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Best Home Security For Renters

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  • Nov 20, 2023

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If you rent an apartment, installing a doorbell camera may not be an option. Excavation will first require you to get permission from the owner, and if the owner agrees, it can be a lot of work and there is a risk of damaging the property. So, you need a doorbell camera that can be easily installed without the need for screws, holes or wires. Additionally, you can consider whether it will be easy to remove when you move and whether your neighbors will be bothered by the camera being there. In this regard, special features such as detectable zones and audio distortion will be useful. To help you make the best choice for your apartment, we’ve compiled a list of the 4 best cameras for renters. Each camera has its own features and benefits, so you can choose the camera that best suits your needs.

Best Home Security For Renters

Best Home Security For Renters

Our List #1 Best Features: Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell + Wasserstein No-Drill Mount #2 Best for Doorbells: Camp Peephole Camera #3 Best 5 GHz Wi-Fi: Video Doorbell 4 with No-Drill Stand #4 Best for a Budget : Wyze Professional Replacement Wireless Video Doorbell

The Future Of Home Security

The Arlo Essential wireless video doorbell is battery powered with a battery life of 6 months so there is no need for it. Installation basically involves drilling a hole and attaching the panel to the wall with screws, but you can purchase the Wasserstein No-Drill Bracket separately for adhesive installation. The Wasserstein no-drill mount is fully compatible with the Arlo Doorbell and ensures easy and damage-free portability when you’re out and about.

The basic wireless video doorbell offers 1080p HD video with HDR, Night Vision, and a 180° edge-to-edge viewing angle. Some of its features include Motion Zones to customize motion detection zones, two-way audio, pre-recorded emergency responses, and video history available in cloud storage for up to 30 days. Arlo Doorbell also has advanced object detection, so it can tell the difference between people, packages, vehicles and pets, and send you real-time alerts when detected any of these objects.

With Arlo Foresight, the camera can also record video before recording any triggers, so you can see what happened before motion is detected. Direct SIP calling is also supported, so you can answer your door by answering the call from your phone without opening the app first. The Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell also offers security features like a built-in siren to deter intruders and 24/7 Emergency Response with live security experts ready to dispatch the scene police, fire or medical responders whenever needed. The doorbell is also compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and IFTTT. However, keep in mind that an Arlo Secure subscription is required to access certain features.

Ring Peephole Camper is battery operated and can be installed directly on your door by simply changing the hinges. Removal is also easy and harmless, just replace the doorbell with the original doorbell. This type of installation is ideal for renters as it does not require any holes or wires, but it is important to note that the doorbell only supports doors with a thickness of 34-55 mm and holes with a diameter of from 12-14 mm.

Best Home Security Systems 2023

This camera offers 1080p HD video with Night Vision and 155° horizontal and 90° vertical viewing angles. Motion detection is customizable, so you can set it to focus only on the areas you want to monitor while protecting your neighbors’ privacy. One unique feature the Ring Peephole Camper offers is Knock Detection, which uses a built-in impact sensor to detect knocks on your door. As a result, when someone knocks or knocks on your door, you will receive an instant alert on your phone. When connected to Alexa, you can also listen to notifications on a compatible Echo speaker or watch live video on a compatible Echo display, Fire TV, or Fire Tablet. Two-way audio lets you start a conversation with guests far away, while Quick Responses like “Leave the package at the door” or “I’ll be there shortly” can save you time and effort. If you subscribe to the Ring Protection plan, you can access more features like Personal and Package Notifications, up to 180 days of video history, rich notifications, and Family and Remote Modes.

With dual-band connectivity, the Ring Video Doorbell 4 is a great choice if you have a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network. It is powered by a quick-release battery pack and can be installed without drilling or wiring if you purchase the appropriate No Drill Mount separately. The no-drill mount uses strong adhesive to attach the doorbell to the wall and can be easily removed without damaging the wall. However, remember that mounts work best on smooth, flat surfaces; May be less effective on tile, shingles, rough stucco floors; and useless to the mirror.

Ring 4’s video role offers 1080p HD video with Night Vision and 160° horizontal and 84° viewing angles. Like the Ring Peephole Cam, the Ring Video Doorbell 4 also offers motion detection with customizable Motion Zones, notifications via app or compatible Alexa/Echo/Fire device, dual edge talk with quick responses and live video available from anywhere. When you subscribe to Ring Protection, you can also access advanced features including Personal and Package Notifications, Up to 180 days of Video History, Home and Away Modes, and room notifications Rich with miniature images. One of the standout features is Color Rolling Video Preview, which allows the camera to start recording color video 4 seconds before any movement. This allows you to see the full picture of what happened before motion was triggered.

Best Home Security For Renters

Priced at just $93.99, the Wyze Pro Wireless Video Doorbell is an affordable option compared to quality doorbell cameras that often cost over $100. It is powered by a battery that lasts 3-6 months depending on use and can be easily installed using a 3M adhesive sheet. This way, you don’t need any screws, drills or any hard tools.

Best Outdoor Security Cameras (2023): Battery Powered, Lte, No Subscription

Despite its low price, Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Pro does not disappoint. It offers 1440p HD video with Night Vision and 150° horizontal and vertical viewing angles, giving you a broader view of your visitors from start to finish and allowing you to see packages on the ground. It also offers dual-band connectivity, making it compatible with the 5 GHz Wi-Fi band. The camera detects people and packages and sends you real-time notifications. The Wyze Doorbell Pro also comes with an additional buzzer, so you’ll be notified when someone comes to your door even if you don’t have your phone with you. The bird has 20 unique sounds and 8 sound levels to choose from, some sounds like a dog barking are useful to scare away potential intruders. The Wyze Wireless Pro video doorbell works with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice command and control. You can also have two-way communication with visitors or choose quick responses prepared in advance when you’re busy. If you subscribe to Cam Plus for $2.99 ​​a month, you can also get Personal Notifications, Bundle Notifications, and unlimited video storage in the cloud for 14 days.

If you prefer other brands or models not listed here, or if you already have a battery-powered smart doorbell camera that requires drilling into the wall, you can still switch to a service-friendly doorbell camera for Rent and no drilling required. . This can be done by purchasing an outdoor camera mount that matches the style of your door camera. For example, the Trushome Doorbell Mount (just $19.99 on Amazon) can be used with several popular doorbell cameras such as Ring Doorbell 4/3/2/1, Blink Doorbell, and Eufy Doorbell 1080p/2K . It requires no drilling and is even equipped with an anti-theft feature for added security.

If you rent an apartment, you may not be able to mount the camera or wall mount securely. The Arlo Basic Wireless Video Doorbell, Peephole Camera, Ring Video Doorbell 4, and Wyze Pro Wireless Video Doorbell are all great options that you should definitely consider. If you want to read more about Smart Doorbell cameras, check out our other related guides here: Best Smart Doorbell Cameras of 2023

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