Life was above average at the beginning of the month.

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Critical illness for all new players to the table. In terms of number of jobs, SSQ dominates, with Manulife and Eqitbale in second place. This is not surprising as SSQ appears to have a great product with very competitive prices and a wide range.

In terms of face value, Manulife led the pack, but SSQ and Equitable were hot on their heels.

In April, Industrial Alliance moved up the rankings and took pole position from SSQ. However, SSQ and BMO had a good month in a tie for second and Manulife.

Canada Life Insurance Company Ranking

Manulife lost its high par due to a strong start to the month. BMO and IA were neck and neck and almost caught up by the end of the month.

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May continued to see new players. Canada Life, Manulife and IA IA take the podium and take the podium; However, it was very hot.

Industry Alliance was our nominal champion and leader in face and number of cases (a good combination) In terms of number of cases, we could still see more cases that involved or focused on CI, so we will make sure to include it in our webinar series. to update how to present it.

Critical illness is often what you think of when it comes to life insurance. However, it will be a good cross-sell and compliment for your customers. If you want some strategies to get more CI in front of your customers, read our article

Overall, I’m excited to see how the next few months shape up in terms of momentum and market share for new products hitting the shelves. Let us know your feedback and get in touch if you have any questions about using analytics for your business.

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Contents Top Qualities of Successful Consultants Learn about the top ten qualities that help successful consultants deliver year after year, consistently outperform their peers, and easily earn referrals. August 23, 2023 Read moreIn 2019, Canada Life changed its home to Great West Life, Canada Life and London Life under the renewed Canada Life brand. Canada Life’s brand value increased by 150%, independent of the value achieved by combining the three brand businesses under one brand (Figure 1).

Since then, they have increased their brand value by 150% (excluding the value from this merger). In addition, their brand has significantly increased its strength, moving from A+ (“strong”) brand rating to AAA- (“very strong”), joining the elite group of leading global insurance brands such as Allianz, AIA, Ping-An, and more. Geiko.

Canada Life Insurance Company Ranking

Brand Finance’s annual insurance study found that the Canada Life brand performs very well in its home market, citing high levels of familiarity and purchase consideration, as well as other attributes such as its reputation and customer service.

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Canada Life has continued to grow its brand and invest in a challenging economic environment

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