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Betta Fish Tank System

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  • Nov 19, 2023

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Betta Fish Tank System

Betta Fish Tank System

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Imagitarium Betta Desktop Kit, 1.4 Gal

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For more details, see Return Policy opens in a new tab or window. You are covered by a Money Back Guarantee that opens in a new tab or window if you receive an item that is not as described in the listing. Bettas are a very misunderstood fish. Like goldfish, they have been the subject of a very focused campaign by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to stop bettas from being kept in small tanks. “

The Secret To Adding A Betta To Your Community Tank

“became the mantra (some say ten gallons!). This mantra is wrong. In my not-so-humble OPINION, passionate opinion is definitely not the same as scientific fact.

Fish stocking is just an OPINION, nothing more. University scientists who breed millions of danios for genetic research have found little negative impact, even when the fish population is twenty times the “recommended” population for aquariums. My OPINION is that bettas are fine in very small tanks, even half gallon tanks if you have aeration, a filter and a heater.

The correct mantra is, “Bettys need well-filtered still water above seventy degrees.” Bettys come from small still water bodies and still water troughs in Southeast Asia. These waters typically have high numbers of bacteria, high levels of dissolved organic matter, and low levels of oxygen. Betta is an anabantid fish and can breathe air. Note that the fact that anabantid fish CAN breathe air does not mean that they are in optimal health in turbid, oxygen-poor water. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like all fish, bettas do best with good ventilation and good biofiltration.

Betta Fish Tank System

Bettas are fighters. Two male bettas generally cannot be kept in the same tank or they will kill each other. And even the female who is with the male is often killed by the male. Therefore, only one male betta fish is usually kept in one aquarium.

Betta Tank Fighter Fish Display Tank

Females can be reared in a “sisterhood” of three to twenty fish, but this can be difficult. Sometimes a woman decides to become “dominant” and fight. It is not recommended to add a single female Betta to an established group. Sometimes the new female is killed. Add at least three females at a time and move everything around the aquarium.

Female Betta sisters have become somewhat of a “thing” in the hobby. In the past, all females were plain fish with little color. But breeders have changed it so that some females compete with males in color. Female bettas do not yet have the long, flowing fins of the males, but I suspect it will only be a matter of time before females are available that are just as attractive as the males.

Bettys have been bred for fighting and exhibition purposes in Southeast Asia for about a hundred years. During this breeding, they were kept in small containers without filtration or ventilation. This “accidental selective breeding” has produced a fish that does very well in very small tanks with very little filtration and very little ventilation.

The long, flowing fins and inbreeding of the modern betta have somewhat limited the robustness of this immune system, but not eliminated it. With this in mind, we do not recommend that you NOT keep any fish in water that does not have a filter unless the water is changed frequently.

Betta Fish Care: How To Keep A Betta Healthy And Happy

Every day on social media you see a photo of the “terrible conditions in which bettas live in Petco”, in transparent cups. This photo is always accompanied by harsh criticism of Petco or the local fish store for the “appalling conditions” in which the fish are kept there.

Newsflash: Bettas do well in cups TEMPORARILY in the store IF the water is changed about every two days and IF the temperature in the store is above 70 degrees. This practice is by no means inhumane, despite all the passionate opinions expressed on social media.

Note that we definitely do NOT recommend letting a betta survive in a cup of water for long periods of time. But there is nothing wrong with using a betta in a half gallon of water if it has aeration, a heater and a filter.

Betta Fish Tank System

A betta fish will do well in a small one-gallon fighting tank at home or in the office if a few conditions are met:

Betta House Double (twin Tank)

Fans usually want all fish to do well. Although Bettys are “simple”, it is often not easy to create the “best” conditions for them. They do best with very still water, which is also bacteria-free. They come from very calm waters, and because of their long, flowing fins, they can’t swim against the current particularly well. They also breed with bubble nests, and bubble nests do not do well in the current.

C) This is a myth. The big problem with this myth is that “bad” bacteria love high temperatures. Therefore, bacterial infections such as fin rot often occur in warm water. Bettams thrive in temperatures up to 70 degrees and can drop to 65 degrees on days without harm. Bettys are at their healthiest in their 70s

Bettas have been bred to have exceptionally beautiful, long, flowing fins. These unnatural fins have a big problem. They tend to get infected easily when they are in water that contains a lot of “bad” bacteria. Water that is not well aerated tends to accumulate large amounts of “bad” bacteria. Water that does not move is usually not well aerated. This creates a mystery. How do you create well-aerated water without bacteria, which is also free of currents?

And “bad” bacteria will be much more likely to grow in water that is not well filtered. Well-filtered water usually means a stream. And the current, especially in a small aquarium, will cause the betta to hide in a corner of the tank with standing water.

Xiaomi Petkit Smart Aquarium Eco Friendly Fish Tank Mobile App Aquarium Management Smart Lighting System Light Gradient Mode

Therefore, with a good filter and good aeration, it is difficult to keep water for a betta. For small aquariums and bettas, I recommend unusual filtration.

A small sponge filter modified this way (I like the Aquarium Co-op Sponge Filter) provides excellent oxygenation and excellent biofiltration without causing significant current in the aquarium. This is great for all betta fish in a small tank. Simply take a small thin water bottle, cut off the bottom, drill a few holes in it and place it as shown. This is

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